No Winners Selected in 2020 Due to Pandemic. 

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we take our Annual peek into what Spirit Halloween has to offer for the upcoming season!

We have not enjoyed our last two seasons with what Spirit has had to offer the Home Haunter or the Halloween Enthusiast. This year was so much better!

This year there is a large Clown Theme going on inside and a ton of the props look incredible. There is also some great Character props like Sam from Trick or Treat and Pennywise that had great likeness and sound effects. They also have some very creepy little kid props including one that sits there on a swing and makes fun of you and your mom. This little guy was pretty funny, but really does not serve as creepy as he is only wearing a mask. We will show some of the images we captured and go into what really enjoyed and what will probably be coming home with us other then the Nightmare on Elm Street merch that I already had to pick up including a blanket, mug, cup, key chain, magnet and walk way markers that are huge, light up and play the theme song. Let us get to some badly captured video.

We also added a few pictures.

My favorite animatronic this season is the one pictured above. The zombie with the stick coming out of his chest is highly detailed for a Spirit Halloween prop. The movement is great and I am really contemplating picking that guy up this year.

Spirit also had a great selection this year of 80's Horror with Freddy, Jason and a big selection of Michael Myers. We are also hearing rumors about a Myers statue coming with light up eyes and theme music, but we have not been able to confirm or deny that!

That is what we have for you today during our 6th Spirit Halloween Review. Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

Welcome back everyone to HH365! As you can tell from the title, Our 2020 Haunt Reviews have begun! Like every year we started the year off on the right foot at Field Of Screams located in Mountville, PA just a few steps from Lancaster PA. There is a reason we visit Field of Screams first every year. And they continued the Tradition on a very very High Note! 

Field of Screams is always on our Radar for all of the advancements they make from season to season. This year was no different. Just the fact that they were able to do what they did during a Pandemic is almost impossible. Our hats go off to the Ownership and Team for the spectacular work they put in this off season. Enough Bait, let's just jump into the review! 

Before we start getting into the Attractions and everything Field of Screams has to offer. We want to take a minute to really reflect on what Covid-19 did to our Favorite Haunted Attractions. And how some Haunted Attractions punched Corona in the face and made people feel safe. There will be some Haunts that do that and others that will feel suspect. This will be a tough year for Halloween Haunts 365 and the Haunts as it will be very difficult to fully score Attractions. We know capacity will be down, this will make it tougher to score Scare factors. We know Actor Capacity will be down to keep up with Social Distancing. This will make Actors and Scenes very difficult to score. With all that being said, we will do our best to grade everything we see and try to not let this little bugger from interfering with what we love to do. Let us get to our review! 

It was very bizarre walking up to Field of Screams from the parking lot this year. We had no idea what to expect and it was about 30 degrees colder then we were used to for our Opening Night. This did not stop the anticipation in my chest as we got closer and closer. Maybe it was due to I really did not believe we would have a season? Maybe I was just so Happy to hear the screams coming from the Midway. This Season felt different, but at the same time, Field of Screams feels like home. 

As we entered the Midway, we noticed what we have not seen in a few months. People having a blast. From the Shops to the games everyone was having a great time. Screaming and running from Chainsaws to eating great food and playing hellish games. Field of Screams was buzzing. 

The first thing we did when we arrived is what we always do. Check out one of the Coolest Haunt Stores we have. There is always a ton of new things every year and you can deck out your whole outfit with a Field of Screams ensemble. Pretty cool. Then, like every year before this one, we headed to our first Attraction. Haunted Hayride. 

WOW! This review will be hard to put into words. But let us begin! This Hayride was out of this world this year. You can instantly feel the lack of Actors from the beginning, but it did not matter. The scenes they added and the rebuilds on the existing themes were amazing. The Pig house seemed more hectic then usual with missing Actors. How do you pull this off?? The futuristic house that made its debut last season feels completely re done. A great Hi Tech theme that adds charm to this hayride. I really enjoyed the brand new Chop House theme. Maybe it was my childhood on the Boardwalk trying to win free prizes out of claw machines and this brought me back to it but that theme was fantastic. This Hayride was out of control this year and I loved every second of it. I think we may be able to stamp it Hayride of the Year already. Lets get to the scoring. 

Overall: No Surprise 

After the Hayride, We headed over to Frightmare Asylum. 

Always one of my Favorite Attractions year after year is Frightmare Asylum. This year was even better! The changes inside may be subtle, but you can really notice it right off the bat. This Attraction even seemed longer then usual! How do you manage to make that happen in the original space! Frightmare Asylum was outstanding for 2020 again. Every turn felt new. New smells, new scenes just really felt different this time around. Let us get to the scoring! 


Next up for the evening, Den of Darkness! 
Always one of my Favorite Attractions every year is even better then ever! Den of Darkness attacks all of your senses at once in almost every room. From the insanity when you first walk in to the unexpected slow times. The doll room looks completely re done and even more creepy if that was even possible! This Attraction also provided the first major movie scream out of the FiancĂ© for the season. She would tell you to keep an eye out in a certain room but I will not give up that information. I have one major complaint about the Den of Darkness. It will not effect scoring because it is more of a personal thing for me. But! My tiptoes in the tulips song is gone. Why? I loved that creepy ass theme. It was still creepy but my personal preference would be to keep including the Tip toes song. Oh well, let us get to the scoring! 

Next up! Nocturnal Wasteland. 

Nocturnal Wasteland. It is hard to put into words how to explain the change over time in this Attraction. When we first started this website, we enjoyed Nocturnal Wasteland but never really loved it. If you go back to our old reviews I think this is the only Attraction at Field of Screams that we ever scored lower then a Five-Star or Five-Bloodsplat. We have been able to watch this Attraction grow through out the years and for 2020. It made it. 2018 was a big Transformation but the last two years, with the final details being worked out, Nocturnal Wasteland is now our new Favorite Attraction at Field of Screams. Our Correspondent John visited opening weekend and when he told me his favorite attraction was Nocturnal Wasteland, I stood back. I said, "you hated that Attraction". He answered with "Oh I know, but now its easily my Favorite"! The Growth of this Attraction is like nothing we have ever seen in a Haunt. Every Step was outstanding and you can easily tell the time they spent on this walk through. Nocturnal Wasteland is Easily in the running for Attraction of the Year. If anything good came from the crazy year 2020, it was Nocturnal Wastelands growth. Let us get to the scoring. 


What a night! We are so thankful for the team at Field of Screams. Thank you so much for an outstanding night out to your Haunted Attraction. You Masters of Horror really out did your selves this year! Here is the Overall for Field of Screams as a Whole!

Field of Screams is a must see Haunted Attraction. It is a stop every year for us and will continue to be because they never ever disappoint. Grab your tickets online and go see them Tonight! 

One more type of review that we think may be important to some people will be how they are handling the Covid Protocols. I Hate Writing this but in 2020, it seems necessary. Field of Screams did a fantastic job with the Covid Safety Precautions. Security was on top of anyone not properly wearing a mask. You could smell the Sanitization mixed in with the fog. They are doing a great job spacing people out. This Haunt is Covid Safe. As safe as something can be during 2020. Another great shoutout to the Team at Field of Screams. 

That is what we have for you today. We have another review coming shortly from a Haunt we have not yet been to so that is pretty exciting. Thank you for checking out our first review of the season but make sure you keep it here to HH365.com! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!    

Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we take a look at a new Haunt for our website. Fright Haven. Fright Haven is the first Non Profit Haunt we have visited for a review. The scares give back to the community it is in which is Stratford, CT. Let us get to Johns review of Fright Haven. 

Welcome back to my first review of the 2020 season. Today I’ll be reviewing Fright Haven in Connecticut. I previously visited here back in 2019 for their Saints Patrick’s day Event which gave me a general idea of what to expect from the normal season. Funny story about Fright Haven before I start the review, This haunt was actually the last haunted Attraction I went to because the day after I went, Corona happened and forced people to shut down, so I guess you can say I went out with a bang. Now let’s get into the review!

My friends and I pulled up to the parking lot around 9ish and I was impressed how how big the building is and how much room they had to play with. Tickets are pretty Reasonable, $27 for general admission, $40 vip, and $60 for front of line tickets. Fright Haven has one main attraction but it’s split up into three different Walkthroughs. I also want to give a shout-out to the staff over there because they have some of the best staff so that gives them extra credit in my books. 

After scanning our tickets, getting our temperature checked, ETC we were finally able to start with the Attraction. The second we got in line they had about 4 line actors which were amazing and pretty creepy looking. The Clown wearing the swat armor was definitely one of the best actors working the lines tonight. We waited in line for about 20ish minutes which wasn’t bad especially since it’s their second week in operations for this season. The Scenes here are beautiful I remember waiting in line and looking up to see the first Facade and instantly fell in love. Now let’s get into the attractions:

The first part of the attraction was named PsychoWard 13:

Like I stated above the facade for this house was beautiful. So this is your basic asylum/hospital. Lighting was very well done here and the scenes were pretty well done, the one scene that sticks out to me is when your walking around the reception desk and one of the actors came sliding out under the desk and gave me a pretty good startle. Unfortunately though because of COVID I only counted 6 actors in the Psycho ward which is unfortunate cause you could definitely see where actors were going to be. Which some of the scares would’ve been pretty cool, I believe one scare would’ve involved beds. I love how they got the smells flowing through the house, You smelled poop, rotten food, and I believe vomit. This part of the attraction was pretty short I want to say we were in there for 7 minutes.  This attraction I rate.


The second part of the haunted attraction was WASTELAND. Now the way they do things at Fright Haven is it is one continuous attraction so I couldn’t take any pictures of The facade of this attraction and The 3D carnival. Wasteland was okay, they could’ve done a little better for this segment of the haunt. This segment reminded me a lot of Nocturnal Wasteland from Field of Screams. Now my two complaints from here on out is this the lack of actors get more noticeable which I can’t blame the haunt because you guys know COVID happened and the second complaint is that Wasteland and the 3D Carnival seem to be pretty short. Wasteland also reminded me a little bit of Mad Max for some odd reason, I guess it was because of the actors costumes. But where they were lacking in actors and length of the attraction once again I have to say that the scenes are the best things here besides the actors. Walking through run down buildings, houses, and it was either a farm or some sort of swampland but the actor in there was the best with his lines that performed. This attraction seemed like it was about 5 minutes at most. This attraction I rate:

Now the final segment of Fright Haven is 3D Carnival of Lost souls. This attraction was in my opinion the worst one because there was only 3 actors. Scenes were basic 3D painted clown faces on the walls like the walls at the fun house down in point pleasant beach funhouse. This was also the shortest out of all the segments here. We were in the carnival for 3 minutes. Now I do give credit where credit is due, the actors really held this segment together, the one actor that sticks out the most to me is the clown wearing a tank top cause he was pulling off a lot of unique scares coming from the littlest hole in the wall from the ceiling, he really was all over the place. I did have high expectations for this last part of the attraction since it is the grand finale but it was just a major let down. I give The 3D carnival of lost souls:

Fright Haven is a really good haunt and I did enjoy my time there but there is always room to improve especially in The Carnival. They also do Off-season events, and I believe a paranormal tour of the building after the haunt is closed down. So I give Fright Haven as a whole:

I definitely will be coming back probably next season to see what kinds of changes they made. I’ll see you guys in my next review, thank you guys for reading!

Well, that is what we have for you today, another review in the books, we have a ton more coverage coming your way for Haunt Season 2020, so make sure you keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we continue our Reviews of the 2020 season. As you can see by the lack of reviews coming out, We are completely booked with work and planning a wedding. You will still get all of the reviews you come to HH365 for but in time! We want to take this time to thank our Correspondent John for really taking on the load for the team. Here is his latest review of the 2019 Hayride Champions, Reaper's Revenge! Let us get to his review! 

Today I will be reviewing Reapers Revenge in Scranton Pa. This is my 3rd year coming here and it never fails to impress me year after year. Now let’s get into the review!

My friend and I pulled up to the parking lot at 9:30 and we always forget that they charge $3 for parking. Now with Covid, they require you to always wear a face mask, they do take your temperature before you walk through the metal detectors and after you sign your waivers for your group. Prices here are very reasonable at $40 for General admission and $65 for VIP. I do highly recommend getting VIP due to the fact that after we got our tickets from the ticket booth we found out that the line was 3 hours long! My friend and I went back into line and upgraded our tickets to VIP and it was time to finally start the attractions! 

The first attraction was The Haunted Hayride:

This is hands down one of the best hayrides in the country. The scenes, props, sounds, and actors are stuff that you would see in movies. The hayride begins by taking you to the Grim Reaper's Castle and man, the giant Grim Reaper animatronic is so breathtaking. After you meet the Grim Reaper you travel further into the woods and then you start seeing hanging bodies from the trees, then everyone’s favorite killer Michael Myers makes a appearance. I love how they use strobe lights here, they don’t over use them and when they do use them it’s actually effective. As you continue your journey you run into the girl from the Ring and every time I experience this scene it actually sends shivers down my body. You also have your standard Redneck moonshine scene but it’s done such much better here. The pyrotechnics on this hayride is like the strobe lights there so well done and not over used. The Graveyard scene is one of the most beautiful looking scenes and it is so well put together and if you’ve been to Bloodshed Farms in New Jersey then your going to be hearing and seeing a familiar song and dance. Now I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises but the hayride is split up into two different parts.  The way they split the first part of the hayride is amazing. Let’s just say the cops get involved. 

After you get off the Hayride you start walking on a trail through the woods and then you get up to the second attraction of the night which is The Lost Carnival. This is probably one of my only favorite carnival attractions because here at Reapers they actually make it unique and scary. Your walking through ticket booths, hell you might even get offered popcorn or cotton candy with special ingredients in it. One of my favorite scenes here is when your walking around a group of carnival games and you turn the corner and boom you see a full scale Roller coaster, a Merry go-round, and a Ferris wheel. The coolest thing is that the merry go round and the Ferris wheel are fully functional. It's too bad you can’t ride any of them hahaha. This attraction is pretty long I believe it was about 25 minutes depending on your group of course. Like I said before, This is hands down one of my favorite carnival attractions and I wish more places would do their carnival attractions like this. The Lost Carnival does lead into the new Attraction for 2020 which is Delirium 3D. Let us get to the scoring for The Lost Carnival!


Delirium 3D is the newest addition to Reapers Revenge for 2020. I was actually watching a interview about Delirium on YouTube which is on the Reapers Revenge YouTube channel and I was really surprised that it only took them a little less than a year to build this and especially with COVID. I am really impressed that they were able to get it done. The 3D glasses they give you here are similar to the ones that you can find at places like Universal or Disney on there 3D rides and shows. Right off the bat, I was a little skeptical about this attraction because of the whole 3D Funhouse haunted attraction like if you remember in my last review I wasn’t happy with how Fright Haven did their Funhouse attraction. I don’t like comparing haunts that much because each place does things their own way but Reapers once again knocked it out of the park with this attraction and more places should try to do it like them. Everything about this attraction was amazing props, actors, scenes it was just amazing. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Actors were popping out of places you wouldn’t think they’d be able too. The 3D was pretty cool and actually worked. I know most places try to do 3D but sometimes the effects don’t really work like how they are supposed to. The house is also really colorful and bright. Let us score Delirium 3D


After you exit Delirium you get back on the Hayride for your final attraction for the night due to the fact that Pitch Black and Sector 13 are closed for the season due to Covid which is really a shame. The last segment of the hayride is about 10 minutes Shorter than the first part but in my opinion, I believe the second half is better. One of the best parts here is the Alice and wonderland segment. The lights, the Actors, the laser show above your head is just one of the best scenes here. You go down one of the well known scenes here which is the stretch of road where you see the shadow people watching you as your drive by and they keep multiplying. The last scene of the hayride is a very interesting way to end things here. Let us give that Hayride a Score!

I really did enjoy my time here at Reapers Revenge like I stated earlier every year I come here and it really impressed me how much they listen to their customers and are always improving. Now I left out a few things because I really don’t want to ruin all of the new surprises they added for this year as you should really experience it for yourselves. Now if there was one thing I wish they did here was off-season events, I know it would be a challenge for them especially in winter time if they did a Christmas themed event due to the snow. But, I really hope they try and find a way to do something along those lines. I really enjoyed my time here and I’ll definitely be coming back again. Thank you guys for reading I’ll see you in my next review, thank you guys for reading. Here is my Overall score of Reaper's Revenge 2020!
Another Fantastic Review from John and what sounds like the normal Outstanding Job out of Reaper's Revenge! Keep it here as we have a ton more coming down the trail! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another installment of Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight we took what turned into a very interesting trip to a Haunted Attraction. This was our first time participating in a Drive -Thru Haunted Attraction and we were not disappointed at all. 

I think a little back round information will be important before we get into our review of this cool new twist on The Last Ride at Bloodshed Farms. The team was told in August that they had to relocate their entire Attraction. With the move and the uncertainty around Covid-19 and Haunted Attractions, Bloodshed came up with what I thought was a bad ass idea. And they made it happen in a very short time period. Let us go into our review! 

The new scenes were great, I was able to get a sneak peek back in late August and what they did since then put me on the floor. The actors did a great job all around the Drive through. The music switched flawlessly even using an FM radio station. This Attraction was a lot of fun. If you are a die hard Haunt fan and need the constant scare, this will not be the Attraction for you. But! if you are a Haunt fan overall and just enjoy the show put on, this is a must see! What we also realized is this is a great way to start kids into the Haunt Scene. They are protected by the car and not allowed to roll windows down. My kids are not fans of Haunted Attractions as they think they are non stop scares. But! They really enjoyed The Last Drive. Let us get to our Covid-19 Scoring. 

Let us give our overall:

Well, that is what we have for you today! We have a ton more reviews coming down the pipelines so stay tuned to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


Welcome back to another edition of Halloween Haunts 365.com! Today we will talk about our visit to Night of Terror in Mullica Hill, NJ. Tonight was the first in close to six years that we have been back to Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farm. Tonight was a great surprise then what we have been used to from Night of Terror. 

This will always have a place for me as it was the first Major Attraction I have ever went to way back when it started. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary and you can see the growth. Let me stop blabbing on and on and lets start the review! 

The first Attraction of the night! 

The Haunted Hayride. This hayride has always been a good one but now it seems even longer and more immersive. Great scenes and lighting through out the entire ride. Great Giant Animatronics through every inch and great use of sound and fire all the way. The one spot we think that this Hayride is lacking adds to the sound part. They use some big booms to really get you to pee your self because they really do come out of nowhere but the lack of music is kind of a let down. With so many Haunted Attractions using great sound tracks to further immerse it's Guests, We wonder why Night of Terror has not added a speaker system to at least the Trailer. The Actors were a lot of fun and you can see the devotion they and jumping up on the carts! Let us get to the scoring. 


Once you finish the Haunted Hayride, you head into the next attraction for which there is no sign for so you can understand the lack of pictures. We even had to look up online what it was called. Why not have a sign, show off your hard work. We saw corn stalks so we thought we were heading into the old corn maze, but we were way wrong. The Next Attraction for the night: Harvest. 

Harvest seems like it took a chapter from every Haunt that has been located at Night of Terror. You get a little bit of Corn Stalkers, Slaughter Cave and Artic Freeze. With some more rooms to add to the fun. This was a pretty long attraction and much different then we were used to at Night of Terror. It added all of my favorite elements from previous Attractions to really bring together a nice Attraction. There is one room that really blows your socks off and its pure insanity. A lot of sparks is all I will say about that! Let us get to the ratings for Harvest. 

After Harvest, We headed into their new Attraction, 

The Playground. The Playground is a 3-D Clown maze that really puts the 3-D to actual use and not a gimmick. You can easily see the 3-D Instantly! This was a very cool new maze and I really want to go back to see how it grows through the years. The painting in this Attraction is some of the best we have ever seen and you can tell it took a very, very long time to finish! The one downfall was not Night of Terrors fault but more Covid-19. You have to wear a mask to Night of Terror and inside of this Attraction you have to wear 3-D glasses, well during Covid-19 we all have foggy glasses right now so it really took away from it, When this is all over I really want to go back to see it fully! Let us get to the scoring! 


This brings us to the next and last Attraction of the Evening. Dark Dreams. This was a brand new Attraction the last time we visited Night of Terror so I was looking forward to see the growth. I was quickly disappointed. We didn't notice a ton of change. The scenes were still out of nightmares so we understand the theme but there was a little too much down time blackout used. It kind of through you out of the idea of the theme of this Attraction. The Actors did a good job and it was still a fun Walk Through. Let us get to the scoring of Dark Dreams. 


That wraps up our 2020 Review of Night of Terror at Screamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. We have a bunch more reviews coming your way including three from Florida which has two Attractions that opened at HHN during the day at Universal Studios and a Major Haunt in the Orlando Area! So Make Sure You Keep It Here To HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another edition of Halloween Haunts 365.com. Today we continue our Haunt Tour 2020 with another John Review coming out of Pure Terror Scream Park located in Monroe, New York and is a Guinness World Record holder for the Longest Haunted House Scream Park in the World. Let us see what John had to say! 

Welcome back to the next Review for the 2020 season, today I will be reviewing Pure Terror Scream Park in Monroe, New York.

My friends and I pulled into the parking lot at 8 and we noticed that the parking lot was pretty empty but that changed really fast out of no where. At least 30 cars full of people started pulling into the lot. At Pure Terror tickets are a bit steep, But it’s worth it. General Admission is $50 and VIP is $80 and you do have to purchase your tickets online. After getting our temperatures taken, going through security and getting our tickets we were on our way to the attractions. Now I would recommend getting VIP later in the season just because this place does get really busy. We were in line for roughly 45 minutes and the line was pretty boring you were just walking on a poorly lit trail, I remember last year that they had a projector going and actors in the line but unfortunately they didn’t have any of that this year. Now Pure terror has 10 attractions to offer you and they have actually been featured in Guinness World Records for the past 5 years in a row.  The attractions are also one after the other so unfortunately you won’t be able to choose what attractions you want do but really is no big deal. Now let’s get into the attractions. I am also going in the order of houses based on the website not the actual order they were in. 

First up is Camp Killmore which is new for 2020. This attraction is based on Jason Voorhees. This maze had amazing Scenes but the one thing that I personally didn’t like was that this attraction was really really really short we were in that attraction for a total of 2 minutes. I should mention also that some of the attractions here are extremely short like under 5 minutes. But, there are three attractions that are decently lengthy here. This was your basic Jason trail, decent acting but this one attraction didn’t seem to have that many actors, I want to say maybe a handful. My group and I saw Jason once in the whole trail but you see a lot of his victims. This trail was pretty gory and the lighting here was well done. Let's get to the scoring!


Up next is Nightmare Factory. This is the second new attraction for 2020. This maze was one of my favorites due to the fact that it was based on Freddy Krueger. There were a lot of actors, and it was pretty decent in length. I say we were in there for close to 10 minutes. One of my favorite scenes in this attraction was were one Freddy was hidden inside a boiler and got his first scare, then when your turn the corner boom there he is again. Lighting in this house is what your should expect from a Freddy house not too dark but light enough to be able to see everything. Let us get to the scoring!


Third up is Legends of Horror which added new Horror icons for 2020. This attraction is hands down one of my favorite haunted houses for 2020. This attraction featured your favorite Horror movie icons like Art the clown, Ghostface, Jason, Regan, Freddy, Leatherface, Etc. My two favorite scenes in the house had to be the Ghostface and Art the clown scene as they were well done and the actors in the room were extremely amazing in these roles. Once again this attraction was not too short but it was pretty short it was roughly under 5 minutes. I hope for next year they expand on this attraction and add more killers, and more scenes to make it longer. I didn’t like the Freddy and Jason scenes in this house as I believe that they use the same scenes from the previous Freddy and Jason attraction. Let us get to the scoring!


The next attraction is Terror Under The Big Top which is the last attraction that featured new stuff for the 2020 season. This attraction is one of my two favorite carnival attractions next to Reapers Revenge. I liked how interactive this maze was. The floors and even the walls were moving in scene. The actors in here were amazing I loved how interactive they were as well. Attraction was pretty decent in length and it was also very colorful in this attraction. I usually don’t like carnival attractions but Pure Terror is one of the places that do it right. I also like that the actors here aren’t annoying like in other carnival haunts. Let see those scores!


Next up is Resurrection Cemetery. This is your basic run of the mill cemetery trail but the one thing that really made me go wow in this attraction is that they had a giant waterfall that you were able to walk under in the middle of the attraction and the actor that was working in the waterfall was amazing. This is one of the three longer attractions here running roughly around 13 minutes. The scenes were well done and Actors were pretty decent. Lets see those scores!


The fifth attraction at Pure Terror is called Evil Harvest. This is actually a pretty decent corn maze. I would compare it to the likes of Scarecrow Revenge at Bates Motel. The actors in this attraction were having a lot of fun in here and they had a lot of opportunities to come out and scare the guests. The maze was decent, we were in there for about 8-10 minutes. Besides being filled with actors you can definitely tell that Evil Harvest was also filled up with amazing props and scenes. Lets wrap it up with some scoring!


After Evil Harvest comes The Crypt which is one of my least favorites here. The Crypt is based on vampires. Which now that I think about it, a lot of haunted attractions really don’t have vampires at their attractions. Scenes were pretty good in here but not a lot of actors and once again this attraction was pretty short, it was definitely under 5 minutes. There’s not a lot to talk about for this maze as it was pretty dark in here and it wasn’t really that memorable of a maze. But I will give them respect for having a full blown Vampire maze. Here is our scoring of The Crypt.


Next up is The Coven. This attraction is a little weird to me because it’s supposed to be all about witches which it is but I feel like it would’ve worked better as a Medieval times attraction. I loved how the actors played their parts and how they worked with props they were given. This attraction was definitely short, But because of the actors and how nice the scenery was it felt like you were in there for a while. Now I couldn’t tell if it was a snake prop or something along those lines but whatever it was it was one of the best animal props I’ve seen in a while. Here is where it comes in at!

The second to last attraction here is called Pure Darkness. This is possible the worst maze here at Pure terror. The maze was pretty long. This attraction had 3 different actors in it and they were definitely good at what they were doing but for me personally, I don’t find blackout mazes any good. they are just lame and boring anymore. But, if I had to compare it. I would say it was a lot like pitch black from Reapers Revenge. You had moving floors, one section you are walking on empty soda bottles and it sounded like bones crunching. 

The last attraction here at Pure Terror is named Desecration. This is hands down the best maze here next to Legends of horror and Terror under the big top. This is a church based attraction and everything was amazing about it. The actors were the best, Lighting was fantastic, scenery was amazing. The facade was beautiful as you can see in the pictures. This attraction was roughly 15 minutes and I loved every second about it. I wish that the other attractions here were as long as this one but I understand why this one was the longest as there was a lot going on in this attraction.

Our Final Overall Score of PureTerror Screampark!

I definitely do recommend coming to Pure Terror Screampark because all of the attractions including Pure darkness is good in their own ways. Thank you for reading!!


Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! Today we continue our Haunt Tour with one of my favorite Attractions Brighton Asylum in Passiac, NJ. 

We always look forward to the trip up north for us to Brighton Asylum. We were not sure what to expect with 2020 and all of the issues going on, we did not know what to expect from the always changing Haunted Attraction. Well, we were put at a loss of words when we walked up to the growing Midway. Brighton Asylum has grown so much in 2020. They have added the Hack Shack. A Ax throwing activity. 

A great new structure to house the new Attraction as well. They also added a Horror Museum to add to the night! This shows off a decent collection of wardrobes and props from well known Horror flicks and some Sci-Fi movies as well. 

Not only is a Museum a cool addition, there is also a great building to display these artifacts. If that was not enough. Brighton Asylum also added a full on Retail Store on the exit of the last Attraction. The store has a ton of room to show of some great merchandise that is not there yet. I would not order merchandise in 2020 either so we are sure it will be full to the brim in 2021. And I will be broke. 

Man, even the Retail stop is even Movie Quality. Well, if that was not enough additions, Let us get to the always World Class Attractions. 

The first Attraction when you enter Brighton Asylum is Portal 9, or Port9l. The Attraction pictures are property of Brighton Asylum. There was not a place to take my own photos which is completely fine but just wanted to make sure the credit goes to the right place. Let us get into PORT9L. 

PORT9L is now a World Class Haunt. Every turn felt new and improved. Every scene is right out of a messed up movie. This Attraction took steroids from 2019 and grew into a monster! The growth in this Attraction really made it hard for me to pick my Favorite Attraction here on this night, I still do not think we have picked a clear winner. PORT9L is easily in the running for Best Attraction of the Year! From the subway to the crazy other rooms, this place was so much fun! After PORT9L, you enter the Famous Brighton Asylum. Let us score PORT9L


Easily one of my Favorite Attractions year after year, Brighton Asylum feels even longer and better then ever before There were parts I did not recognize and I have been here In season and Off season for the past six years! Brighton Asylum is a Must See every year! We really do not understand how they were able to do so much this year with all the doubts all around about if we were even having a season. Speaking of Covid, The Actors did an amazing job yet again. Very safe and Very good, they really brought every scene to life! If you go to one Haunt this season, Make it Brighton Asylum. Let us get to the scoring. 
That brings us to The Bleeding Grounds. We talk every year about how much Brighton Asylum changes, The Bleeding Grounds felt like a brand new Attraction. The Scenes in this Attraction will blow your eyes out of your head. The lighting is second to none and I could really go on for hours about this Attraction and the other two. My favorite scene is easily the Dining Room. It is right out of your favorite Horror movie with an extremely talented actress running the show. Another must see stop for any Haunted Attraction Enthusiast. Let us get to the scoring of The Bleeding Grounds! 
That is our 2020 review of Brighton Asylum. If you are in doubt about going to a Haunted Attraction during this Pandemic. Put Brighton on your list. They are going up and above to keep you safe and you really could not feel the difference in 2020 like we are in every place. Our hats go off to Brighton and cannot wait until we see the steps the Midway takes for 2021! This will soon be a night not easily forgotten! 
Here is our final score for Brighton Asylum. 
Make sure you go online and get the full package to get the full Experience that Brighton Asylum has to offer! Thank you for stopping by to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Tour 2020 with another review! 13th Hour Haunted House. Located in Wharton, NJ and filled with a decent midway, Ax throwing and Escape rooms, 13th Hour is a very fun night out. This is my first trip to this Haunt and even though we had Covid-19 restrictions from hearing how much certain parts of the Attraction has changed because of it, we still had a very fun night out at 13th Hour. This Haunt consist of three Attractions. The House of Nightmares, The Attic and The Darkside of the Hayden House. 

We will start with the first Attraction, The House of Nightmares. This attraction was easily better then I could have imagined. The Set Quality was insane and better then most movie sets. This Attraction really brought some older ideas and newer ideas together to make one hell of a show. It even included an effect I have not seen yet and still wondering how the pulled it off as I am pretty sure the floor was not really spinning. That giant skull was also a master achievement and really caught your attention for the bait and switch scares that were planned beautifully. Let us get to the scoring of The House of Nightmares at 13th Hour. 

The Next Attraction begins right after the end of The House of Nightmares. The Attic was some more of the same from The House of Nightmares but the scenes changed faster and much more imagination came through up there. We really enjoyed the room with the back stage make up room, this idea was so new and very creepy. This Attraction is very even with the first and every turn felt like a whole new movie you got to walk through. Let us get to the scoring of The Attic! 
The Third and Final Attraction of the Evening, The Darkside of Hayden House. The Darkside is your Dark Walk Through attraction. This one did a little better job of providing those out of nowhere jump scares all through the layout. This was a nice change from the typical black out maze that makes you just feel around and hope you do not run into too many scares. This maze, The scares find you and will be in your face. Hell, I even came close to jumping a few times and that is a tough thing to do! Let us get to the scoring. 

This will wrap up our review of 13th Hour Haunted House! Thank you so much for having us out and seeing what you guys were all about! This Haunt has a ton to offer and you can easily turn it into a very safe and fun evening! Make sure you get your tickets online and see what all the hype is about! Here is our final score for 13th Hour Haunted House! 
That is all we have for you today at HH365! Stay tuned for a ton more reviews coming your way even in this very weird season of 2020! Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 





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