Saturday, September 19, 2020



Welcome back everyone to HH365! As you can tell from the title, Our 2020 Haunt Reviews have begun! Like every year we started the year off on the right foot at Field Of Screams located in Mountville, PA just a few steps from Lancaster PA. There is a reason we visit Field of Screams first every year. And they continued the Tradition on a very very High Note! 

Field of Screams is always on our Radar for all of the advancements they make from season to season. This year was no different. Just the fact that they were able to do what they did during a Pandemic is almost impossible. Our hats go off to the Ownership and Team for the spectacular work they put in this off season. Enough Bait, let's just jump into the review! 

Before we start getting into the Attractions and everything Field of Screams has to offer. We want to take a minute to really reflect on what Covid-19 did to our Favorite Haunted Attractions. And how some Haunted Attractions punched Corona in the face and made people feel safe. There will be some Haunts that do that and others that will feel suspect. This will be a tough year for Halloween Haunts 365 and the Haunts as it will be very difficult to fully score Attractions. We know capacity will be down, this will make it tougher to score Scare factors. We know Actor Capacity will be down to keep up with Social Distancing. This will make Actors and Scenes very difficult to score. With all that being said, we will do our best to grade everything we see and try to not let this little bugger from interfering with what we love to do. Let us get to our review! 

It was very bizarre walking up to Field of Screams from the parking lot this year. We had no idea what to expect and it was about 30 degrees colder then we were used to for our Opening Night. This did not stop the anticipation in my chest as we got closer and closer. Maybe it was due to I really did not believe we would have a season? Maybe I was just so Happy to hear the screams coming from the Midway. This Season felt different, but at the same time, Field of Screams feels like home. 

As we entered the Midway, we noticed what we have not seen in a few months. People having a blast. From the Shops to the games everyone was having a great time. Screaming and running from Chainsaws to eating great food and playing hellish games. Field of Screams was buzzing. 

The first thing we did when we arrived is what we always do. Check out one of the Coolest Haunt Stores we have. There is always a ton of new things every year and you can deck out your whole outfit with a Field of Screams ensemble. Pretty cool. Then, like every year before this one, we headed to our first Attraction. Haunted Hayride. 
WOW! This review will be hard to put into words. But let us begin! This Hayride was out of this world this year. You can instantly feel the lack of Actors from the beginning, but it did not matter. The scenes they added and the rebuilds on the existing themes were amazing. The Pig house seemed more hectic then usual with missing Actors. How do you pull this off?? The futuristic house that made its debut last season feels completely re done. A great Hi Tech theme that adds charm to this hayride. I really enjoyed the brand new Chop House theme. Maybe it was my childhood on the Boardwalk trying to win free prizes out of claw machines and this brought me back to it but that theme was fantastic. This Hayride was out of control this year and I loved every second of it. I think we may be able to stamp it Hayride of the Year already. Lets get to the scoring. 
Overall: No Surprise 

After the Hayride, We headed over to Frightmare Asylum. 
Always one of my Favorite Attractions year after year is Frightmare Asylum. This year was even better! The changes inside may be subtle, but you can really notice it right off the bat. This Attraction even seemed longer then usual! How do you manage to make that happen in the original space! Frightmare Asylum was outstanding for 2020 again. Every turn felt new. New smells, new scenes just really felt different this time around. Let us get to the scoring! 

Next up for the evening, Den of Darkness! 
Always one of my Favorite Attractions every year is even better then ever! Den of Darkness attacks all of your senses at once in almost every room. From the insanity when you first walk in to the unexpected slow times. The doll room looks completely re done and even more creepy if that was even possible! This Attraction also provided the first major movie scream out of the FiancĂ© for the season. She would tell you to keep an eye out in a certain room but I will not give up that information. I have one major complaint about the Den of Darkness. It will not effect scoring because it is more of a personal thing for me. But! My tiptoes in the tulips song is gone. Why? I loved that creepy ass theme. It was still creepy but my personal preference would be to keep including the Tip toes song. Oh well, let us get to the scoring! 
Next up! Nocturnal Wasteland. 
Nocturnal Wasteland. It is hard to put into words how to explain the change over time in this Attraction. When we first started this website, we enjoyed Nocturnal Wasteland but never really loved it. If you go back to our old reviews I think this is the only Attraction at Field of Screams that we ever scored lower then a Five-Star or Five-Bloodsplat. We have been able to watch this Attraction grow through out the years and for 2020. It made it. 2018 was a big Transformation but the last two years, with the final details being worked out, Nocturnal Wasteland is now our new Favorite Attraction at Field of Screams. Our Correspondent John visited opening weekend and when he told me his favorite attraction was Nocturnal Wasteland, I stood back. I said, "you hated that Attraction". He answered with "Oh I know, but now its easily my Favorite"! The Growth of this Attraction is like nothing we have ever seen in a Haunt. Every Step was outstanding and you can easily tell the time they spent on this walk through. Nocturnal Wasteland is Easily in the running for Attraction of the Year. If anything good came from the crazy year 2020, it was Nocturnal Wastelands growth. Let us get to the scoring. 
What a night! We are so thankful for the team at Field of Screams. Thank you so much for an outstanding night out to your Haunted Attraction. You Masters of Horror really out did your selves this year! Here is the Overall for Field of Screams as a Whole!

Field of Screams is a must see Haunted Attraction. It is a stop every year for us and will continue to be because they never ever disappoint. Grab your tickets online and go see them Tonight! 

One more type of review that we think may be important to some people will be how they are handling the Covid Protocols. I Hate Writing this but in 2020, it seems necessary. Field of Screams did a fantastic job with the Covid Safety Precautions. Security was on top of anyone not properly wearing a mask. You could smell the Sanitization mixed in with the fog. They are doing a great job spacing people out. This Haunt is Covid Safe. As safe as something can be during 2020. Another great shoutout to the Team at Field of Screams. 

That is what we have for you today. We have another review coming shortly from a Haunt we have not yet been to so that is pretty exciting. Thank you for checking out our first review of the season but make sure you keep it here to! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!    



Thursday, September 17, 2020



Welcome back to the next edition of Halloween Haunts Today we are happy to announce our later start to Haunt Tour 2020. We will arrive at Field Of Screams Tomorrow, Friday, September 18th around 8:00 pm. 

We do need to apologize to our Fans and Field of Screams as 2020 is hitting us a little different too. Under normal circumstances we would have posted our first review this Saturday. We have faith that Field Of Screams will hit our 5 star plateau again as it has for the last five years running. 

I cannot begin to tell all of you how excited I am to get some fog in these lungs and watch people run out of fear. Field of Screams always does a great job of providing both. If you have no purchased your tickets online, make sure you do as reports are flying in that it is one hot ticket to get! Also! Make sure you wear your masks. Just do it, enjoy the night out and do not worry about how you look in the mask. Protect the Actors and Staff that have been killing themselves all off season to present a show that they did not even know would happen! 

Let us get together and celebrate another Haunt Season. Yes 2020 has changed Haunting, but at least we get some kind of season and I am going to live it up! Let's Go! HAPPY HAUNTING SEASON EVERYONE!  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

News Out Of Bloodshed Farms

Welcome back to Halloween Haunts! Recently, we were able to go visit the fantastic team at Bloodshed Farms to see what the huge announcement was. I did not force the issue but like the outstanding team that they are. They came out and told us. We are late to the party because of personal work issues but did not want to be the people that got the cat out of the bag.

Bloodshed Farms is taking Covid-19 into effect while creating a Halloween Saving experience for those still very worried about the little bugger. Bloodshed Farms will be 100% drive through for 2020. We were able to see a few of the scenes they are working on and you will be pleasantly surprised.

There will be skeptics from the Die Hard Fans about a drive through Attraction. And that is fine, but one interesting thing we are seeing is people are a little more people are more open to going to an Haunted Attraction that is drive through. Sure, we cannot take our time and look at every prop but from a more general public, this will easily open doors for more Haunt Fans.

My kids are finally starting to reach that age of going to these Attractions but are still very timid. When I ask them every year if this is the year that they are ready for a Hayride or something, I usually receive a big No. This year, when I mentioned that we will not be leaving the car and the windows will be up, We received a Yes. This shows me that it can open more people up to visiting a Haunted Attraction in the future and seeing that its not as bad as they make it out.

That is what we have for you today. We will announce another Haunt closure and the start of our Haunt Tour 2020 that will be Field of Screams on September 11th 2020. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Monday, August 24, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we take a look at another great prop from I have only seen a very few Vampire walk throughs in our time of reviewing Haunts. Vampires are really a more old school theme but always a great one. The Vampire movie is one of the oldest part of the Horror genre so it surprises me to not see more of it in Haunts. This prop reminds me of the beginning of Horror and would love to see this in a walk through.
Check out the video and enjoy the oldest scares in history. This one is pretty creepy and different from the old tales. We love the spin that THEHORRORDOME.COM put on this old classic.
That is all we have for you today at Halloween Haunts 365. Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

More Bad News for 2020

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today will be much of the same for the 2020 season. Another Closed Haunt Announcement and another big one has released that they will be shutting the doors for the 2020 season!

Knott's Scary Farm. Another very large Haunted Attraction located at an Amusement Park in California has decided to shut down for the Covid Ridden 2020 Season.

I believe we will continue to see the very large Amusement Park continue to announce their closure of the 2020 season. A lot of that we also believe is financial. They did not have the Summer season to help pad opening for another Month and a half. It still makes us wonder what these closings will have in store for the more Private Owned Haunted Attractions. We have only heard rulings out of one state so far as far as the Government is concerned.

That is what we have for you today sadly, Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!   

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Welcome back to another installment of HH365! Today we took a look at some positive news coming out of Brighton Asylum in New Jersey! As you can see from the additions we mention below, the team at Brighton has been very very busy and building their already great Haunt into a show stopper, let us take a look at some of the new features coming to Brighton Asylum.

1. The Hack Shack. Yes, Brighton has brought Ax throwing into their Attraction. They also even were able to make it look creepy with the blue lighting. Look forward to throwing a few Axes when we visit this September-October.

2. A Merchandise stand. YES! We believe every Haunt should have a place to showcase and sell their Merchandise! Brighton has pulled the trigger and I look to spend some money when I finally get there! I need another Haunt mug like I need a hole in the head but hey! It is my Passion!

3. New Cleaning Techniques to keep all of us safe from that nasty C-Word!

4. Additions to their standing Attractions. Brighton always says that they just changed a few things but then you end up in brand new scenes that you never saw before over and over again through the tour! When Brighton Asylum tells me they added some things, They added or changed A LOT OF THINGS!

I am sure there are more and I am sure we can get deeper details but we won't. With this year 2020, I want as much fun and surprises as I can find. Make sure you come back for the reviews, after all that is what Halloween Haunts 365 started as and became so much more. Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we take our Annual peek into what Spirit Halloween has to offer for the upcoming season!

We have not enjoyed our last two seasons with what Spirit has had to offer the Home Haunter or the Halloween Enthusiast. This year was so much better!

This year there is a large Clown Theme going on inside and a ton of the props look incredible. There is also some great Character props like Sam from Trick or Treat and Pennywise that had great likeness and sound effects. They also have some very creepy little kid props including one that sits there on a swing and makes fun of you and your mom. This little guy was pretty funny, but really does not serve as creepy as he is only wearing a mask. We will show some of the images we captured and go into what really enjoyed and what will probably be coming home with us other then the Nightmare on Elm Street merch that I already had to pick up including a blanket, mug, cup, key chain, magnet and walk way markers that are huge, light up and play the theme song. Let us get to some badly captured video.
We also added a few pictures.
My favorite animatronic this season is the one pictured above. The zombie with the stick coming out of his chest is highly detailed for a Spirit Halloween prop. The movement is great and I am really contemplating picking that guy up this year.

Spirit also had a great selection this year of 80's Horror with Freddy, Jason and a big selection of Michael Myers. We are also hearing rumors about a Myers statue coming with light up eyes and theme music, but we have not been able to confirm or deny that!

That is what we have for you today during our 6th Spirit Halloween Review. Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!