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Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Tonight we filmed a Video Review for Field of Screams and an Interview with Grin Creepy, Check it out Below! 

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Sunday, September 12, 2021


Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we have our second Haunt Review of the 2021 Season. We want to start of by thanking Field of Screams for the Hospitality shown to our group at their 2021 Media Night. The Field of Screams Media Night always kicks off our Haunt Tour every year. 

This season marks Field of Screams 29th Season of Haunting. Located in Mountville, PA. Field of Scream always delivers. This is more then just a Haunted Attraction. This is a complete night our for the Family and the Hardcore Haunt Enthusiast. The team truly gives off a Family feel as you watch them interact with each other and the crowd. You can literally feel the love they all have for what they do and all their teammates and fans. 

Field of Screams, like mentioned earlier. Is a night out for the entire family. There are four World Class Attractions including Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland and Haunted Hayride. If the Attractions are not your cup or tea or have little ones in tow for the evening, there is plenty of games to play and Escape rooms to get out of. A great midway to watch people run from clowns and other Characters. Throw in some great food and a free photo booth and a stage with live music playing. This is a Haunt for everyone to have a great night out of the house. Check out this Video clip we made showing the surrounding entertainment. 
We started the night on the Haunted Hayride. The FOS Hayride is easily one of the best in the Country. From the incredible actors to the intense Hollywood quality scenes that they actually let you enjoy by stopping the tractor and lets everyone enjoy the show. This hayride as a full menu for all of your Terrors. From Clowns, Sci-Fi, Slaughter House and more. Slow moments are very rare and the sky is set a blaze nightly with flames. I love this hayride and every year you can see the additions. This year, we know what the prizes in the wildwood boardwalk feel like! Let us get to the scoring of an easy entry into Hayride of the Year. 
After that Amazing Hayride, we headed on over to Frightmare Asylum. 
We are going to be honest with our fans for a minute. I can not sit here and tell you that Haunts all change so significantly year after year. A lot of them do not. There are some that we do not hit every season for this reason. One of the reasons why we always kick off our season off at Field of Screams is because you can instantly notice every change and how much work and time they pour into their Attractions. They went so hard on Frightmare Asylum that I would guestimate that 30 to 40 percent of that Haunt I did not recognize from March. With this being my 7th time through Frightmare Asylum and that much stands out as new to me. It is truly a testament to the team at FOS. It shows that they bank on change and upgrades to keep their Attractions fresh every year to keep that return customer. The freshness we see at FOS helps us get excited to go to more Haunts and see what others have added or changed. FOS shows the community that you do not have to rebuild or add an entire Attraction to make a difference every year. Lighting, slight prop move, Slight Actor blind changes can make a whole room of a walk through feel different. We do want to shout out an Actress inside. She was a "Nurse" holding a stapler trying to stitch you up after seeing the doctor. Her laugh was awesome and really added to the scene. Let us get to the scoring for Frightmare Asylum which could make it to the Finals for Attraction of the Year! 
After Frightmare Asylum we headed towards Den of Darkness, I was super excited about this one this year. 
During the offseason, I enjoy reaching out to Haunt Owners and finding out if there is any news they want to share of any tidbits coming up for their Upcoming season. I received an email from FOS talking heavily about deep changes to Den of Darkness. We were not disappointed! It is my opinion that Den of Darkness is one of the most detailed Attraction I have ever walked through. They had so many different scenes and props that really made me stop and check it out deeper while holding up the line. The changes to Den of Darkness really made it pop into my mind for my favorite of the night. This Attraction we feel is a must see Attraction for the 2021 season. Let us get to the scoring for the New and Improved Den of Darkness. 
After being blown away by Den of Darkness, we almost forgot we have another Attraction to go through. We headed over to Nocturnal Wasteland. 
It is no secret to anyone that follows our Reviews, I am not the biggest fan of Nocturnal Wasteland. Well, that quote is a thing of the past. I am saving my favorite Attraction for the YouTube/Podcast review coming. I will throw this little piece in though, Nocturnal Wasteland is very much in the running for my Favorite Attraction at FOS for 2021. As well as Attraction of the Year from HH365! WOW! I really cannot pin down what changes changed my mind but I really loved every second I was in there this season. You will literally not believe where you end up while walking this Outdoor Trail. Even with the Tesla Coil off, ::cough::::cough::. hmmm excuse me. Even with my favorite part of that Attraction not activated, I really enjoyed all that it had to offer. The only thing I will give up is to hold on in the last scene. I almost went down with my bigger frame. But! This Attraction was outstanding this year and it is tempting to go through again. Let us get to the Scoring for yet again another entry into Attraction of the year for HH365! 
That wraps up our Attraction reviews for Field of Screams in 2021. We took a couple more pictures we want to share to show the Quality of this Haunt. Check them out and we will get to the FOS 2021 Final Score! 
The final rating for Field of Screams 2021: 
Field of Screams hit the biggest homerun we have seen in a while. It will take a massive undertaking to beat out what we got to see this season out of one of the best Haunted Attractions in the Country. Right now, FOS is the leader in the club house for all of our Awards for the season. This season is young, But it will take a Monumental show to break them out of Haunt of the Year 2021! 

Well, our first Haunt was an Epic Success. We have tons more to go through this season. Make sure you follow the website, You tube and Podcast as we continue our Fall journey. You can reach all of those links on the right side of this screen. Make sure you like and subscribe as unlike a lot of others, HH365 brings content all year long! That is all we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 




Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2021 Haunt Tour #1 FRIGHT HAVEN


Welcome back to Halloween Haunts! Today we start our 2021 Haunt Tour with our first review coming out of Fright Haven. 

Fright Haven is a Non-Profit Indoor Haunted Attraction located in Stratford, Connecticut. Proceeds from the Attraction go right back into the Community. If you are in the area, or feel like a road trip. Head on up there and know it is for a good cause. The picture above was borrowed from their website. We will yell at our Review Team for the missed picture immediately. We have only been threatening to fire him for the past six years. Maybe this is the year..... Anyway. This review comes from our Correspondent out in the field. John. Let us see what John thought of Fright Haven for the First Review of the Season! 

Welcome to the first review of Haunt season 2021!!! This trip over to Fright Haven was an extremely last-minute decision to visit since it’s one of the first few Haunts to open early. So, we took the three-hour drive to Connecticut, and it was worth it. 

This year, Fright Haven added a new attraction named Witching hour which (no pun intended) was a lot better than the carnival attraction they had the year prior. Tickets here are $25 which honestly is very good for a Three Attraction Haunt, now let’s get into the attractions.

The first attraction we started with was Psycho Ward 13. This attraction was an Asylum Haunt. Asylum Inmates taking over the Asylum and coming for blood. I was impressed with the Actors. We felt that the Actors this season did a little better job than the prior year. Props were pretty cool, and the interaction was cool as well. We felt this Attraction was short as it was only about 3-4 minutes long. Let us get to the scores! 

The next Attraction up is Wasteland. This attraction picks up right after Psycho Ward 13 ends and just like that one Wasteland is the same attraction as it was last year with some updated scenes and props. I do like this Attraction a lot more than the last one since this segment was a little longer and livelier. Wasteland is an Apocalypse based house and once again the main thing that really stuck with me is the Actors, they really took the throne this year. I would say walking through the attraction was about a 5–7-minute experience and it was worth it, I loved it. We think the props could use a little work in certain areas of this House. Overall, we enjoyed this walk through.  Let us get to the scoring!
The new and last attraction that they have to offer is called Witching hour. This Attraction is about a family getting cursed by witches after a family moved into the witches’ home. Now this Attraction I really liked due to the fact that actors were allowed to touch you and it was their new Attraction. The lighting was perfect, but it was still easy to miss somethings cause of the lighting. The one thing that was lacking was the Actors, I remember only seeing a handful of them, but I would like to point the one actor out that followed me and my group from the start to the end of the attraction. He was really good for a few scares out of one of my friends. This attraction felt kind of long. Let us get to the scoring. 

Overall For Fright Haven 2021:
I do recommend coming out to Fright Haven. It’s a unique Haunt which I think everyone should try out once. They usually have a new Attraction every year and also, they offer coffin rides and merchandise. The coffin ride is $8 for two people, and I believe $4 for single riders. Thank you for reading my review of Fright Haven, there’s going to be plenty more reviews coming this season from us. Thanks for reading!!!!

Well, That is our first review of 2021. Sounds like Fright Haven is gearing up for a hell of a season as we are doing the same for 2021. We just hit 110,000 Views! We started our YouTube Channel that will be a weekly event once we get the new Headquarters moving. It will also be turned into an Actual Podcast when the said office is finished. We will see you all soon as Saturday we take on Field of Screams! Thank you all for reading and make sure you keep coming back to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!