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Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! Today we continue our Haunt Tour with one of my favorite Attractions Brighton Asylum in Passiac, NJ. 

We always look forward to the trip up north for us to Brighton Asylum. We were not sure what to expect with 2020 and all of the issues going on, we did not know what to expect from the always changing Haunted Attraction. Well, we were put at a loss of words when we walked up to the growing Midway. Brighton Asylum has grown so much in 2020. They have added the Hack Shack. A Ax throwing activity. 

A great new structure to house the new Attraction as well. They also added a Horror Museum to add to the night! This shows off a decent collection of wardrobes and props from well known Horror flicks and some Sci-Fi movies as well. 
Not only is a Museum a cool addition, there is also a great building to display these artifacts. If that was not enough. Brighton Asylum also added a full on Retail Store on the exit of the last Attraction. The store has a ton of room to show of some great merchandise that is not there yet. I would not order merchandise in 2020 either so we are sure it will be full to the brim in 2021. And I will be broke. 
Man, even the Retail stop is even Movie Quality. Well, if that was not enough additions, Let us get to the always World Class Attractions. 

The first Attraction when you enter Brighton Asylum is Portal 9, or Port9l. The Attraction pictures are property of Brighton Asylum. There was not a place to take my own photos which is completely fine but just wanted to make sure the credit goes to the right place. Let us get into PORT9L. 
PORT9L is now a World Class Haunt. Every turn felt new and improved. Every scene is right out of a messed up movie. This Attraction took steroids from 2019 and grew into a monster! The growth in this Attraction really made it hard for me to pick my Favorite Attraction here on this night, I still do not think we have picked a clear winner. PORT9L is easily in the running for Best Attraction of the Year! From the subway to the crazy other rooms, this place was so much fun! After PORT9L, you enter the Famous Brighton Asylum. Let us score PORT9L

Easily one of my Favorite Attractions year after year, Brighton Asylum feels even longer and better then ever before There were parts I did not recognize and I have been here In season and Off season for the past six years! Brighton Asylum is a Must See every year! We really do not understand how they were able to do so much this year with all the doubts all around about if we were even having a season. Speaking of Covid, The Actors did an amazing job yet again. Very safe and Very good, they really brought every scene to life! If you go to one Haunt this season, Make it Brighton Asylum. Let us get to the scoring. 
That brings us to The Bleeding Grounds. We talk every year about how much Brighton Asylum changes, The Bleeding Grounds felt like a brand new Attraction. The Scenes in this Attraction will blow your eyes out of your head. The lighting is second to none and I could really go on for hours about this Attraction and the other two. My favorite scene is easily the Dining Room. It is right out of your favorite Horror movie with an extremely talented actress running the show. Another must see stop for any Haunted Attraction Enthusiast. Let us get to the scoring of The Bleeding Grounds! 
That is our 2020 review of Brighton Asylum. If you are in doubt about going to a Haunted Attraction during this Pandemic. Put Brighton on your list. They are going up and above to keep you safe and you really could not feel the difference in 2020 like we are in every place. Our hats go off to Brighton and cannot wait until we see the steps the Midway takes for 2021! This will soon be a night not easily forgotten! 
Here is our final score for Brighton Asylum. 
Make sure you go online and get the full package to get the full Experience that Brighton Asylum has to offer! Thank you for stopping by to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


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