Saturday, February 6, 2021



Welcome back to Halloween Haunts Today we wanted to share that Field of Screams will be open in just about a week for their Valentine's Event. This is always a great way and a very different way to celebrate the Valentine's Day Holiday. Well, Different if this is not what you live for, this would be kind of a normal date for the Wife and I. 

Unfortunately we will not make it to this one this year due to a conflict in scheduling but we wanted to let every one know when it was and include a link. If you enjoy it let us know and we are happy to see it! 

We also want to give our good friends at Field Of Screams a wish of Good Luck, but we know it is not needed with this team that always puts on a great show! 

The show is Friday, Saturday 13th. Ticket booth opens at 6:00 pm. You can pre purchase your tickets online at 

We are sad to miss the show but we are working hard every day on something brand new for the website. We are completely not ready to announce it but stay tuned. The website is growing into a lot more. 

Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Friday, January 1, 2021



Welcome back to Halloween Haunts 365! There really is not to much we can say about 2020. All of the Haunt Owners, Cast, Workers and Fans did everything in their power to create some what of a Haunt Season for all of us. For this we are so proud of every team across the United states that did what they could to battle shutdowns and fear. This was one mixed up year for all of us and I am sure we do not speak for our selves when we say we are glad it is over and we are very much looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings the Haunt Community. Hopefully, we can return to some form of a normal Haunt Season by September. 

With that all being said, We will not be holding our Annual Awards including The Website picks and the very popular Fan Voting. All of this will return in 2021. We think every one that did what they could deserve to be the Best Haunt of 2020! To all of the Owners and their teams out there, We thank you for what must have been a Monumental task just to open in your Cities and States. Our hats are off to you and everyone that made what Season we had, Happen. Thank you! 

As for HH365 in 2021. We have some massive new tricks up our sleeves that will be released soon. You will have to stay in stand by mode for now but there are massive things coming to this website for 2021 and beyond. We may have been on a little hiatus after the 2020 season but it was all for the plans coming very soon. We want this site to grow on the Record Breaking year we had in 2020. We set our best Month in September and then destroyed it in October. We have all of you to thank! Thank you so much and we look forward to bringing you the Haunted Attraction world closer together while also joining some other forces surrounded by Horror, Haunts, Real Horror and more! We are so excited about the new additions coming to HH365 that I really want to start right now. But as we have learned in the past, Once you rush something it is very hard to continue with a Quality Product. And as you know HH365 leads the league with Quality Product. We hope you visit us often to watch the growth and even join in the fun your selves. 

Well, I would love to give the secrets away but, as our core fans know, We do not do that on this site. We are also looking for a couple motivated individuals with some type of writing skill to come in for some movie reviews. It does not matter where you are from, If you love Horror and Haunting, Reach out to us now! That is all we have for you today. We may stay a little quiet for another couple weeks and it will be worth it! But make sure you keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!   

Sunday, October 25, 2020



Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Tour 2020 with another review! 13th Hour Haunted House. Located in Wharton, NJ and filled with a decent midway, Ax throwing and Escape rooms, 13th Hour is a very fun night out. This is my first trip to this Haunt and even though we had Covid-19 restrictions from hearing how much certain parts of the Attraction has changed because of it, we still had a very fun night out at 13th Hour. This Haunt consist of three Attractions. The House of Nightmares, The Attic and The Darkside of the Hayden House. 

We will start with the first Attraction, The House of Nightmares. This attraction was easily better then I could have imagined. The Set Quality was insane and better then most movie sets. This Attraction really brought some older ideas and newer ideas together to make one hell of a show. It even included an effect I have not seen yet and still wondering how the pulled it off as I am pretty sure the floor was not really spinning. That giant skull was also a master achievement and really caught your attention for the bait and switch scares that were planned beautifully. Let us get to the scoring of The House of Nightmares at 13th Hour. 

The Next Attraction begins right after the end of The House of Nightmares. The Attic was some more of the same from The House of Nightmares but the scenes changed faster and much more imagination came through up there. We really enjoyed the room with the back stage make up room, this idea was so new and very creepy. This Attraction is very even with the first and every turn felt like a whole new movie you got to walk through. Let us get to the scoring of The Attic! 
The Third and Final Attraction of the Evening, The Darkside of Hayden House. The Darkside is your Dark Walk Through attraction. This one did a little better job of providing those out of nowhere jump scares all through the layout. This was a nice change from the typical black out maze that makes you just feel around and hope you do not run into too many scares. This maze, The scares find you and will be in your face. Hell, I even came close to jumping a few times and that is a tough thing to do! Let us get to the scoring. 

This will wrap up our review of 13th Hour Haunted House! Thank you so much for having us out and seeing what you guys were all about! This Haunt has a ton to offer and you can easily turn it into a very safe and fun evening! Make sure you get your tickets online and see what all the hype is about! Here is our final score for 13th Hour Haunted House! 
That is all we have for you today at HH365! Stay tuned for a ton more reviews coming your way even in this very weird season of 2020! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


Tuesday, October 20, 2020



Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! Today we continue our Haunt Tour with one of my favorite Attractions Brighton Asylum in Passiac, NJ. 

We always look forward to the trip up north for us to Brighton Asylum. We were not sure what to expect with 2020 and all of the issues going on, we did not know what to expect from the always changing Haunted Attraction. Well, we were put at a loss of words when we walked up to the growing Midway. Brighton Asylum has grown so much in 2020. They have added the Hack Shack. A Ax throwing activity. 

A great new structure to house the new Attraction as well. They also added a Horror Museum to add to the night! This shows off a decent collection of wardrobes and props from well known Horror flicks and some Sci-Fi movies as well. 
Not only is a Museum a cool addition, there is also a great building to display these artifacts. If that was not enough. Brighton Asylum also added a full on Retail Store on the exit of the last Attraction. The store has a ton of room to show of some great merchandise that is not there yet. I would not order merchandise in 2020 either so we are sure it will be full to the brim in 2021. And I will be broke. 
Man, even the Retail stop is even Movie Quality. Well, if that was not enough additions, Let us get to the always World Class Attractions. 

The first Attraction when you enter Brighton Asylum is Portal 9, or Port9l. The Attraction pictures are property of Brighton Asylum. There was not a place to take my own photos which is completely fine but just wanted to make sure the credit goes to the right place. Let us get into PORT9L. 
PORT9L is now a World Class Haunt. Every turn felt new and improved. Every scene is right out of a messed up movie. This Attraction took steroids from 2019 and grew into a monster! The growth in this Attraction really made it hard for me to pick my Favorite Attraction here on this night, I still do not think we have picked a clear winner. PORT9L is easily in the running for Best Attraction of the Year! From the subway to the crazy other rooms, this place was so much fun! After PORT9L, you enter the Famous Brighton Asylum. Let us score PORT9L

Easily one of my Favorite Attractions year after year, Brighton Asylum feels even longer and better then ever before There were parts I did not recognize and I have been here In season and Off season for the past six years! Brighton Asylum is a Must See every year! We really do not understand how they were able to do so much this year with all the doubts all around about if we were even having a season. Speaking of Covid, The Actors did an amazing job yet again. Very safe and Very good, they really brought every scene to life! If you go to one Haunt this season, Make it Brighton Asylum. Let us get to the scoring. 
That brings us to The Bleeding Grounds. We talk every year about how much Brighton Asylum changes, The Bleeding Grounds felt like a brand new Attraction. The Scenes in this Attraction will blow your eyes out of your head. The lighting is second to none and I could really go on for hours about this Attraction and the other two. My favorite scene is easily the Dining Room. It is right out of your favorite Horror movie with an extremely talented actress running the show. Another must see stop for any Haunted Attraction Enthusiast. Let us get to the scoring of The Bleeding Grounds! 
That is our 2020 review of Brighton Asylum. If you are in doubt about going to a Haunted Attraction during this Pandemic. Put Brighton on your list. They are going up and above to keep you safe and you really could not feel the difference in 2020 like we are in every place. Our hats go off to Brighton and cannot wait until we see the steps the Midway takes for 2021! This will soon be a night not easily forgotten! 
Here is our final score for Brighton Asylum. 
Make sure you go online and get the full package to get the full Experience that Brighton Asylum has to offer! Thank you for stopping by to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


Thursday, October 15, 2020



Welcome back to another edition of Halloween Haunts Today we continue our Haunt Tour 2020 with another John Review coming out of Pure Terror Scream Park located in Monroe, New York and is a Guinness World Record holder for the Longest Haunted House Scream Park in the World. Let us see what John had to say! 

Welcome back to the next Review for the 2020 season, today I will be reviewing Pure Terror Scream Park in Monroe, New York.

My friends and I pulled into the parking lot at 8 and we noticed that the parking lot was pretty empty but that changed really fast out of no where. At least 30 cars full of people started pulling into the lot. At Pure Terror tickets are a bit steep, But it’s worth it. General Admission is $50 and VIP is $80 and you do have to purchase your tickets online. After getting our temperatures taken, going through security and getting our tickets we were on our way to the attractions. Now I would recommend getting VIP later in the season just because this place does get really busy. We were in line for roughly 45 minutes and the line was pretty boring you were just walking on a poorly lit trail, I remember last year that they had a projector going and actors in the line but unfortunately they didn’t have any of that this year. Now Pure terror has 10 attractions to offer you and they have actually been featured in Guinness World Records for the past 5 years in a row.  The attractions are also one after the other so unfortunately you won’t be able to choose what attractions you want do but really is no big deal. Now let’s get into the attractions. I am also going in the order of houses based on the website not the actual order they were in. 

First up is Camp Killmore which is new for 2020. This attraction is based on Jason Voorhees. This maze had amazing Scenes but the one thing that I personally didn’t like was that this attraction was really really really short we were in that attraction for a total of 2 minutes. I should mention also that some of the attractions here are extremely short like under 5 minutes. But, there are three attractions that are decently lengthy here. This was your basic Jason trail, decent acting but this one attraction didn’t seem to have that many actors, I want to say maybe a handful. My group and I saw Jason once in the whole trail but you see a lot of his victims. This trail was pretty gory and the lighting here was well done. Let's get to the scoring!


Up next is Nightmare Factory. This is the second new attraction for 2020. This maze was one of my favorites due to the fact that it was based on Freddy Krueger. There were a lot of actors, and it was pretty decent in length. I say we were in there for close to 10 minutes. One of my favorite scenes in this attraction was were one Freddy was hidden inside a boiler and got his first scare, then when your turn the corner boom there he is again. Lighting in this house is what your should expect from a Freddy house not too dark but light enough to be able to see everything. Let us get to the scoring!


Third up is Legends of Horror which added new Horror icons for 2020. This attraction is hands down one of my favorite haunted houses for 2020. This attraction featured your favorite Horror movie icons like Art the clown, Ghostface, Jason, Regan, Freddy, Leatherface, Etc. My two favorite scenes in the house had to be the Ghostface and Art the clown scene as they were well done and the actors in the room were extremely amazing in these roles. Once again this attraction was not too short but it was pretty short it was roughly under 5 minutes. I hope for next year they expand on this attraction and add more killers, and more scenes to make it longer. I didn’t like the Freddy and Jason scenes in this house as I believe that they use the same scenes from the previous Freddy and Jason attraction. Let us get to the scoring!


The next attraction is Terror Under The Big Top which is the last attraction that featured new stuff for the 2020 season. This attraction is one of my two favorite carnival attractions next to Reapers Revenge. I liked how interactive this maze was. The floors and even the walls were moving in scene. The actors in here were amazing I loved how interactive they were as well. Attraction was pretty decent in length and it was also very colorful in this attraction. I usually don’t like carnival attractions but Pure Terror is one of the places that do it right. I also like that the actors here aren’t annoying like in other carnival haunts. Let see those scores!


Next up is Resurrection Cemetery. This is your basic run of the mill cemetery trail but the one thing that really made me go wow in this attraction is that they had a giant waterfall that you were able to walk under in the middle of the attraction and the actor that was working in the waterfall was amazing. This is one of the three longer attractions here running roughly around 13 minutes. The scenes were well done and Actors were pretty decent. Lets see those scores!


The fifth attraction at Pure Terror is called Evil Harvest. This is actually a pretty decent corn maze. I would compare it to the likes of Scarecrow Revenge at Bates Motel. The actors in this attraction were having a lot of fun in here and they had a lot of opportunities to come out and scare the guests. The maze was decent, we were in there for about 8-10 minutes. Besides being filled with actors you can definitely tell that Evil Harvest was also filled up with amazing props and scenes. Lets wrap it up with some scoring!


After Evil Harvest comes The Crypt which is one of my least favorites here. The Crypt is based on vampires. Which now that I think about it, a lot of haunted attractions really don’t have vampires at their attractions. Scenes were pretty good in here but not a lot of actors and once again this attraction was pretty short, it was definitely under 5 minutes. There’s not a lot to talk about for this maze as it was pretty dark in here and it wasn’t really that memorable of a maze. But I will give them respect for having a full blown Vampire maze. Here is our scoring of The Crypt.
Next up is The Coven. This attraction is a little weird to me because it’s supposed to be all about witches which it is but I feel like it would’ve worked better as a Medieval times attraction. I loved how the actors played their parts and how they worked with props they were given. This attraction was definitely short, But because of the actors and how nice the scenery was it felt like you were in there for a while. Now I couldn’t tell if it was a snake prop or something along those lines but whatever it was it was one of the best animal props I’ve seen in a while. Here is where it comes in at!

The second to last attraction here is called Pure Darkness. This is possible the worst maze here at Pure terror. The maze was pretty long. This attraction had 3 different actors in it and they were definitely good at what they were doing but for me personally, I don’t find blackout mazes any good. they are just lame and boring anymore. But, if I had to compare it. I would say it was a lot like pitch black from Reapers Revenge. You had moving floors, one section you are walking on empty soda bottles and it sounded like bones crunching. 

The last attraction here at Pure Terror is named Desecration. This is hands down the best maze here next to Legends of horror and Terror under the big top. This is a church based attraction and everything was amazing about it. The actors were the best, Lighting was fantastic, scenery was amazing. The facade was beautiful as you can see in the pictures. This attraction was roughly 15 minutes and I loved every second about it. I wish that the other attractions here were as long as this one but I understand why this one was the longest as there was a lot going on in this attraction.
Our Final Overall Score of PureTerror Screampark!

I definitely do recommend coming to Pure Terror Screampark because all of the attractions including Pure darkness is good in their own ways. Thank you for reading!!