Hayride of the Year: Reaper's Revenge

Haunted Attraction of the Year: Brighton Asylum

Haunt of the Year: Field of Screams

Fan Voted Haunt of the Year: Reaper's Revenge

Welcome back to HH365! Today we will post our first review of the 2019 season, Field of Screams. It was an outstanding night out and we could not wait to bring you all of the coverage as Field of Screams blasted us to the stratosphere. What an amazing job this team pulled off in this off-season. They pulled off things that we could not believe could be done. Amazing Job To All Of The Field Of Screams Cast And Crew! We are still at a loss for words so lets get down to the review!

Our night started by arriving way to early like usual. So, we took advantage and got all of our pictures out of the way. And played some headless basketball as we waited for it to get dark enough to fully enjoy all of the attractions. Field of Screams has multiple carnival games set up in their midway. Headless toss, Ring Toss, Bottle Break and a football game. All of which are reasonably priced. Nowhere can you throw three severed heads for two bucks!

As the sun finally set fully, we headed to our first attraction.

This Hayride, Hands Down, Is an Unstoppable Force that others will have a very hard time contending with. It is very early in the season, and we have a lot of Haunts left to see but this Hayride was Unbelievable. On top of the already outstanding attractions and scenes inside the Hayride, FOS has outdone them selves and added a brand new Hayride scene like nothing we have seen before using that FOS magic and attention to detail. This was an easy one to score as the entire show was flawless. Lets get to the scoring!

A True 5-Star Haunted Attraction! Overall:

Well done to everyone that went above and beyond on the New Hayride. This Hayride will make it very High on our Annual Hayride of the Year award. After being blown away with what we saw on the hayride and after a brief meeting to vote on scores we headed into one of our favorite attractions.

Again. Wow! The subtle changes that were made at what seemed like at every turn were outstanding. The two house walk throughs Frightmare Asylum and Den of Darkness have always been up to Hollywood standards when it comes to detail in a Haunted Attraction but Frightmare keeps growing year after year and is always very close to the top of our lists! Just one of these amazing Attractions is well worth our drive and our time at Field Of Screams! But there is four! Every year FOS just brings the pow and upgrades to make every trip feel like a new experience. It is worth the trip and its worth a trip back even if you went last year! Lets get to the scoring of Frightmare Asylum.

Overall and no surprise. This Walk Through will be in the running for Attraction of the Year!

After making our way through Frightmare Asylum, We stopped off and mingled with some of the other Haunt Review groups, specifically Haunt Review Crew. Great bunch of people that do a great job covering Haunts. There are a lot of Review Groups but  to us they stick out from the rest as we do. After saying hello and re hydrating we headed on over to Nocturnal Wasteland.

To completely Review Nocturnal Wasteland, we need to start from the beginning of this site and the  three other times we have entered this Attraction. Nocturnal Wasteland has always been missing something. It always had a hard time reaching us for that fifth blood splat. We always had a hard time putting our finger on what it was missing as a whole. Compared to the other three, Nocturnal Wasteland was always the Achilles Heal. That has all changed! We loved every minute of the new Nocturnal Wasteland. So much so that it has reached five blood splat level! This was a can't miss Attraction this year! Let us get to the scoring.

Yes! Nocturnal Wasteland has come through with a perfect score from HH365! Amazing job, The Ending of that attraction was outstanding. They filled it with great actors and great props and added full new scenes that were great! Awesome Job.

After Nocturnal Wasteland, We needed a little rest and went to check out the gift shop. With a ton of Merch you can buy and support one of the best Haunts in the area. Filled with a bunch of other cool things Haunt fans can appreciate.

We also noticed the addition of some very cool five minute escape games. These are popping up all over Haunts and FOS has joined the masses. 
Escape games are not really our thing when we head to Haunted Attractions. We enjoy them as separate entities but when there are Hayrides and Walk Throughs, Escape Games don't exist. I am sure these are Top of the Line escape rooms as FOS always brings outstanding detail and care to everything they do. 

After listening to the band that was on stage covering some of our favorite songs we decided to close our night out with the last Attraction. Den of Darkness. 
 Always one of our Favorite Attractions of the season, Den of Darkness is even improved! It really makes you wonder how this staff actually gets all of this done in just a few short months. From a brand new Hayride experience, completely changing up Nocturnal Wasteland and adding to Frightmare and the Den! How do they do it! This must have been an undertaking of massive proportions. We do not remember seeing such drastic changes in a Haunt in just one off season. Let us get to the Den of Darkness. 

I am really glad nothing was changed with what we call the "tiptoes in the tulips" room. That song creeps me out since Insidious came out and it is such a well lit scene inside the Den of Darkness. But, there were many unique and low key changes that just kept it growing. This one always wins 5 blood splats from us and that continued last night. Another fantastic Attraction that will join the running for Attraction of the Year! Let us get to the obvious scoring! 

Our First night is in the books! And to be completely Transparent, we are sore today! A HUGE THANK YOU is needed for the ENTIRE FOS TEAM as you have blown us a way this year! Thank you guys so much. FOS is easily in the running for BEST HAUNT OF THE YEAR! It is early, and we have many more to do, but FOS is right now, Number One in our books. We will do the Shocking Overall score of the Haunt and then pick our Favorite attraction of the visit. 
Field of Screams is No Doubt a Full 5 Star Haunt. I would like someone to go in and see if they can find any reason to argue. There is not one. Field Of Screams is a Must Hit this season.

Our favorite attraction. This was very hard as we all voted and came up with different answers. Nocturnal Wasteland even earned a Vote! With all the voting, it was very close between Haunted Hayride and Frightmare Asylum. But, the last vote swayed to Frightmare Asylum for HH365 Favorite Attraction at Field of Screams! 

Thank you guys for reading, make sure you head out to your Haunts, especially Field Of Screams. You will not be Disappointed. Come back tomorrow to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to the next episode from HH365.com! Today we will have our second review of the season. Shocktoberfest. Located in Reading, PA. Shocktoberfest is a great Haunted Attraction with many things to do on top of the normal Haunts.

Shocktoberfest is comprised of a ton of different and unique events spanning from Hayrides to now even Massage Parlors with a hint of Horror. New for us this year was the scare zone set up like a Midway for a carnival filled to the brim with fog and actors ready to bring the fear as you had to make your way through other attractions. As you can tell, Shocktoberfest follows a "Lost World" motive through out its attractions and keeps the theme some what solid throughout. Let us begin!

As we arrived and got our tickets out of the way, we headed to The Unknown 2.0. Was a very good attraction the last time we had visited, so we were looking forward to seeing any major changes that have been done. We were told they were having technical difficulties and to visit the Hayride and Prison of the Dead since they were already open. No problem because Prison of the Dead was one of our favorite attractions the last time we were there.

We headed on over to the line for Prison of the Dead and we were glad to see they still use the prison bus to transport you to the Attraction.
We are not sure if they were just having an off night because it was not very busy out there, but our line waited a good half hour to board this bus with only 18 people in line. Could have just been a slow start but it was an hour after Attractions were supposed to open. Anyway, we boarded the bus and got on our way to the Prison of the Dead. One aspect we were missing was the giant search light that you could used to see coming from the prison about two football fields away, it added an intimidating factor while you were sitting on the bus heading towards your sentencing.
Prison of the Dead is easily the longest attraction we go through. It is an outstanding walk through as you are prisoners. starting from check in, to your cells and including your breakout. You bare witness to all aspects of trying to survive the zombie prison. This Attraction is always up for Attraction of the Year when we visit and this year was even better. Last visit had a lot of down time. They added a few more details and some more gifted actors to really get you to scream when you least expect it. Let us get to the scoring of Prison of the Dead.
Prison of the Dead is Hands Down a 5 Star or Bloodsplat Attraction.
As we walked back to the main area from the Prison, we headed over to the Hayride Line. Again we faced some very odd wait times for the amount of people in the park. It was a good half hour to forty five minute wait. As the wagon pulled up, we climbed the wood steps and got ready for the adventure.
The Hayride begins with a film detailing what you are about to see and also a side mission that explains why the zombies are on the loose. Zombie Safari Adventure Hayride is well worth the money as it is one of the longest hayrides you will find in the area. Decently detailed scenes corresponding with the Zombie World theme and some others added that did not quite make sense. This was a good hayride but it left us wanting more. We all talked about it and could not really put a finger on what it was lacking but still a great time! Lets get to the scoring!
Overall, this was a good hayride but by no means great. Here is our voted Overall
After dismounting our wagon, we headed to grab a burger and a beer from the food stands set up in the park. The burger was good and the beer was nice as a lot of Haunts, you cannot buy a beer and relax. This was a nice change. We headed back through the fog filled midway.
This was a cool design for a simple Scare Area. Great use of fog and lights kept the actors well hidden until the unsuspecting human could be attacked by the lurking Carnival Zombie. It was very reminiscent of HHN and the zones you can cross through even when it was time to relax and not sit in lines. We loved this addition. On to Ground Assault.
Ground Assault Zombie Laser Tag is kind of a different type of attraction. You are given a headpiece and a laser rifle and sent into a field with blockades to try and kill as many zombies as you can. We sucked very much at this as only two people in our five person group were the only ones to pull off kills. This was not much of an attraction but more of a game that we really enjoyed and through it was worth the price point. It did last a solid amount of time and you really got your workout in. It was a fun addition to the night but we will not be scoring as it was not a Haunted Attraction but will tell you to check it out because we had a lot of fun!

After running around and being shot by zombies. We headed over to the Unknown 2.0.
The Unknown 2.0 is a unique attraction that many have tried and most have failed at. This attraction is targeted at all of the fears that most people have. Clutter, Bees, Electricity and being run over. This attraction used to have a video explaining the point of the attraction as you were test subjects to see how you react to certain fears. This was not part of the attraction this time, whether it was from technical difficulties or they removed it all together. The issue with not having the video is that there are constant voices coming over top of you that you do not understand without the video. Let us get to the scoring of this really cool attraction. This Attraction caused a slew of screaming out of our team screamer so that was added points!
We enjoyed this attraction a lot and it was hard to deduct points because of the lack of video because the attraction was very scary. This is also in the running for Attraction of the Year!

Now it is time to look at Shocktoberfest as a whole. They are gifted Haunters that put a lot of work into their craft. We thank them for the hospitality because everyone was really nice and the food was great. This was a fun night out and worth the trip! Our overall score for Shocktoberfest 2019.

We voted to give Shocktoberfest a 4 bloodsplat for 2019. It is a great set up and a great park themed Haunt. There is plenty of other things to do there as well as Haunted Attractions. So if you are in that Halloween spirit, head on over, it is worth the trip and the amount of other attractions really can fill up your night. Thank you for reading. Keep it hear as we have a lot more reviews to do for the 2019 season! Next week will bring us to a brand new Haunt for us. Reapers Revenge. Until next time, This is HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.

Welcome back to the next episode of HH365! Today we will have our 2019 review for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. We would like to to take this time before we get started picking apart and prodding their amazing haunt to thank the outstanding cast and crew at Bates Motel for their time and hospitality. Thank you Cos for a very immersive look into Bates and Haunts like it, it is so greatly appreciated! Now, let us do what we do best and Review! 

Bates Motel is home to three world class attractions. The Bates Motel, The Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail. Bates also has a great midway with Snack stands, Ax throwing, five minute escape rooms and a doughnut stand that makes apple cider doughnuts. A quick review of that is that I do not even like apple cider doughnuts but they were outstanding! Bates also offers mobile Laser tag and Ax throwing for Corporate events or parties. Now, let us get to the bread and butter, As usual, our first Attraction of the night, The Bates Motel. 
And to show you how real men throw axes. 
The Bates Motel is always our favorite show at The Bates Motel. It is your Haunted House walk through with winding corners, Bait and switch, attention grabbing and flying chicks. Yes, you read that last part correctly. The entire Haunt has people that fly. This is always a unique feature that we always enjoy. The Motel has every set you can think of when it comes to Haunted Attractions but juiced up to 110%. This Attraction is always in the running for Attraction of the year and this year it may have jumped up a few places. The Actors nailed it and the scenes worked perfectly. Add some great lighting effects and this was an easy review, let us get to the scores before I start spoiling some of the awesome surprises. The end room is a work of art and it really just takes you into a different world, the end room always blows us a way! Here is the scoring and not surprising in the least. 
 Fear Factor has gone higher then our typical five as our VP scream a few times in this Attraction. Let us get to the Overall..
 There is no doubt that Bates Motel will be in the talks for Attraction of the Year! Let us continue our journey. Our next stop. Haunted Hayride. 
The Bates Motel Hayride is always a great time. Bates uses a different formula when it comes to their Hayride then some other Haunts out there. Some will stop to fully show off a scene, some flu by scenes too fast and you really cannot look at all the detail. the Bates Hayride seems to always hit its timing marks and puts on a great show. Outstanding Masks and costumed Actors line the entire trail. We also for the first time noticed that they have undressed people hidden in the shadows. We were sure if they were there for security or to make sure the Actors were hitting their mark, either way all of the above are good things for Hayrides. Bates Hayride relies on perfect timing. And during our visit they delivered every time which is very rare these days when it comes to most Hayrides besides a few. You throw in some great animatronics and stunning scenes, it may not be the scariest in the world but it is a very good show and we enjoyed it a lot. They also used the digital scenes that we see in some Haunts as distractions. But We really think that Bates uses them best. He uses them to transitions into scenes. Add depth to just a back round scene and then the evolution of a Werewolf. Amazing job! Let me get to the scores before I again, start spoiling. 
The Bates Hayride will also be in talks for Hayride of the Year! Now, let us move on to our final attraction of the night. Revenge of the Scarecrows. 
As you can tell, we had to borrow that image off the internet because of the excitement we had leaving the Hayride and jumping right on in to the next attraction, I completely forgot to take a picture of the entrance as we always do. Oh Well. On to the review. 

Revenge of the Scarecrows is your typical Haunted Trail with a few new twists. We always thought that this attraction was Bate's weakest at this Haunt. It still is but it is improved over last year without a doubt. There are some amazing scenes now as you walk through. We thought that they missed the mark on a few actor placements. You have your planned ups and downs but there were a couple longer gaps then their should have been. The scenes and props really made up for it as we really enjoyed this attraction this year. It did reach five blood splats but really relied on the outstanding immersive scenery. We hope you enjoy Derry, Maine. Because you are in there! Let us get to the scoring. 
It was close to squeak out a 5 blood splat for this attraction. We think just a couple more actors could have made the difference. There are a ton more hiding spots that could have been used and were not utilized. All in all we voted it a 5 blood splat. We really enjoyed the walk through Derry and the Snake Farm. 

Bates Motel as a whole is a unique and fun night out. They have everything you can ask for for a fun night out of the house. Games, Food and world class Haunted Attractions. Our Overall for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. 
That is another five blood splat Overall for the 2019 season. We have so many more to talk about but we can say that The Bates Motel will be in the running for Haunt of the Year! Until next time! Keep it here at HH365, we have so many more reviews coming down the pipeline as Haunt season enters full gear. Only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will do our first ever review of the amazing Reapers Revenge. We would like to take this time to thank the Owners and Operators of Reapers Revenge for one of the best Media Nights we have experienced. We were truly honored with the invite and hope we can do the same tour next year! Thank you so much for the Hospitality! For your first Media Night ever, we think it went off without a hitch.

Reapers Revenge has opened its gate for the 11th season this year. Located on a mountain in Olyphant, PA. Reapers is comprised of four very different attractions that will hit you in the face with no forgiveness. The four attractions featured at Reapers Revenge are Haunted Hayride, Lost Carnival, Pitch Black and Sector 13. Reapers also has a pretty outstanding Gift Shop and hangout area filled with food, drinks and a stage. Also, when your done the attractions or before you start, you can warm up by one of the biggest fire pits we have seen at an Haunted Attraction.

The journey into Reapers Revenge starts with a walk down a dimly lit walk way through iron gates. As you walk down the mountain you can view very cool props and effects before you even make it down to the Attractions. From recognizable Icons to hidden scare actors lining the way down to the Midway. Even on your entrance to this great Haunt, you are never safe from the scares.

The first Attraction everyone will start on was the Haunted Hayride.
We were part of a very lucky few that were able to view this Attraction once during they day and then the live show at night. To be completely transparent, during the day I was a little thrown off with the Hayride. Certain scenes confused me and I really did not see what they were attempting. Well, I was DEAD WRONG! This is a Haunted Hayride that will blow you away at every turn! It was so good that I am half tempted to blow every surprise and scene on this website. But! We do not do that here. What I will tell you is, we may have a new leader in the clubhouse for Best Hayride of the Year! It is too early to start counting out chickens but Reapers Revenge was the most Original and Inspired Hayride we have ever set foot on. Reapers has some of the best Visual and Sound effects in the business. We still cannot believe what we witnessed last night. We were completely Blown Away by the live show! This is a must for any Hayride fan. This was not your typical jump scare Hayride. There are some scares but this was more an Event. Just put your phone down now and get tickets for the next time they are open. If you miss this Hayride this season you will never forgive your self. Let us get to the easiest scoring we have had to do!
In one of the most unique moves by a Hayride, our hayride was surprisingly pulled over. After some fun in the security office we headed down a little ramp and entered The Carnival of Souls. There was not really a picture stating what it was so we borrowed the following image from their website. 
Lost Carnival, as you can expect was a Dark Carnival walk through. This attraction was way more then just some clowns sitting around in colored tents. This Attraction brought it all with perfect timed scares and outstanding scenes that really made you feel as if you reached the Carnival Apocalypse. With Merry go rounds, Roller coasters and a real Ferris Wheel, this Attraction brought a Terrifying Carnival to life at every turn. It added every scene from an early days midway with games, rides and even a Freak show. There was no doubt about this Attraction, This was one of the best Clown and or Carnival Attraction we have seen yet. Reapers Revenge uses all of its tools to fully bring every show to life. Let us score Dark Carnival.
After the Carnival, you are brought back on to the hayride and actually continue the rest of the Haunted Hayride. The Hayride continues through a few more scenes into one of the coolest Hayride endings we have seen in a long time. After the conclusion of the Hayride, you are dropped off right in front of the next attraction. Pitch Black.
Pitch Black is a one of a kind Black out Attraction. We have never been though a Black out Maze so in depth. There is pounding sound. Wet rags in your face. Different textures on almost every wall you have to feel to get around. Pitch Black went up and above all black out Mazes. This Attraction will get inside even the toughest Haunt Enthusiast. Let us get to the scoring of Pitch Black.
After finishing up Pitch Black, we dropped into the front of Section 13. Also, an area to shoot some paint balls and zombies and play some skull basketball. Let us head into the completely original Sector 13. 
From what we can tell from sitting in the Queue line, Sector 13 came into existence when America was attacked on September 14th with some Bio Nuclear Missile to the Eastern part of the United States. Sector 13 is the bridge back to normalcy. With explosive sound and crazy lighting effect, you get the real feeling that you were attacked and they were spraying you down to send you back to the normal population. That sign is not lying about triggering PTSD. There are sounds and images in there that can trigger some not so good memories of some hard working Soldiers. This attraction was one hell of a walk through and very different from most traditional walk through. You are tormented and separated the entire path. Let us get to the scoring of this unique Attraction. 
    That is our review of the four Attractions at Reapers Revenge. Here is our scoring of the entire experience at Reapers Revenge. 
We have another five star Haunt on our hands. Reapers will easily be in the discussions for Haunt of the Year, Hayride of the Year and three of the Attractions are in talks for Attraction of the Year. We were not expecting the kind of performance we received for such a young Haunt. 11 years is a very short amount of time for a Haunt to be open and grow to put on the show that Reapers did. Most have to be open for 25-30 years to get to the point Reapers has reached in just 11 years. Amazing job from an Amazing Team and Ownership. Congratulations of putting shock and awe into our faces because it does not happen often at HH365! 

That is our review of Reapers Revenge. We insist that you head to the next available day open and enjoy the show. We have a ton of more reviews from across the country coming up so come back to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back everyone to the next episode of HH365! As you can see from our attempt at making cool effects in photography, we should probably stick to doing Haunt Reviews as we will Review and Discuss Bloodshed Farms for the 2019 season. 

Let us sit down and talk about how Bloodshed Farms is becoming one of the top Haunts in the State and holding its own against the bigger haunts that have decades over them. Bloodshed uses its Haunt enthusiasm and determination to put on a show that other haunts twenty years older do not even attempt. The amazing ownership team at Bloodshed are not new in any means to Haunting but this location is new by Haunt standards. Let us get to the review as we had a great night out at Bloodshed Farms. Thank you guys for your time and hospitality. we look forward to it every year and you never seem to stop working ever! 

Bloodshed Farms is comprised of four major attractions. A courtyard with benches to relax, hang out and eat some fried oreros. You can play some midway games.
There is also a mobile escape room to take part in and some pumpkin smashing going on over by the Hayride. Bloodshed Farms would not be complete without The Bloodshed. The Bloodshed is a separate attraction that you can do if you are willing to face the attraction Solo. 
 Yes, she is looking for more blood for her Shed. This is very much not Cheryl's She Shed. If you are in for a more extreme fright, hop on in to The Bloodshed. Now, let us get to the meat and potatoes of this review. The Attractions. 

After catching up with one of the Owners and Managers we saw a very large opening crowd break out from their new entrance way. The main picture is the new Entrance to this courtyard or midway. We watched as the entire group entering were heading for the Hayride. We then decided to check out the Trail of Terror after hearing all about the new upgrades they made to their Trail during the off season. 
Trail of Terror has been my least favorite Attraction at Bloodshed. I will be honest. This was always just a long walk with some decent jump scares. Very little actors and a lot of missed opportunity. Well, Times change and so do Haunted Attractions because they hit the nail on the head with this Trail of Terror for 2019. The added some outstanding scenes, some great lighting and every Actor was on point. The entire Attraction felt super immersive and new. We may be wrong but it also seemed to be a bit longer, a good five minutes longer. We know that this management team is no where near done with what they want this Attraction to be as there were some very big missed opportunities for some big jump scares. Let us get to the scoring. Also, make sure you pick the correct pumpkin, the results can be disgusting! 
After the Trail of Terror we headed over to the Hayride. 
Even before we entered a wagon, we have a new scene. Also had this guy lurking around.
The Hayride is themed to be your last ride on Earth and the crazy Hells you can face. After talking to Lars, an Outstanding wagon Escort, we were on our way. It is hard to describe the Bloodshed Haunted Hayride. I guess you can say that Bloodshed does its own thing when it comes to most of their Attractions instead of following the status quo for most Haunts out there. Was the goal to make the scariest Hayride in the world? No. But Hayrides don't need to be. Bloodshed makes it fun for the entire wagon, not just the Haunt fans. This hayride will make you laugh and scream all in the same trip. We were happy to see a bunch of new scenes and ideas. I was not to happy to receive a lap dance from a stranded soldier warning us about gaping Aliens! It was funny though. The costumes looked great and the masks even better, you can tell right from the first scenes that a lot of time and effort were put in to the Hayride this year. Let us get to the scoring of The Last Ride. 
After the hayride we walked on over to Hellsgate Asylum. 
After being greeted by an actor breathing into a respirator we were on our way into this Attraction. The one big noticeable attribute is the Actors in this Attraction. There are some good detailed scenes but the Actors really bring in the Insanity. As you go deeper, they go crazier. This Attraction also includes the only White Out maze in the area that we have seen. I love the effect fog and light create to where you can see white, but you cannot see anything in front of you. It is such a nerve wrenching effect and we love it! This Attraction was great and we loved the added detail and that we can see it from the Midway. Let us get to the scoring. 
After finishing up at Hellsgate Asylum. We made our way over to our final Attraction of the night. Clownaphobia. 
Clownaphobia is always a fun walk through. This year was no different. Great acting again brings this Attraction to life. Some very good clown scenes cross across this decently long Attraction. They added a few neat things inside and added more detail. They also have a great puzzle about three quarters of the way through that you can really get your money worth out of it. This can be your normal length Attraction or it could turn very long, depending on what door you choose. Again, the Actors lead the show in this great Attraction. Let us get to the scoring. 
That wraps up our Attractions Review of Bloodshed Farms. We also decided to partake in the deliciousness of Fried Oreos. A must have for a chilly Fall night. Also, almost got myself murdered by lurking too close to Clownaphobia. 
Before we give the Overall score. I want to give a huge Thank You to Jim and Clark for your hospitality and Work. We love coming out to your Haunt every year and watching it turn into one of the finest in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We love the passion you and your Crew have for bringing the Haunt alive for every Season. Keep up the amazing growth! You have fans in us! Now, for the Overall review of BloodShed Farms Fear Fest! 

Bloodshed Farms was a ton of fun. And we have many more to bring you here at HH365! So keep coming back every day as there is always new content. HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! Today we will have our review of one of our favorite Haunted Attractions. Brighton Asylum. Brighton Asylum is an easy drive from PA, NJ and elsewhere. And when we tell you it is worth sitting in a car for a nit, we mean it is worth it! Located in Passaic, NJ, Brighton Asylum is not much to look at from the outside. But, with Haunted Attractions, it is what is on the inside that matters! And Brighton is always one of the best, if not the most detailed Haunted Attraction you can visit! Brighton Asylum changed their Tunnel Attraction this year and what they added blew us away! Brighton Asylum is broken into three different Attractions. PORT9L, Brighton Asylum and The Bleeding Grounds. Let us start our review. You will notice that we borrowed a lot of the pictures from their Website! They are all property of Brighton Asylum. Feel free to check them out at www.brightonasylum.com. They have a strict no phone policy which we completely agree with! So keep your damn phones in your pocket, Instagram will be there if you survive.

The trip starts through your medical screening. You need to be screened before you enter the fun. It is important that you do not bring any toxins in. So after the introductory check up you move onto PORT9L.
Port9l is a new Attraction at Brighton and right away you can see one of the coolest additions to this Haunt. This is where I hate writing without spoilers because this effect was so cool! We will just leave it at that this is the first time we enjoyed seeing the newer LCD screen displays and actually used properly instead of just adding bad graphics to something to take attention away from a scare. The Port9l is your way to Brighton Asylum. You will cover many different terrains as you make your way to the Asylum. This is also where you see the difference that separates Brighton Asylum from the herd. The second you turn the corner to enter the Port9l, you see just how Movie Quality every single scene is. Yes there are a ton of Haunts with amazing detail. The difference is Brighton Asylum is fully dedicated to making every inch of their walk through the most detailed it can be. A lot of Haunts will have one or two highly detailed Attractions and then you can notice certain small details missing. Not Here! After finishing the Port9l you wind up at Brighton Asylum. Lets get to the scoring of Port9l

Brighton Asylum is exactly how it sounds. It starts as your Psychiatric ward walk through but as you go deeper, the world changes.  Brighton Asylum brings you all of your favorite rooms from all of your favorite Haunts into one Hollywood Style show! This is another spot where I wish we could go from room to room in this review but then there would be no surprise! Trust Us! This walk through alone is worth any price of admission. Brighton Asylum is literally a step by step adventure in one of the most immersive Haunts you can walk through. We look forward to this every year because we know the Leadership team takes pride in upgrading every year. Something magical happens when the Owner loves his craft and never stops growing.  Let us get to the scoring!
The next stop on the already incredible journey? The Bleeding Grounds.
We fell in love with this Attraction last year and could not believe what they were able to build in the short amount of time between seasons. Ha! Talk about growing an Attraction! The Bleeding Grounds now competes head to head with Brighton Asylum. The bleeding grounds adds even more of your favorite parts of any walk through into another section. The detail is up to par with the rest of the Haunt as you make your way through where the people who work at the hospital lived. From libraries to a dinner table that will spook you out of your shoes, The Bleeding ground brings the pain as much if not more then Brighton Asylum! The one tip I will leak, because it is just too cool to miss! When you are in the hallway with the plexi glass floor, make sure you look down and be ready to wave! You will never know what will go sliding by! Let us get to the scoring before I ruin anything else!

The three Movie Quality Attractions are not the only things to do at Brighton Asylum. There are Escape rooms, Axe Throwing and a new Paranormal experience called The Twitching Hour. Also, throw in some cool VR tech and you can fill your entire night at Brighton Asylum.
Let us give you our Final Overall for the Haunt in total.
This was not a close 5. THIS IS A MUST SEE HAUNTED ATTRACTION. If you love Haunts or Haunted Houses this must make your list. This is a Hands Down 5 Star of Blood Splat Haunt!

Come out tonight or whenever they are open! Brighton Asylum is Amazing. Also, make sure you check out the snack stand and get some goodies to help keep you fired up. also, make sure you bring your wallets and or purses, like a dumb ass, I managed to forget my wallet and missed out on purchasing a really cool Mug that all of you should buy for the cheap price of 7 bucks.

Brighton Asylum is something special. It has won our Yearly Awards before and is right back in the running again! Get There Now!

That is what we have for you today, we will keep this as the headliner as we head into the weekend! Make sure you keep it here at HH365! We have a ton more reviews coming down the pipeline! So Keep It Here At HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

Welcome back to the next edition of HH365! This weekend we decided to change up the schedule a little bit and get out to a Home Haunt we have missed for the past four years. Psycho Trail. We are glad we made that decision as it was our kids first Haunted Attraction. They survived and witnessed what was a very impressive Home Haunt. Posted below you will see the remaining nights open for Psycho Trail.
Psycho Trail is located in Blackwood NJ. It is a free Haunted Attraction, they take donations for a great cause. This Home Haunt was easily worth the wait. In their first night open, they saw 1500 people. Remarkable numbers for a Home Haunt.

Psycho Trail still has a few nights open as you can see. The next night open is Friday, October 18th. So, if you are in the area and looking for a quick scare, come on out. The Actors are into it, The props are outstanding and the scenes are right from bigger Haunted Attractions. You can easily tell the Owner has done this on larger scales and just loves to Haunt. Let us get to the Home Haunt scoring. Of course we need to clarify it to keep it fair. Huge Attractions have major budgets and time. Home Haunts are completed by one person with very limited funds and time. So let us get to scoring this Home Haunt that we were very impressed with. The only hit they took was Fear Factor but that is understandable as it is designated towards more of a family night out. This was fun for all ages. My kids freaked out a little bit but this was their first time through anything but they calmed down and enjoyed it. Lets get to the Scoring!
For a Home Haunt, Their scenes could rival the cosmetics of some Full Time Haunts. This is worth the trip and you will not be sorry so save the schedule and head on over the next night they are open. Tell them HH365 sent you!

Well folks, we have a ton more reviews coming down the line, so Keep It Here At HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.

Welcome Back Everyone to the next episode of HH365, today we have a new review from Field of Terror. This was written John Morris our traveling corespondent and it is his first one of the season. Let's turn it over to John and see what Field Of Terror has to offer. 

This past Sunday we took a trip out to East Windsor, NJ to visit Field of Terror.

We got there around 8:30 and to my surprise the parking lot was actually pretty packed with cars. When we reached the ticket window we had noticed that tickets have jumped a little bit this year. Going from 30 dollars to 40 dollars for all four Attractions. As you enter Field Of Terror, you can see concession stands and a large Bonfire to set the mood for this Fall night. After checking out the scene we headed on over to our first Attraction of the night. 

The Haunted Hayride
This is your typical Hayride. Your same scenes and props that you see in a lot of other places. It must have been a off night for this Hayride tonight as there was a lot of dead space between scenes and seemed to be missing a lot of actors. We felt it needed a lot more to keep our attention on this Attraction. It was pretty cool seeing a Haunt Friend being handy with his Chainsaw. Let us get to the Scoring.
Next up was The Killer Kornfield.

Killer Kornfield will always be my favorite attraction here just because I feel like this is where they put a very good portion of actors in this attraction. The scene that stuck out to me the most in this attraction is you have to crawl through a sandpit and you have about 3-4 actors grabbing at you when your crawling around the sandpits. Even though they had a lot of actors in this attraction, it still feels like they had a lot of empty space. Of course when you get a lot of actors you get the good ones and you get the basic ones that scream get out, help me, and so on. props were also very well done and the scenes were actually pretty cool at times as well. Let us get to the scoring for The Killer Kornfield.
The 3rd attraction of the night was The Unknown Barn. This attraction was okay as best. It was your average haunted barn with dead farmers, pigs, and people. The best and worst part of this attraction is when you have to crawl through the ovens. The Actors seemed to be missing motivation as we got deeper into this Attraction. Props were okay but could use some work to make this Attraction shine brighter. Lets get to the scoring!
The last attraction of the night was Timmons Manor. This Attraction is new because for some reason, whatever they put on this site never lasts more then a year which I find interesting. This Attraction is based on a Wild West themed house. One very unique quality this Attraction has is the length. Very long by most Haunt Standards. The best part of this house is the Child's Room, be careful of what is to come in there! The props in this house is really what stood out and why I gave it the score we did. Let us get to the scoring.
We had a fun time at Field Of Terror. They also have partaken in the use of Escape rooms by adding two quick ones just to improve the night out. With that being said, we noticed the things that we would have liked to see a little different with The Hayride and little things with other Attractions. Let us get to the scoring of Field Of Terror 2019! 
That is another review from HH365! Keep coming back for more reviews as there are plenty coming down the pipeline! So Keep It Here To HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will cross the continental United States and head over to Los Angeles, California for our first cross country review here at HH365! We want to take the time to thank Dark Harbor and their tremendous hospitality during their Media Night event. We were able to send a great friend of HH365 to head up this review for us. Let us get right to her review now and make sure you check out her website too!

The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a vivid opening night, which was nothing short of amazing! The energy of the evening was filled to the brim with excitement and curiosity. The famed haunt has had everything from celebrity appearances, famous musical guests, and even now houses the actual swing ride from Michael Jackson's "Neverland Ranch."

It was the first time I had ever attended Dark Harbor, so I had absolutely zero clue what to expect which I greatly liked. Coming in with a fresh mindset for the scares to come, only heightened the experience.

Upon entry, there was a red carpet with some of the highlighted and seasoned charters from Dark Harbor. These characters have been masterfully woven into the theme of the haunt and continued story-line for each of the Dark Harbor mazes. Some of these characters include: Scary Mary, The Captain, and The Ringmaster. Photo ops were taken and it was fantastic seeing how impeccable the makeup and costume design was for these standout characters.

The entryway catered a fantastic happy hour with delicious drinks and a welcoming ceremony hosted by the charming characters to add to the experience.

The mazes all varied in size, location, and "newness." I decided to try the newest maze first called, "Rogue." 
This maze was supposedly themed to tell the tale of "The Captain's" ill-fated experience. While there some fun animatronics involved, the jump-scares were minimal, as well as the overall feeling of the maze was very rushed. For being the latest and freshest maze, I felt as though it lacked the excitement and creativity that I encountered in mazes I went through afterwards. By the end of the evening, I would even consider it my least favorite maze, due to the fact that it felt dull and cumbersome. The immersive foam party at the very end was the best part of the maze, but far from scary.
The second maze I explored was my absolute favorite and was called the B340.
Not only did this maze allow you onto the ship, but the immersive experience of being thrown into dark areas of the ship (that are knowingly haunted), was incredible. I also found the animatronics and actors throughout the maze were most impressive. Hinging on themes like The Exorcist and Poltergeist, most of the visuals were incredibly creepy and well executed. I was even told to crawl on the floor into a tunnel, unknowingly where I was headed, which was scary and immersive. The other factor of this maze was the music. I can't express how much the music involved made the maze that much more fun, intense, and creepy. It was like a dark dance party met up with a haunted horror movie and had a baby.
The Lullaby Maze was the third maze and what I would consider to be my fourth favorite.
There was a scene that involved the ceiling and the color blue that will forever stick in my mind. The use of lighting and visuals was incredible throughout the entire maze. While Scary Mary made her appearance in the maze, I wouldn't consider it necessarily frightening, but more entertaining and visually stimulating. What I also enjoyed about the mazes that were on ship, such as this one, was that they seemed particularly longer, which made it that much more fun to explore and feel as though you're fully wrapped up in the experience.
The Feast was the fourth maze experience and quickly became one of my favorites!
What stuck out to me most about the Feast maze was that it actually led you on the ship and through my favorite part of The Queen Mary, down in the Engine Room, which is legitimately haunted. I had wished there was more time to explore on my own down there, but the line had to keep moving and there wasn't an area to truly stop to explore. Despite that fact, it was incredible to be so immersed in the ship itself and to know that the scares that were happening in the haunt were both carried out by actors and an actual fear of walking through a world-renowned haunted ship.
Circus was the second to last maze and could only be described as fun and stimulating.
Nothing particularly scary about this maze, but more of an exploratory trip into the chaos of a freak-filled circus. The circus and rag-time theme was quirky to explore and there were some carnival and fun-house elements that definitely added to the laughs of the maze. Even if there weren't any major jump scares, I really enjoyed this one, because of how well on theme it was.
Last, but not least was the Intrepid maze. 
This maze would be considered my second favorite of them all. The overall vibe and aesthetic of the maze was the right amount of creepy. There were scenes in the maze that looked like they could have been pulled from classic horror films and even something like a giallo film or just as dark and creepy. There were two parts of this maze that I almost wish I could have lived in, because they were so perfectly constructed and had just the right amount of eerie beauty that could have been framed and placed up on a wall as a work of art. Without giving away too much, one involved a cemetery scene and the other a vintage church. Both were incredibly dark and sinister, yet had an essence of charming beauty. Even though this maze wasn't on the ship or even very long, those two scenes stood out so much to me, that it immediately became one of my favorite maze experiences ever.
Overall, the experience was laid out so well! Every inch of Dark Harbor was themed with a particular aesthetic from each of the 6 mazes. There were live performers, contortionists, and fire performers that added to the excitement. Walking around Dark Harbor was an adventure and while the only scary parts of the experience were found in specific mazes, I can say that the "scariest" part of the non-maze experience was that my bartender didn't know how to make a whiskey sour.

Overall Score For Dark Harbor At The Queen Mary:
That wraps up Our Review Of Dark Harbor At The Queen Mary in Los Angeles, Ca. Thank you so much to our friends in LA for making it happen and check out her website at www.creepyst.com

Make sure you keep it here as we have a ton more content coming! Keep It At HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back for another episode of HH365! Tonight's journey took us a little south down to Middletown, Delaware for Frightland. Frightland is really just a wonderful night out. Whether a date night or taking a whole bunch of people there is so much to do in this park. From eight Haunted Attractions to great rides and great food, Frightland brings the Boardwalk to Haunted Attractions and we love it every year! Let us begin our lengthy review of Frightland 2019!

Recommended by Frightland, it is always safe to visit the Haunted Hayride first as it is the first to close and leads to three other Attractions. The Hayride line is very long but at Frightland they do their best to keep you entertained while waiting in lines with a DJ, some movies and blaring music to get you in the mood for fear!
Frightland always puts on a good hayride. We did see some changes and some pretty cool scenes as we rolled through on the wagon. It was an extremely busy night so it seemed as if we were moving a little faster then usual Hayride speed. This is understandable and we were still able to see the whole show and enjoyed it. Frightland uses crazy good props to add to their hayride show and always seems to us that they add one or two every year. From people being ripped apart to other fun things, these animatroics are among some of the best in the Industry. Without giving too much up, we will head over to the scoring for Haunted Hayride.
After you are released from your wagon, you exit and head right into Ravenwood Cemetery. 
Ravenwood Cemetery has usually been the weakest Attraction at Frightland. The last two years have made it in the top 4. Ravenwood is now a delight to walk through. The actors have perfected the timing and hiding practices. We can usually judge where and when someone will pop up but in Ravenwood, there was some complete surprises. Ravenwood is also easily one of the best lit Haunts we get the pleasure of walking through. Let us get to the scoring and spread the word about this ever growing Attraction at Frightland. 
The Ravenwood Cemetery dumps you off into Fear. We do not have a picture for Fear as you are still kind of in the Cemetery when the sign arrives so we did not want to put out the camera and have other people pull out their phones too because we were not sure when Fear really started. Let us get into our review of Fear! 

Fear is improving every year. It is half black out half detailed Haunt with pandemonium going on at every turn. It gets so loud in there from everyone screaming and the actors screaming and banging that it really does a Psychological number on you. This adds a new experience to Haunted Attractions, especially black out parts because you are already losing your vision, then your brain starts hearing crazy stuff, it really jumbles you up and makes it harder. This was a well done Attraction and every year it grows on me. It may be not be the biggest or scariest, but it just has a different feel that I enjoy. Let us get to the scoring on Fear. 
Fear is by no means the highest detailed or scariest attraction. But this is growing on us every year and we were excited to see what we did this year. We all voted and Fear ended up with five Bloodsplats. We are very interested to see what else can come out of this young Attraction. 

After Fear you are out front of the Old West Town of Redemption, Helaware for Zombietown.
Zombietown. Before we discussed how the Cemetery Attraction was our least favorite for a while. That has been replaced with Zombietown. This attraction we believe has become pretty stale to our eyes. This was either missing Actors or something. There was a lot of walking with very little scares set up. The scenes have not changed in a long time and remember a lot more jump scares set in. This Attraction took a hit this year and we had a hard time putting our finger right on the problem but this was not the usual Zombietown for 2019. Let us get to the scoring.
Next up for Frightland was The Zombie Prison
Zombie Prison is always one of our favorite Attractions at Frightland. 2019 was no different. As soon as you leave the elevator, that tunnel effect is easily one of the coolest at any Haunted Attraction anywhere. Then you throw in a white out room and some black out walk throughs, Zombie Prison is one of the coolest Attractions to walk through. We really enjoyed the changes made this year and are very interesting to see what 202 brings. Let us get to the scoring
After finishing up Zombie Prison we headed over to what is always our Favorite Attraction. Idalia Manor.
Idalia Manor is still our Favorite Attraction at Frightland for 2019. The Manor is extremely detailed and has usually the best Actors in Frightland. We did miss the office scare with the gun shot victim but her, everything needs to change sometimes. There are plenty more jumps and scares to keep it a full five Bloodsplat attraction every year. Lets just get to the scoring. 
Next up from our fun night at Frightland. The Haunted Barn. 
The Haunted Barn is a twist on all attractions. There is some Black out, there is some detail and there is always great Actors spread through out with great timing. The Haunted Barn is also a decently long Walk through with a ton of great scenes and hidden treasures. I cannot go too deep so let us get to the scoring. 
Next up and the last of the eight Attractions. The Attic
The Attic is 99% Black out. You have to feel your way through this ever winding maze of just blackness. The biggest piece of advice we can leave for you here is to hold on to whoever is in front of you and make sure you guard your face. This is a fun and unique attraction, especially when you feel the zap of discovery as you turn every corner and reach for every wall. Let us get to the scoring on the Attic. 
Frightland has it all to make any weekend night in October amazing. From 8 Haunted Attractions to a full on Carnival that even added a new Dark Ride. 
 Dark Rides are very hard to come by these days and now there is one at home at Frightland. So get in the car now and head on over! Make sure you get there early and have a fun night! Let us get to oyr overall scoring for Frightland 2019.
Frightland is always a wonderful night out. Thank you for having us and everyone did such a great job!

Make sure you keep up with HH365 as we have even more reviews coming out of the shoot for 2019! So Keep It Here To HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

Welcome Back everyone to HH365! Tonight's trip took us out to just outside Philadelphia, PA to Valley of Fear! 

We have not been to Valley of Fear for a couple years now and they made some great changes in our time away. They have added some new attractions and added a ton of new features to existing Attractions. Valley of Fear is also home to The Original Haunted Hayride. Let us get into the 2019 review of Valley of Fear! We would like to mention that most of the photos we will be using through out this review are property of Valley of Fear. We usually take pictures with the entrances but figured it would look better this way to try it out. 

Tonight's journey started at Operation Z Escape Adventure.
Operation Z is a very different kind of Haunted Attraction. This attraction starts as if you are entering Boot Camp and the instructors are setting you straight before you take the battle to the Zombies invading the grounds. You will also encounter some new things to actual Attractions when inside. Make sure you use your brains before the Zombies tear them from your head! This was more of an activity driven Attraction so scoring our way will really not reflect how cool this attraction was. Let us get to the scoring. The Actors were outstanding in this entire Attraction.
After we finished up Operation Z, we headed on over to The Original Haunted Hayride. 
The Original Hayride at Valley of Fear is your typical Hayride you find throughout October. This Hayride did stick out for a few scenes as well and some of the best Actors we have seen on a Hayride Attraction. With a very cool opening scene we were excited to see if the rest would carry and to our pleasure, it did. Let us get to the scoring of The Original Haunted Hayride. The Actors were great but missed a lot of timing here and there which would have made for bigger scares.
After finishing up on the Hayride we headed over to Miles Manor. 
All new for 2019, Miles Manor was a complete blast even though you can tell it is in its infancy state. We loved every turn in this Attraction and even had our team scream extremely loud not just once but twice! This was a great new attraction and we look forward to watching it grow even more! This was worth the trip and really added to the night. Make sure you head up and check out Miles Manor. Let us get to the scoring. 
The next and final stop for our 2019 trip to Valley of Fear was Scary Tales.
Scary Tales turns your favorite Fairy Tales into Nightmares. It is a very long Trail Haunted Attraction but it is packed and entertaining all the way through. This Attraction holds two outstanding Actors that really do not enjoy tardiness and will get in your face about it. This was not really our normal Attraction as it was filled with Fairy Tales but we ended up rather enjoying it after it was done. Let us get to the scoring of the Haunted Trail, Scary Tales. 
We have two 4 Blood Splat Attractions and two 5 Blood splat attractions. After voting and talking about how great the Actors were in every role and every room through the entire Haunt. We decided to go with.......

Valley Of Fear Overall:
The Actors are always the most important part of the show and they really shined at Valley of Fear! 

That completes out 2019 review of Valley of Fear. Make sure you keep coming back as we have many more reviews coming down the line only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season. 

Welcome Back to another edition of HH365! Today we have another review from John, Our outside help who goes to even more Attractions then we get to go to. Let us get into John's Review of 13th Hour Haunted Attraction.

It was a late rainy Sunday night when two friends of mine and I were looking for a haunt that was open and we stumbled across 13th hour in Wharton NJ. It is tough to find Haunts open on Rainy nights as most of them have outside attractions. 

Once we arrived we paid $33 bucks for a general admission ticket for the 3 attractions they had.

They did have multiple food trucks and a few games to try your luck at. They also had many photo oops to take your infamous selfies at. Also, they have four different escape rooms and a VR escape room. This was kind of new with the VR escape rooms, Many Haunts have added escape rooms to the night out but we have not seen many VR escape rooms in our travels.

The first attraction we did was the House of Nightmares.. This was a little interesting, the pre show was an actor who gave you a back story about what the 3 haunted houses are about and the Hayden  family that lived there. You then go through a time machine before the actual attraction begins.  This was a very typical haunt attraction. Creepy killer clowns, Chainsaws, dark hallways, and so on. The actors were okay at best in this part of the haunt but the props were pretty cool. Some of the scenes in this part were pretty fantastic too. It was truly beautiful at some parts. The Backstory to this house is what made it interesting. So pay attention to what the actor in the time machine is telling you because if you don’t pay attention you might miss some stuff. Lets get to the scoring.
Next up was The Attic!!

The attraction was short. It felt like we were in there for close to 5 minutes. This Attraction had very little actors. The story was that some of the family was hiding in the attic and killing people up there. It was just really really boring. We did not enjoy this Attraction at all. Let us get to the scoring.
The last attraction of the night was The Darkside of The Hayden House.

This attraction was a mistake. I know it sounds kind of rough, but just hear me out on this. Pitch black maze’s are not scary. They are annoying as can be. This attraction did not make my opinion on them better. The actors are annoying and even worse, they have little bug zappers that they make go off every second. Also, they give you these pearl glow necklaces for no reason. You could see anything. The props that you were able to see were pretty cool so I give them that. But honestly haunts should really stop doing pitch black houses and make a good attraction. Let us get to the scoring.
My time here at 13th hour started  off really good but as you can tell it just started going downhill really fast. I would come back here but only to see how their off season events are. I believe this Haunt needs to continue adding to keep people coming back. If I am only thinking of coming in the off season and not for the Main Show, you can see that it needs to keep building. Let us get to the overall rating for the 13th Hour. 
There is a ton of room for this Haunt to grow. Let us hope they continue the charge and build on what they already have. That is all for HH365 today! keep coming back as we have so much more to get through! Keep it on HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Reviews for the 2019 season. This one again was completed by John Morris one our trusted friends and Haunt Aficionado. Let us continue on to his review of Scary Rotten Farms for 2019.

It was the Friday before Halloween and my two friends and I were driving around trying to figure out what attraction we were going do tonight since the season is coming to a close and we have been to most Haunts. We decided to hit Scary Rotten Farms in Brick NJ. 

I am not too sure about how long The haunt has been at this location but I remember hearing about them a few years backs and finally decided to check it out. I remember the first time I heard about this place and I heard that they only have 2 attractions. Now a couple of years later they have 3 attractions. They also have a farmers market and two food trucks. I didn’t see any escape rooms or any other activities for people to do if they don’t want to partake in the haunts. So, the midway area is lacking a lot.

We arrived to the haunt about a half hour after they opened and from the parking lot and the walk from the parking lot the haunt seemed very promising.
The first attraction of the night we did was Twisted Tales. This is their newest attraction at Scary Rotten Farms. It had a lot of potential but it just fell flat. This type of attraction is starting to pop up a lot in the past two years or so but some haunts take the idea and then takes it to a whole different level but at this place it turned out pretty basic. You have you’re killer Snow White, Rapunzel and Belle from Beauty and the beast. The actors were pretty good whenever you didn’t see a repeat actor. Also, there were some dead space, it wasn’t too too bad but it was very noticeable. The attraction just ends abruptly out of no where. Now, My friends and I didn’t know if we missed a turn or something and we asked one of the ladies at the ticket both and her answer was the attraction is only 4 minutes at best. So Twisted Tales wasn’t bad but it just could’ve been a lot better with more actors and longer because they had a lot of space. A lot of the scenes were also pretty cool but basic at the same time. The one that stuck out to me was Rapunzel's castle. Let us get to the scoring.

The next attraction of the night was SINISTER SNEED'S CHAOTIC CARNIVAL OF CHAOS.
This attraction was pretty good but once again it suffered the same problems as Twisted tales as it was also very short, a noticeable amount of dead space. The actors here tried really hard to work with what they had in this attraction because you can tell that this attraction was either rushed or they didn’t have a lot to work with. The props here were pretty cool, Scenes were your basic carnival scenes. Once again this attraction ends abruptly but at least this time you knew the end was coming once you saw the lost and confused people walking out of the first attraction.
 The last attraction of the night was The Blackend “The Plague”.
This was the last attraction of the night. Now after the two other attractions I was sort of let down and I just wanted to leave. This is your basic trail though the woods, but you encounter a village that was hit with the Plague. This attraction sort of made up for the past two attractions due to the fact that this had to be the longest attraction, most actors, amazing scenes, and pretty good props. I guess they wanted to put all their attention on this attraction for whatever reason. The best part of this attraction had to be when your walking through a junkyard and they separate you and your whole group and make you go down different trails. Actors here were good. This was a very long attraction as I think we were in there for close to twenty minutes. 
My time here at Scary Rotten Farms started off pretty weak but it got better when I hit the last attraction. They need to try and fix that dead space problem that is in most of their attractions and if they fix a few of the things I spoke upon it could have been a better experience. But it really wasn’t that bad of a place they just need to put their focus on the other 2 attractions and make the midway more like a midway feeling. More food, and more things for people to do. So that was my time at Scary Rotten Farms. Thank you for reading. Let us get to the Overall for this Haunt:
Thank you John for your 2019 account of Scary Rotten Farms. Make sure you keep checking in everyone as we still have a few more reviews to get in including HHN from both coasts. So keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Day! 


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