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Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Tour 2020 with another review! 13th Hour Haunted House. Located in Wharton, NJ and filled with a decent midway, Ax throwing and Escape rooms, 13th Hour is a very fun night out. This is my first trip to this Haunt and even though we had Covid-19 restrictions from hearing how much certain parts of the Attraction has changed because of it, we still had a very fun night out at 13th Hour. This Haunt consist of three Attractions. The House of Nightmares, The Attic and The Darkside of the Hayden House. 

We will start with the first Attraction, The House of Nightmares. This attraction was easily better then I could have imagined. The Set Quality was insane and better then most movie sets. This Attraction really brought some older ideas and newer ideas together to make one hell of a show. It even included an effect I have not seen yet and still wondering how the pulled it off as I am pretty sure the floor was not really spinning. That giant skull was also a master achievement and really caught your attention for the bait and switch scares that were planned beautifully. Let us get to the scoring of The House of Nightmares at 13th Hour. 

The Next Attraction begins right after the end of The House of Nightmares. The Attic was some more of the same from The House of Nightmares but the scenes changed faster and much more imagination came through up there. We really enjoyed the room with the back stage make up room, this idea was so new and very creepy. This Attraction is very even with the first and every turn felt like a whole new movie you got to walk through. Let us get to the scoring of The Attic! 
The Third and Final Attraction of the Evening, The Darkside of Hayden House. The Darkside is your Dark Walk Through attraction. This one did a little better job of providing those out of nowhere jump scares all through the layout. This was a nice change from the typical black out maze that makes you just feel around and hope you do not run into too many scares. This maze, The scares find you and will be in your face. Hell, I even came close to jumping a few times and that is a tough thing to do! Let us get to the scoring. 

This will wrap up our review of 13th Hour Haunted House! Thank you so much for having us out and seeing what you guys were all about! This Haunt has a ton to offer and you can easily turn it into a very safe and fun evening! Make sure you get your tickets online and see what all the hype is about! Here is our final score for 13th Hour Haunted House! 
That is all we have for you today at HH365! Stay tuned for a ton more reviews coming your way even in this very weird season of 2020! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


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