Winners for 2016: 

Best Hayride: Field of Screams

Best Attraction: Prison Of The Dead: Shocktoberfest

Best Overall Haunt: Brighton Asylum. 

2016 Reviews: 

This is it!!! The 2016 Official Haunt Season is upon us!

 We will open the season with a Full on Review of Field Of Screams! Located in Lancaster PA.
 Field of Screams has been open for 25 years and going very strong. It was really great to see on such a hot night how many people showed up and shared the love of Haunted Attractions.
Arriving at Field of Screams, our team got super excited. We could not wait to get out of the car and just go! Luckily for us we got there a good hour early. Which was killing our anticipation but was able to give us a real deep look into the extras that Field of Screams has to offer. Walking in from the parking lot you could see right away that this was an A attraction. Walking into the parking lot entrance you see a monster, Tons of Food Carts, An Awesome shop that yes I had to shop from. After buying my mug that I collect from everywhere me and the woman visit. It was Game Time!
Not game time as in let’s get in the attractions but actual game time. As in Field of Screams has Awesome, Tough but fun Games right in the center of it all. From Severed Head Basketball to a very creepy Ball Bounce game. To the standard break a dish with a baseball and a Zombie Football throw. This Center Court has so much to offer that FOS was already packed an hour before any of the attractions even open. The Energy started right away. With watching the Actors already engaging the customers with a Free, Yes Free photo booth. Located right in the middle of all the attractions was a photo booth that would snap your picture with actors and would text the image right to your device in a matter of minutes!
 Also just behind the free photo booth was an Awesome stage with Live Music Starting at 7pm. So not only do you get to enjoy some great food and fun games. You get to enjoy with a live band playing right there! And all of this fun before even entering an attraction.
Now it is down to business. After our team literally could not wait one more second to get into an attraction. We headed for Frightmare Asylum.
 Heading in through the queue line, you just see the detail right away. Walking up to this old, beat down building. With an old clock and gravel road. And a big hole in the fence as if a large something busted right out the fence. Even more detail followed even in the Queue line as our anticipation was driving us insane! Finally, we are about to enter our first Haunted Attraction of the season.

Once inside we knew right away this was going to be one hell of a night. Every room holding onto an Asylum theme but changing ideas throughout the entire walk thru. Some things we have noticed at other haunts while for the most part, ideas we have never even thought of. Not to mention just like most attractions at Field of Screams, a very long and winding walk through. Just when you think you are at the end. It keeps going, the fear keeps growing. This walk through like all of them here played out almost like combining weird dreams into one very original attraction. Now Time to score it!
Next up, Haunted Hayride

The great thing that we found about with Field of Screams was that they always have your entertainment in mind. Even waiting in line for the hayride you get entertained by watching this Giant Jack o lantern creature pictured below. Before you even start your journey there is something awesome to watch and see.
This Hayride was so Original that it is going to be very hard to write a Review without giving anything up. First off, This Hayride was more like a moving attraction then hayrides we have seen. With actual full on scenes that really take you out of the corn field and into the Horror. I will put this in writing that this is, so far. The Best Hayride we have entered in our years of Haunt Festivities. From the amazing movie like props and displays, to the echoing screams from 90% of the trailer. Every scene had a different feel and just all out attacked different fears of people. Did they use themes other hayrides? Sure, but they injected them with steroids and blew every show away! This is by far the most imaginative Hayride we have yet been to. And that’s saying something. This Hayride was second to none. Let’s see what the team came up with for scoring this awesome attraction. 
On to…..Nocturnal Wasteland.
This attraction was your basic terror trail completely redone. As you walk through the woods. You see a great deal of props and effects. With it running just like a great movie. From a little slow to What the Hell is That!!!! Every turn was more and more detail. From being in some backwoods repair shop to a sewer. This attraction also fed on many fears that different people have. This attraction also displays an amazing piece of science that we have hands down never ever seen in a haunted attraction before. That’s where I am leaving that. Want to know more? Get in the car! Here is what the survey says!......
Now onto the Den of Darkness.
 I loved this attraction. From the really cool detail to the building to the very cool queue lines. This was awesome from the opening room. Every room was such a surprising different theme that it really shook you. It was highly original and highly entertaining. While also helping you train for the marines. You will see. Again, get in the car. Because you can find out what we are talking about here. Just go! But really, from effective Hollywood props and animatronics to great acting and even crazy smells we never witnessed in haunts. We have always smelled some but this one blew it away. Almost every room messed with your 5 senses. This was a total and all around attraction. Now to the Scoring.

Well you have read what Field of Screams has to offer. Jim and Team did an outstanding job this year. We may even head back up to feel the cold and see these attractions again. That’s something we never did. Even before the blog we never went back to an attraction but before even leaving the parking lot we were talking about coming back. So let us get down to the Overall Scoring.

Field of Screams Received a

Guys, to make it simple. This is a 5-star haunt. There was no doubt about that when we took a vote as a group after every attraction. We all completely agreed as a team with the 5 blood splat rating. With the 4 of us having very different taste in everything from movies to food to more importantly Haunted Attractions. Our team gave a 5 blood spat rating with no recount needed. This is a must stop for anyone, Near and Far. Get up there now. They are open now. Find out all the information you need at www.fieldofscreams.com 

We have 7 more Haunt Reviews coming up so far. More can be added at any time. Feel free to find us at halloweenhaunts365@gmail.com 

Time for our second review of the season. Man time really is flying by now. October, the best month of the year is upon us. Halloween decorations are going up, all the haunts are starting up and firing away every weekend, some all week long. We have three consecutive haunts for this weekend. We could not be more excited. Every work day is taking forever because you know what the night will bring at the Haunted Attractions. Every Hour is taking days until you pull up into the big windy parking lot or hop on a school bus that takes you to the giant historic ruins of a prison in Philadelphia.
 And that is where the latest journey has taken us. Deep into the old cell blocks, down the battered hallways and walking through the exercise yard that Al Capone himself walked down. Just like Al Capone, when visiting Eastern State Penitentiary brings a somber tone. Walking through the main entrance like the hundreds that never got to leave those walls, really puts a perspective in your head on this not just being a Haunted Attraction but a real walk through history. Legend has it that this prison is really haunted. To the point that our government has deemed it so. Cannot say from the two visits to Terror Behind The Walls that I felt anything weird or mystical and for lack of a better word spiritual. Guess you will all have to go out and see for yourself. This Haunt Definitely sits on Hallowed Ground. All the ingredients you would say are there for a Real Haunted Prison. Suffering, Death, Mean Spirits and the insane all lined these halls. At one time this prison held the worst of the worst. So we can tell where the Haunted idea comes from. Just cannot say we have seen or felt anything different.

We also want to take the time to thank Nicole at Eastern State for working with us since early in the season and inviting us out to Terror Behind the Walls. Thank you so much! Greatly Appreciated.
Time to get into the attractions.

This year, Terror behind the walls started the HEX challenge. Which brings the whole Puzzle escape room to Eastern State. We did not participate in this program but from what we could hear from the crowd and bus folk is that it was challenging. Added some more depth to the night. And added a little more story depth to the theme of the haunt. Pretty neat idea that possibly next year we will dig deeper into.

Also, just like last year you can opt in for a more terrifying experience by wearing a glowstick necklace that identified you to the Scare Actors that you were willing for a more physical experience. With that being said we do have a couple bruises from being tossed around all night and being taken hostage and separated from the party. What I liked about with this separation feature at TBTW is you can get back to your group and enjoy the full attraction unlike some haunts that take you down a boring hallway that has nothing in it. To regroup with you friends when the attraction ends, missing half the cool stuff we go to see.

First attraction up for review was called Lockdown
Lockdown was like advertised, all new! We were really impressed with this section of TBTW. The actors in this section were fully engaged. They did a lot of cool new things including a very weird, high pitched squeal that we are still not sure if it was them or a voice mod box but creepy none the less. Lockdown does what the title suggest. Gives you the feeling as being locked down as all the crazy zombie prisoners escape. This walk through was very long and in depth with many different scenes and images. Changing ideas at every turn. Basically this attraction changed itself every time you went thru a different room. Much less downtime as you walked through the cell blocks of the prison. This was much improved over last year and hands down our favorite attraction of the night.
Next up…Machine Shop.

Just like the title suggests, here we walk through a broken down prison machine shop. Run by the crazy inmates. Very much industrial themed attraction that did a fantastic job with lighting, vision and really played with your mind. Since we opted in for the glowstick necklace. The actors fed on us like they should have. Great use of fog and spark effects where they should be. Not just a random exploding box where it doesn’t belong like we see in so many attractions. Our one regret from Machine shop was the lack of change. Not a whole lot different from the year before. With as many haunts as we visit we really remembered where the scare was. The arm burning in the foundry oven. We know that being in a historic landmark space is limited but change it up some. All in all though. Thanks to the dedicated actors in the Machine shop. It really saved this shorter attraction. 
On to Detritus.
Detritus is a cool little walk through that also didn’t change much from last year. You get to walk through the haunted outdoor trail through what looks like it was once the garden or green area in the prison. Decent jump scares through this attraction due to the fact that the black camo covering hides so much. Really difficult to tell what is real and fake as you walk through the blond corners and dead end in TBTW version of the haunted trail. Not really much to this walk through and mainly actor driven. Again the Scare Actors saved this one from being a disaster. Great work with Ghillie suits as they were strategically placed in the black creepy camo netting that surrounds the entire attraction. We will throw in a bonus tip. Don’t forget to look up. Death is high off the ground. Detritus was a very short attraction but effective. As it was much shorter for the kids that bolted pass our group at about 50 miles per hour.
Next on the agenda…Infirmary.

Just like the title suggest, you get to walk through a broken down hospital wing of a prison. This room did a fantastic job recreating an old-school prison hospital. From the dingy entrance to stretchers all over the place. Knocked down wheelchairs and using the actual prison walls to create a very disturbing look into what probably wasn’t the best medical care for the inmates. We rather enjoyed this short walk through. Anything you picture in a hospital scene was accounted for. From the crazy animatronic doctor office bed that shoots up on its own to a very talented scare actor waiting to rip out your teeth. We were fans of this attraction. Great use of lighting and props to create a disturbing image.
Now this is where the rollercoaster ride turned south for our group. We started this blog to give an accurate, educated look into these attractions. From knowledgeable haunt fans that really know what the show should look like. And what really brings the people in the doors. A True Haunt Rating for True Haunt Fans. Let us continue on our journey through Terror Behind the Walls. Next up…

We like to put a picture up for every attraction we go in. To help the audience get a better feel of the theme we are describing or what to look for when they get to attend for themselves but at this point at TBTW. We were moved so fast through the next attractions that time did not allow. No real time to enjoy the exits and see everything as we were mushed through like cattle. No chance to grab a drink, Relax and enjoy the night, just constantly pushed and pushed. Which is fine for some but needs work. 

On to Quarantine 4-D.

This was your 3-D haunted attraction for TBTW. Throw on some 3D specs and enjoy the show. Great use of 3-D paint and blacklight effects throughout and awesome costume design by the design team. Hides the Scare Actors right in front of your eyes. But like I said, this where the haunt took a turn. 2 of the scare actors were too busy on their cellphone to keep the attraction alive. Yes, you read that correctly. Nothing kills the effect like an actor sitting on his cellphone out in the open with his head down instead of doing his job. This attraction is where we saw the lack of enthusiasm from the acting crew. Very short walk through followed by facebook statuses being more important that giving a scare really hit this attraction and overall haunt. 
Finally on our road through Terror Behind the Walls.

We were rushed in to Breakout.

Breakout put you in the scene where all hell is supposedly breaking out and all the zombie inmates are escaping. We will say this was a pretty fun walkthrough. Very short like the rest of them after Lockdown. No real jumpscares anywhere but every actor did a really good job. The scene is something like an escape through a basement or storage room that runs you right out on to the concourse. Nice effect in the end and I will leave that at that. 
After finishing the attractions there is a decent food truck set up with the Haunt essentials. Coffee, lemonade, Fried Oreos and pretzels. With a chicken finger meal and some nachos. Not a terrible ending to the show. Also if visiting make sure you check out the really cool souvenir stall that houses not only Terror Behind The Walls merch but also Eastern State Penitentiary souvenirs. Of course we had to pick up the collectable mug that was really nice. Fits the ever growing collection well.

This wraps up our coverage of Terror Behind The Walls 2016. We had a little bit of a hard time scoring the overall haunt. We were impressed with some and very disappointed in some. With everything being said and just being in a Government validated Haunted Prison with so much history we went with a…..Drumroll please………

This Keeps Field of Screams the Leader in the clubhouse...But a lot more haunts left!

That is our Coverage from Eastern State. Next upon the Chopping block…
Until Next time, Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Email us at halloweenhaunts365@gmail.com.

 Also adding two home haunts to our schedule this year so make sure you stay tuned for that an all the teams upcoming reviews.  

Welcome back for the next installment of Halloween Haunts 365. We hope you enjoyed our reviews so far this season. We added a couple more to keep October going strong and your writer trying to figure out when the hell he will type all these Amazing and Breath Taking Reviews. Tonight’s travel takes us up Route 206. In the rain, fog and driving on one of the most boring roads ever created. With my coffee filled mind racing about what to expect at arrival, very unsure on what we were about to witness. We were very excited to see how far the owners and actors have come since visiting in August. Throughout the months, we kept in contact with the owners and actors. And what I can tell you from the discussions, was that this Haunted Attraction was built with dedication and sweat by a troop of people that live for Haunts and Scare Acting. We were about to witness what two friends sat down and discussed. But not only did they discuss, they got up and did something about it. Then with the help of people they met along their travels in the Haunt Industry, they threw all their chips in and took the ultimate step in this business. Now with that going through my mind, while also wondering how some people on the road actually scammed the DMV and got a driver’s license. We finally arrived at our destination. Columbus Farmers Market. Also known as a Flea Market and Amish Market. We were here!!!! Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest. Finally, the wait is over. Now how about we get to some reviews.
After picking up our tickets at the box office we were greeted by a great actor who was kicking the hell out of a 1950s pickup truck with a bat. Then welcomed us to Bloodshed Farms. From here you walk through a nice trail with Jack O Lanterns lighting the way. Once the trail ended, you found yourself in a wide open and well-lit field. This was Bloodshed Farms community center. This setup was outstanding. Plenty of tables to sit at, A nice stage to watch people dance. And this was also the center for the entrances of the attractions. Plus, let’s not forget the most important attraction here. The Fried Oreos. Looking around we saw games where you can win a bear by tossing a severed head through an air duct. Then right next door, you can “Kill A Bear”. Bloodshed’s twisted look at Build A Bear workshop. You can literally do anything you want to do to this bear. Very original idea. Take a look at what our photographer did with his.
 Not only can you kill a bear without your parents or coworkers wanting you to take a psych exam, but you can smash a pumpkin to bits. Yes, there is a pumpkin smashing booth to take all of your past week’s aggressions out. Pay the man and DESTROY!!!! Not sure if I mentioned the Fried Oreos yet. But next to the Oreos stand was an OUTSTANDING sausage and peppers stand. So before we even step into an attraction we have the untimely death of a teddy bear, an early death of a pumpkin and amazing food. And there is still Attractions to go in? Man, this is going to be a good night.
The first Attraction we decided to go in at Bloodshed Farms was Clownophobia.
I am not going to hold anything back here. This Attraction has completely changed my thoughts on Clown Walkthroughs. After being through so many funhouses and clown houses over the years of doing this, it had really become tiresome at so many places. But after taking the time to talk to a lot of the actors in this attraction, it made me walk up to this attraction with an open mind. Instead of saying “OH BOY” “Another Clown House”, I was ready to start over with the clown theme haunt. And am I ever glad I did. This Haunted Attraction blew the pants off of any clown attraction we have ever been through. The clowns in this attraction were unlike anything we have ever seen before. We are still talking about this attraction as a team. The use of lights and imagination really kicked the old clown house to the ground. This was not only an amazing attraction but extremely long. What every haunt fan wants, long attractions. With the correct amount of highs and lows. Not only could you feel that this haunt was presented well, it was designed with haunt fans interests in mind. Not to give anything up, but we have never seen a white one! Let alone with lights in it! Amazing. That last line will confuse anyone that hasn’t been through Clownophobia yet. So on that note, OUTSTANDING ATTRACTION. Here is the scoring for this attraction.
Then after a quick rest for some fried Oreos, we continued on to The Last Ride haunted hayride. 
Hopping on the trailer, right away you notice this is not your typical hayride. The Last Ride gets its name from you accompanying a coffin on someone’s last ride to the cemetery. And did this ride ever deliver. Even the hayride trailer is beyond anything you have ever seen before. Let alone the incredible, organized and extremely original scenes brings this ride to life. This is not your typical hayride with massive animatronics and fire. But it was not needed. These Actors did an amazing job perfecting the scare no matter how far they got from their scene. Most hayride actors are told to jump off at a certain distance to maximize time. Which is important. But these actors had a lot more freedom which makes this hayride the most original we have ever seen. Here is what we felt about The Last Ride.
Next up for our trip was Trail of Terror..
Not seeing this trail during our preview left us not knowing what to expect. Was this going to be the typical walk through we have seen everywhere? NOPE. This walk through was extremely detailed and creative. Also another great job by the Scare Actors in this one. They did a great job getting awkwardly close and in your face. Not to mention the great jump scares out of nowhere. The fact that it was raining just made it better. Creeping through the mud, making it even harder to see if anyone was in the corn field or tree line. This walkthrough just like all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms was extremely long. Just when you think you have to be reaching the end, it continues. Great scenes and Great trail. Here is what we gave Trail of Terror.
Next on the agenda, Hellsgate Asylum.
 Heading up to the Asylum, you are greeted by a patient/greeter. This guy was extremely entertaining. When the attraction is ready, you are sent to registration. Like all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms, the actors were fully engaged and passionate about being there. This attraction being another lengthy exhibit of hard work and imagination. From normal asylum themes to scenes we have never seen before just shows how deeply committed the staff is. From insane scenes that reached your gut, to very creepy music playing. This Attraction produced the loudest scream I have ever heard out of our Director of Public Relations and Vice President. She is good for one per attraction but this scream put horror actresses to shame. Here is our rating for Hellsgate Asylum.
This is where Bloodshed Farms gets Super Original. The Bloodshed.
This will not be rated as it is not part of the usual attractions but must be mentioned and will add value to the overall score. The Bloodshed is a one victim at a time super attraction. The Bloodshed caters to the super brave or the peer pressured wuss. This will attack every fear located in your brain. All while you are locked in a barn alone. We absolutely loved this separate attraction. We loved watching victims on the infrared camera. This is great for groups to watch the biggest chicken in your group cry or the tough guy pretend he isn’t scared.

This will wrap up our review of Bloodshed Farms. Our team was blown away and we had the greatest time here. This is a newer haunt location but it holds its own with creativity and originality. This is a MUST SEE ATTRACTION. That being said, here is our overall score for Bloodshed Farms.
This wraps up this review. Please keep checking back as we have a ton of reviews left to complete including: Pennhurst, Frightland, Brighton Asylum, Valley of Fear, Nightmare on 2nd street, Camp Evans, Psychotrail, Shocktoberfest and whatever else may pop up.

We want to thank Jim, Clark, Straightjacket Sam, GRiN, Cheeks, Karnage, Bobo and all of the great staff at Bloodshed Farms for inviting us out and showing us what haunts can be. THANK YOU!!!! 

Welcome back to another review from Halloween Haunts 365. Tonight’s journey takes us into the great state of Delaware. Home of Tax free shopping and a great haunted attraction, Frightland. Located in Middletown, Frightland is a very unique night out. With 8 Haunted Attractions behind an entire Carnival, Frightland offers something for everyone. From Rides, Food and amazing attractions.

Our second trip back to Frightland was pretty interesting. Coming in with previous experience, we were very excited to see what they added and what changed. Of all the haunts we visited last year before starting the blog. Frightland was our favorite. But when reviewing anything, you need to keep previous thoughts at the door and proceed with a fresh piece of paper. We are setting out to become the “Go To” website for Haunt Reviews. To do this, we have to use clear judgement and wide eyes to give an accurate representation of what we see and feel. So without delay, here is our Review of Frightland.

Entering Frightland is literally like walking into a Carnival. Rides everywhere, Food everywhere. A great night out atmosphere.
As you make your way passed the Carnival and Food, you find the Haunted Attractions. First up for Halloween Haunts 365 was the Haunted Hayride.
Frightland also knows how to entertain. While in the Hayride line, They have movies playing and music blasting. Creating a fun wait for the attraction. 
The Hayride setup at Frightland is really cool. Instead of sitting in hay or straw, there is nice bench seating with a very low railing. For me in particularly, having such a low railing adds to the attraction. With a lower railing, you have no blocked views and adds easier access for the actors in the attraction.

The Hayride had a rough night during our review. With the speaker system not working, you really don’t realize what the sound brings until its gone. With the sound system down it really impacted how the ride felt. This was a big disappointment to not be able to really see the ride work in cohesion. The scenes were still outstanding. With your classic scenery to extremely original looks, the hayride should not disappoint with the sound working. After being on so many hayrides in the past, we really couldn’t believe the effect sound has. We are sure Frightland will have it up and running. Probably started working on it right after they closed the hayride. With some great additions to the hayride, here is how we scored Haunted Hayride.
Our next attraction of the night, Ravenwood Cemetery.
After exiting the Haunted Hayride, you are dropped off at the Ravenwood Cemetery. Once you are greeted by the Care Taker, he gives you directions and you are on your way. This attraction did not do a lot for us. This was your standard cemetery walk through. Tombstones and dirt. We enjoyed the actors and lighting in this attraction but other than that, very plain attraction. Here is how we scored Ravenwood Cemetery.
Right after exiting Ravenwood Cemetery, you come up to the Fear attraction. This is an attraction designed to attack different fears people have. We enjoyed the way this attraction shifted and shifted again. The actors were convincing and we saw some very cool new ideas. Not the longest walkthrough of the night but still engaging. Good use of props and actor placement. Here is what we thought of Fear.
Once you exit fear, you see an old west set up. This attraction was Zombie Ghost Town.
The first thing we noticed about this attraction, was that it was missing a VIP line. We found that kind of odd. We are used to standing in line at attractions, so this wasn’t a complaint. We just found it odd there was no secondary VIP entrance to this attraction. Moving on. Once we entered the Zombie Ghost Town, you could see the great detail that Frightland puts into their attraction. From an amazing, extremely detailed butcher shop to a very dated Old West saloon setup. This attraction started picking up the pace for us. Again with very committed actors and great scenery, here is how we scored Zombie Ghost Town.
After exiting Zombie Ghost town, you come back into the main Frightland concourse. So after our group talked about the last three attractions and continued on to Idalia Manor.
This is where Frightland hits Full Speed. Idalia Manor is one of those attractions you tell everyone you know about it. This attraction was awesome. Every room extremely detailed and horrifying displays. This attraction is why we do this site. This is easily Halloween Haunts 365 favorite attraction so far. Every room blew us away. Great job by the actors, from the front gate to everywhere in the building! Just WOW! Not too much surprise, but here is what we voted for Idalia Manor.
Coming off an attraction like that, our team was hyped up all over again. After a quick break we headed over to Zombie Prison.
 This was my favorite attraction from last year. And this attraction did not disappoint again. Entering into the Zombie Prison, you are lined up like you are being incarcerated. As the Warden yells her commands, we start getting excited. After your talk with the Head Zombie, you head into an elevator and the fun begins! This attraction is very original and visual stunning. It attacks all of your senses all at once. Every room you enter is a whole new zone of insanity. That’s as deep as we are willing to go. On to the scoring.
After two amazing attractions we headed towards The Haunted Barn. On our way over, we stopped at a cool coffin seating area.

You can also pick up a souvenir cup of a variety of soft drinks right from a coffin. 
On to The Haunted Barn.
After walking through the staging area, we were greeted by the keeper of the barn. Given our directions by an incredible scare actor and we walked in. We really enjoyed this attraction as a whole. Very different scenes room to room. This kind of had a feel like a “greenhouse” attraction. But very different from any one we have been in before. Very good use of lighting and animatronics with a great scare actor group. Don’t want to give anything away, but some very good scares inside. We enjoyed this attraction so here is what we scored The Haunted Barn. 
Next up and the last attraction at Frightland. The Attic.

I have to start this with how impressed I was with the introductory Scare Actor. She did an amazing job. From the voice and makeup, we were blown away. After meeting her, we made our way into the Attic. This attraction was excellent. It plays on two very big fears that most people have, then adding in talented Actors. Whew! This was one of the most original and well planned attraction in the park. We had a real fun time trying to escape The Attic. For the final scoring of the night, here is how we scored The Attic. 

This wraps up our coverage of Frightland. I want to take a moment to thank the Frightland team for inviting us out to review their Haunt. We always appreciate it.

Looking at everything, this was a very hard total score to come up with. We were disappointed by a few things, like mentioned the Hayride sound. A few other things missing that we cannot disclose here or will ruin things. But then its home to our favorite attraction. So, one of the reasons this review is so delayed was coming up with a final score. We all met a few times to talk about everything again. We voted five times and we came up with this for Frightland. 
Regardless of the score we chose, Frightland is a Must Visit Haunt. Not only for the Haunted Attractions but for the entire experience. A great night out. One that we didn’t leave until close to midnight. Not a lot of Haunts have so much that you can stay all night. So again, Thank you frightland, the Actors and staff, and all of our followers that are turning this into such a Success. We cannot do it without you. So keep sharing, keep reading, keep following on social media. We will do our part and give honest reviews of all the Haunted Attractions we can get to.

Stay tuned, We have many more to go! 

Welcome back to Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight’s journey took the team into Spring City, PA. Home of Pennhurst Asylum.
For the few that do not know, Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction is actually located in Pennhurst State Institution and Hospital. Also known as the Eastern State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic. Operating from 1908 to 1987, Pennhurst has seen its share of controversy. From unnecessary use of tranquilizers and psychotropic drugs, abuse of patients and even rape. Not to mention, the amount of deaths that happened on property. This is another government deemed Haunted Location. Where Eastern State was filled with prisoners, Pennhurst was filled with the insane. Or should I say, people that were considered insane in that time frame. One of the great things associated with this haunt, is the use of props that were left from operating years. Desks, Tables, Hospital beds, even a prosthetic leg for a child. Not to mention the countless other artifacts sprinkled all over the attractions.

Let us keep moving on with the review. The first attraction you walk through is Pennhurst Asylum. 
The Pennhurst Asylum attraction is a journey through the main building of Pennhurst. As we waited in line, we were entertained by crowd actors and flame twirlers. Added a nice touch while waiting to get in to the attraction. Pennhurst even added a nice coffee spot right in the middle of the line to keep you perked up. When the team was next up, you look up and see the original Pennhurst Hospital lit by a full moon. Excitement was rising within the group as we walked in the 108-year-old building. Once inside, you are greeted by an extremely bossy nurse that has to get you inline before entering the attraction. With amazing use of scare actors and original props, this was a must see attraction. The walk through takes you through two levels of the building. With different levels of hospital themed rooms, Pennhurst Asylum is a Haunt work of art. The actors for all attractions were on point all night. Every scene showed the commitment the scare actors put forth at Pennhurst. Our hat goes off to the job they did. These actors will be hard to top. After our journey through Pennhurst Asylum, this is the scores we voted upon. 
Next up for the team was Dungeon of Lost Souls. This haunted attraction was located under the asylum. After walking down a few steps, you enter a big steel door where you are greeted by one of the creepiest scare actors we have found. This woman did an amazing job at making you feel uncomfortable. After the rules were given, you enter a walk through filled with even more props and great scenes. This attraction also gave your beloved writer his first jump. Yes, you read that correctly. I jumped a bit due to a great distraction actor and a very quick side actor in the Dungeon. The Dungeon also included one of the coolest lighting and fog effect we have seen this year. The only issue we noticed with this attraction was that the timing was off with the animatronics. The animatronic would trip before and after a group passed, missing the scare mark completely. Noticed this in three animatronics. With everything we saw in the Dungeon of Lost Souls, let’s go to the scoring.
On to the next stop, Tunnel Terror. This setting takes place in an old transport tunnel that was used to reach different parts of the campus. Legend states that nurses used the tunnel to transport patients around and removed the dead without upsetting the other patients. This walk through starts in the back of the main building. After you’re inside the black tiled tunnel, you are greeted by another wonderful scare actor. Rules are given and you are on your way. Tunnel Terror used light as a great distraction, using light to hide what is right in front of you. Also included in the attraction was great use of hidden scare tactics. Like the Dungeon of Lost Souls, we noticed some animatronics not working correctly. They were either off or timed incorrectly. The scare actors made this attraction what it was. Just like all of the attractions at Pennhurst, the actors do touch you. This always adds an extra touch to an attraction. Let us get to the scores.
The next stop on our tour through Pennhurst is very different from most Haunts. Pennhurst being an official actual haunted location according to our government, Pennhurst has an actual Ghost Hunt and Tour. Since this was not your normal attraction we will not be scoring Ghost Hunt. This tour starts off in a different building then the other attractions. After you enter the very old decrepit building, you get a tour of the little artifact exhibition set up with all kinds of different pictures showing you the past in Pennhurst. This provided you with a feel of what life was like during the operating days. After completing the museum, you get to wander around the first two floors of the abandoned building. With the ability to use your phone for light and try to catch a glimpse of ghosts. Now this is where we will add reader participation. We are going to post five pictures, taken two minutes apart from one another. We did not move the camera. Check it out and see if you find it odd. Look right in the center, towards the bottom of the pictures. Shows shading, "orbs" and only part of the photo not focused.
Now, we really don’t want to get into the theory of ghosts in this review. The pics show possibly proof of another existence or dust that does not move. You can be the judge.

After witnessing the museum and tour, we wished that we did that attraction first. We think it would have added to the overall creepiness of Pennhurst if the main attractions followed this tour. It adds the history to what was a very bad place in American History.

When all the attractions are completed you can head on in to the community area. Filled with a gift shop, coffin rides and a food stand that does NOT include Fried Oreos…Anyway, Nice setup with tables and music playing. Good place to warm up with coffee and talk about the attractions you just visited. Stop by the gift shop for some reasonably priced Pennhurst gear.

This wraps up our great journey through the Pennhurst Asylum. We guarantee that anyone that wants to check it out will not be disappointed. Hands down the best haunt from an actors’ perspective so far. This is the overall score for Pennhurst Asylum this year.
This gives HH365 a Three Way Tie for the lead. Who will take home the Halloween Haunts 365.com Award for 2016 Haunt Of The Year? Gotta Stay Tuned!!!!

This wraps up this episode of HH365. Until next time, Keep Haunting!

Welcome back everyone to Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight’s adventure takes the team up I 295 and over I 195 to Wall Township. Home of Camp Evans Base of Terror.
Camp Evans is not just another Haunt location. Camp Evans is a 100-year-old Army Base. This base is a certified National Historic Landmark. This landmark includes a century of Top-Secret and experimental research in Radar, Radio, Satellites, Radioactive materials and much more that has yet to be declassified. Camp Evans is also home to year-round museums including different exhibits. Some exhibits are permanent such as the Ship Wreck Museum, others are temporary like a Surfing Museum. So definitely something to see during the day as well. On to the Haunt!
This haunt is an all-volunteer effort to raise money for The InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum and preserve the grounds of a National Historic Landmark. So attending this haunted attraction helps preserve some of our country’s history. If that’s not enough reason to visit, lets continue to the haunt.

Made up of one very long walk through, Camp Evans has many different settings through their haunt. With most attractions manned by High School students, Camp Evans is also growing the Haunt Actor from within. It is a very good place to start in the field if someone has scare actor potential or passion. HH365 really enjoyed the job the actors provided. We could see the potential in a lot of these kids.

To be totally transparent, we were so busy looking at all the settings that we didn’t take note of when the attraction changed. We are going to list a couple of our favorite details of the walk through though, because there was a lot to see!

The first walkthrough was on the porch of one of the base buildings. The Haunt first used the inside of the buildings, but as it grew more popular they were forced outside. The scene on the porch used some graphics from a Nuclear Scientist. The scene was painted in a nuclear silo by an Engineer that worked at Camp Evans. It was the little touches that made this attraction something to see. Blending together an attraction and history of the Camp was something really cool to see.
Another attraction that shined for the team, Silent Hill. Based off of the video game and movie, Silent Hill used scenes that brought both to life. The one outstand point in Camp Evans were the costumes. We were stunned every time we saw the main actor of the attraction. This was a very original part of the attraction. Great use of lighting and fog, then adding the outstanding costumes really made this attraction pop.

Another extremely original walk through was Sunny Side Toys. This caught my eyes in particular from the use of props. This really brought to life the craziest Toy Factory you have ever seen. Not to give anything away, the use of teddy bear camouflage was ingenious. We have been through a lot of attractions and have seen a lot of ways to hide scare actors, but this one was the most unique. If timed correctly this will scare the hell out of you. With the training Camp Evans provides, we are sure they will get this down with actor.

Moving on for us was the Asylum. The scenes in this attraction is what did it for HH365. From crazy wall designs to very good scare actors. Great use of winding walls and nicely timed actor scares. I still see the walls even three days later. These are the things that brings out what is so special about Camp Evans.

Before Camp Evans reached out to us, we never heard of them. We were not sure what to fully expect. We do haunts of all size and budgets. So as soon as we got word from Camp Evans, we were on our way. Finding out it was a fund raiser made it a must see for HH365. Once we arrived to the parking lot, we could see the monstrous line of people waiting to get in. This showed us that they have a very nice following. The line of people must have reached six hundred yards. It was hard to make out people at the end of the line. These people all knew something we didn’t. This haunt was worth it to customers and worth standing in a very long line for. They couldn’t have been more right. This Haunt had zero animatronics, very young actors, all handmade props and scenes. But what it lacked in budget, it filled in heart. Inexperienced actors showed energy and passion for what they were doing. Set designers had nothing but a wall, paint and an imagination. Still pulling off some great artwork and visual scares.
Camp Evans may not be the best haunted attraction. That’s fine, because it is coming. With passionate leadership and a steady fan base, we can see this haunt growing into something very special. The more visitors they receive, the more they can do. The idea is there; the experience is getting there. We visited with our amazing host and she already had next year close to planned out. That shows us the level of commitment going on at Camp Evans.

Now let us get through the walk through scoring.
After you complete the 45-minute attraction, there is a nice center set up with food, t-shirts, coffee and some movies playing up on the wall of the base.
Young children even have their own inflatable attraction. Camp Evans proves that it is for all ages. With an action packed walk through filled with inflatable bouncy houses, even the smallest children can have an affordable great time.

As a whole, this is how we scored Camp Evans.
Camp Evans Base of Terror was a fun night out. Anytime we can finish a Haunt with Fried Oreos and Ghostbusters is my kind of night! We want to thank Gianna and team for making us feel so welcome. We really enjoyed the show and look forward to watching you grow bigger in the Haunt Industry. And for all of the followers, get up to Camp Evans. Very much worth the trip.

Until next time. Keep Haunting and Thank you all. 

Where most other Haunted Attraction Review Sites are saying "thank you for the great season" and shutting down, Halloween Haunts 365 is still going. Continuing to provide you with detailed reviews, Actor and Owner interviews, Behind the scenes looks and anything else Haunt related. We will keep Haunt Season relevant through out the year on our way to becoming the #1 Haunt Website.

We do need to share that HH365 has reached over 10,000 views in its first season. WOW. We owe our fans a huge thank you. Also, as you can see the site has changed. We will be naming our winners very soon. We like to keep the anticipation brewing and let the Owners catch their breath before we reach out and announce. Keep coming back to see who won our Coveted Haunt of the Year award for 2016. We also added a Best Hayride and Best Attraction. Stay tuned and use the buttons above to navigate the new site. We will add the Final Overall scores to all of the haunts and drop a ton of pictures in the next couple weeks. Like stated earlier, HH365 means Haunt season never ends. Now lets get to our first Home Haunt Review.

Nightmare on Second Street was the first home haunt we have covered. Located a short drive from everywhere in Delanco, NJ.

With this being the first Home Haunt we have actually even been through, we had very little idea on what to expect. And were we quickly SHOCKED! We could not believe out eyes as we pulled up to this House. Located all in the yard was an amazing cemetery scene covering the entire front yard. From a real hearse emerging from the fog to very realistic tombstones and great props. This yard was cool enough alone to come out and cover, but there was much much more in store.
Check out the great cemetery.
 A lot going on! Up next was the actual walk through. This took amazing planning and a hell of a lot of time. Every section that you walked into had a different theme. She basically took a bunch of attractions and turned into a well planned walk through. Every turn had a different look. From a butchers shop to a crazy clown suite and then an asylum. This was a Fantastic Walk through. Here are some more pics and then we will get to the over all score.

We had an amazing time at Nightmare on second street. Even with the insane thunderstorm that ripped through as we walked through the attraction. Using pro and amateur scare actors, Nightmare still provided some great scares and yes, We received a very loud scream from our Scream Queen. The VP. Great use of a hidden actor to provide that lung burst. We still talk about how impressive it was to fit everything they did into this walk through. This group at Nightmare is more then ready to take it to the next level. The idea is there. The heart is there. We cannot wait until next year to see what the plan is. This team has the IT factor. We will have a blast working with them next year and see how it grows.
That is all we are giving away now. Wanna see more? Make sure you check out our pictures button soon! And what would be better then that? Going to Delanco, NJ next season and seeing the amazing job for your self! We will also visit next October to provide a Preview of what is new for 2017.  Now we will give this home haunt its well deserved score.....
There it is, A true 5 blood splat Home Haunt. Make sure your mark your calendar for next October. This was a Must See attraction.

Stay tuned, as we have coverage from 2016 HHN from Orlando, FL and a few other Haunt Reviews from our Correspondent. Like we said early, We will be going hard all year long to provide you with as much Haunt Information we can fit on this site! We will continue to provide our fans with what everyone wants....Haunt season to go all year long! Keep it here, There is a lot more to go.

Welcome back to Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight’s installment takes the team deep into the woods, right into The Valley of Fear. This was our first trip to this Haunt, so we were very excited to finally make it to the “Original Hayride”. Hearing so much about this attraction from owners and actors, we were pretty hyped up to get there. So hyped up we arrived thirty minutes before the ticket booth even opened.
With time to look around and see what Valley of Fear had to offer, we noticed a pretty nice setup to hangout in after the attractions. From food stands to a live singer. A nice warm fire pit blazing with chairs set around it.

Not to mention a giant killer jack o lantern beast. All of this set in what looked like the movie Friday the 13th. The deep woods setting of this Haunted Attraction really adds to every scene and attraction here. With four attractions to cover, let’s do it!
 First up for us tonight. The Original Haunted Hayride. With this being the original haunted hayride, we had no idea what to expect. As we loaded on to the hayride trailers, we did notice something very awesome with this attraction. You are seated with your legs dangling over the side! YES! For me, sitting on a hayride is almost always uncomfortable. Sitting Indian-style for 20 minutes always throws my legs right to sleep. With this ride, we got to sit how I always wanted to on a hayride. It really opens up the full experience and gives you a full effect of what is going on around you. Another unique feature added was that you are joined with a guest. Basically a fun tour guide travels with you in the cart. Giving you the low down of every attraction coming up. Great feature that we really enjoyed. This attraction was extremely thought out and organized. Every scene was highly detailed and designed to scare the hell out of you. With great scenery, the deep woods and highly developed scare actors. This hayride was amazing. Let us get to the scoring.
Next attraction of the evening, The Facility.
The facility is a dark maze attraction. Filled with interesting turns and twists. The real question is; can you find the exit? That question was answered when half of our team came back out of the entrance. The maze is setup to be a zombie containment unit. Filled with soldiers directing the way and zombies to tear your limbs off. Excellent use of darkness and lighting helps to fully disorient you as you try and escape the facility. Great introductory video and staff really added to the feel of the attraction. Let us get to the scoring before I give too much away.
Moving on to the next attraction of the adventure. Operation Z. Live action zombie paintball hunt.
As a team, we usually skip the paintball feature of haunts. We really just like to review the attractions and the job done by the actors. After experiencing this paintball attraction, we may have changed our mind. As we waited in line to go in, we watched a great intro video with instructions and rules for the attraction. We really enjoyed this video. Had a really good production to it like all the other videos at Valley of Fear. Entering the attraction, you have to go through a zombie ridden school bus that exits into a military installation. Here you are greeted by your director. After some more directions, rules and a pretty cool quick show. We get to see how this was all set up. Using mounted paintball guns, your job was to keep the zombies at bay at three different installations. This was a really cool idea. You got to fight off the zombies at three different fronts. HH365 suggest you give this paintball feature a try.

Let us keep it going to the final attraction of the evening. Underworld haunted walk.
This was Valley of Fear’s haunted trail. Designed as a walk through the Underworld. You are greeted by the Caretaker of the Underworld. He will give you your directions and also do something very unique to haunts. Wondering what that is? Only on way to find out! Go! Underworld was a pretty lengthy walk through for most haunt trails. Winding up and down some very wooded areas gave the feel of just straight creepiness. Add in some very good acting and greatly detailed scenes, Underworld did an amazing job creating fear and sometimes fear of nothing. Some terror trails you see cars drive by, the parking lot, other attractions. Not in the Underworld, nothing but scares and woods. Now we will get to the team’s thoughts of The Underworld.
That is our review of Valley of Fear. This was definitely added to our Must Return list. We want to take this time to thank the Owners and staff for having us as guests. We had a really great time exploring your haunt. Looking forward to seeing what is added for next year. Here is how the team voted for the Overall Haunt.

Now is our reader participation part of this review. As you can see, we tried something different in this review by adding the Haunts stock pictures. We wanted to see if this was a nice touch due to the fact that the haunts go through a lot of time and some budget to get these attraction logos. Readers, please let us know what your opinion is. Do we keep our own pics of the attractions? Or do we use the stock pictures and add some of our own in to the mix? Feel free to email us at Halloweenhaunts365@gmail.com or just leave a comment at the bottom. Also feel free to reach out to us on all social media platforms to the right of this page.

With only two scheduled attractions left, we cannot believe how fast this October has flown by. We really had a lot of fun visiting every haunt, meeting a ton of new people from owners to actors to fans! We cannot thank you all enough for what this site has turned into. After this post is up, we will be celebrating 9,000 Views!

That’s it for this installment of HH365.com. Until next time, Get to some Haunts everyone. We are running out of time!   

This evenings journey takes the Halloween Haunts 365 team 130 miles north on the New Jersey Turnpike. As we traveled on the turnpike, we had a little team meeting on what to bring to the table next year. What we could change in the website? What we could add? How can we grow from where we are now? What other Haunted Attractions we would reach out to next year? As we pondered what next year will bring, we reached our final destination. And below is what we saw when walking up to the attraction.
Here we are…Brighton Asylum!
With this being our first trip to Brighton Asylum. We were completely lost after parking the car. Looking around the rear of a bunch of warehouses, we found the ticket booth. After a quick chat with the awesome ticket women, we got in line for The Tunnel.
Little did we know, we visited on a night that Brighton Asylum was holding Zombie Attack in The Tunnel.
Zombie Attack is a fully interactive walk through. Armed with full metal replicas of assault rifles, you get to fire at the zombies as they try to eat your brains. The leader is given a rifle with a flashlight attached to lead the way through The Tunnel, where the last person in the group covers your six. This created a very fun atmosphere. It apparently gave our group the idea they were on a mission, as “Fired” went running into The Tunnel like she was about to liberate France.

The Tunnel was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Very long indoor walkthrough that changed scenes almost every turn. Hollywood like detail to every scene and actors that did a great job hitting their mark. Brighton Asylum really lifted the bar when it comes to Haunts. Every Actor we ran into throughout the walk through were outstanding. Taking insane and creepy to a whole new level. The amount of detail and planning that had to go into every scene. We really cannot even begin to describe settings without giving anything away. If the actors and settings weren't enough, the animatronics in both attractions were top of the line and super original. The only tip we will give you, If something has railings….Hold On!

Here is how we rated The Tunnel. 
After leaving the tunnel and turning in your arsenal. You stand in front of the main entrance of Brighton Asylum.
Your beloved writer tried to snap a picture of this amazing Haunt Entrance. But, after being yelled at by staff we put the camera away. That’s OK, we completely understand. We will use google. Back to the Review!

I literally have spent all night and day today trying to think of ways to write this review. How to word it? What will it look like? The reason why is because this Haunted Attraction completely blew us away. Nothing I write here will give it the full justice that it deserves. 

Brighton Asylum is a very long walk through. Filled with extremely intense, non-stop thrills at every single turn. This was the first attraction that completely shook our VP of Public Relations. At one point, she literally froze and refused to lead the way anymore. This walk through was comparable to walking through about 15 horror movies. Every turn seemed to have a different theme. From your typical morgue scene that has been shot up with steroids to scenes we have never seen or even thought to have before. With EPIC use of animatronics and lighting, every scene was brought to life. Every curtain lead to another crazy image that is burned into my head. I literally wanted to get right back in line to experience it again and again. This attraction hits you in the face with every sense you have. Sometimes even using your own eyes against you.  It would literally take ten pages of words to describe every scene inside the Asylum. Without giving any more details and spoilers, let’s just get the scoring.
The two attractions are worth the trip alone. We would have driven four hours to get to this amazing attraction. But, Brighton Asylum is not done there. They have added Escape Rooms. Brighton Asylum has built four escape rooms. Two escape rooms are five minutes long, two are an hour long. Modeled after movies like Saw and 1408. These Escape Rooms add a more hands on experience but also keep the horror alive.

Another great feature of Brighton Asylum, they open for different holidays throughout the year. With events like Santa’s Slay, Dark Valentine, Rottentail Slaughterhouse, Night of the Creeps and Clown Asylum. These events take place in different months during the year. Our team will be covering all of them once the time comes and cannot wait to do so.

Brighton Asylum has lived up to the hype in our eyes. This Overall Score was hands down the best score we have given to date and a unanimous vote and decision by HH365.com.
The only thing we missed was due to space restraints. No gift shop. We would have gone crazy in there I believe. Maybe an Idea for next year if possible to do with the space they have. This is only a minor thought. Takes nothing away from this amazing haunt. If you can only make it to one haunt this year, Make it this one. This is our First Complete Five Star Haunt. 

With three more reviews left, keep it tuned in to HH365.com. We still have to somehow choose an overall champion for 2016. Who will it be? Feel free to comment and vote. Until Next time, Keep Haunting. Also make sure you vote for your favorite haunt this year on the right side of this page. 

Welcome back for another installment of Halloween Haunts 365.com. Tonight we visit the Zombie World Theme park at Shocktoberfest.
Before we start the review, let us take a look back at some of the Haunted Attractions we have covered. Looking back on this seasons adventures, we remember all the great nights we had visiting these amazing Haunted Attractions. As well as watching this site grow from five to ten views a day to up to thousands a day. We really cannot thank everyone that helped make that possible enough.

Looking back on the crazy adventures through Haunts of all kinds, we really enjoyed this season and we will keep the season alive throughout the year. Keep it here for one of a kind interviews, previews, behind the scenes looks, Horror Conventions and More.

This year we were able to cover Field of Screams, Terror Behind the Walls, Bloodshed Farms, Frightland, Camp Evans Base of Terror, Pennhurst Asylum, Valley of Fear, Brighton Asylum and Shocktoberfest. Not to mention the three home haunts we will be covering this weekend including, Nightmare on 2nd Street in Delanco NJ and Psycho Trail right in Blackwood NJ. So our reviews are not over yet! 

With twelve reviews for the first year, we are looking to grow by double for 2017. So like we always say at HH365, if there is a Haunt, we are there. Please reach out to us. Anytime. The email is read every day and we can always make something happen. Big or small, if you want us to review your haunt just click here Halloweenhaunts365@gmail.com

Now let us get into the very unique Zombie World at Shocktoberfest.

Zombie World is setup a lot like Jurassic World. Except instead of Dinosaurs they have Zombies for the world to see. We really enjoyed the park as a whole. With great stores and setups, you can really spend the entire night in this theme park. Like pictured below, a pretty good band was playing and entertaining some guests before or after they got to go through the Zombie Zoo.
Zombie World is made up of a few attractions.
Ground Assault Zombie Laser Tag. This attraction takes you right into your favorite first person shooter games. You are given a high powered multi optional tactical laser gun to control the heard of zombies trying to escape Zombie World. We did not try this attraction but did hear nothing but great things about it. This is a timed ticketed attraction with limited tickets available. Shocktoberfest recommends you register online for this attraction.

Next attraction we saw walking through Zombie World was The Zombie Night Run.
Most Haunts have this event but not nightly like Shocktoberfest. You are given a flag football belt that represents your Brain, Heart and Entrails, then you run for your life through the hayride trails that are filled with Zombies looking to eat. Very Cool idea. We saw some of this live and looked like fun. Not a runner? That’s fine as well as long as you keep moving. There are two waves of this event a night. One kicks off at 7pm and the other wave starts at the end of the evening.

Now let’s get to the meat of our review, our first walk through of the evening. The Unknown 2.0. 
The Unknown 2.0 starts off in a staging area where you get to watch a 3-D introduction to the attraction. This attraction is setup where you are test subjects of a Crazy Scientist researching fears that people have. That is where the fun begins. After your introductory video, you enter the walk through. We really don’t like to give anything away but the first room in this attraction was incredible. The team that built this must have had the patience of a saint to get all of that in there. We needed to shout out the creativity and originality of that room that tests peoples fear of clutter. I was pretty sure my neat freak Vice President was going to go into convulsions. As you continue on through the attraction there is a ton of very original and great scares around every corner. The one miss for myself was that some of the actors gave themselves away before performing the scare. I could see or hear movement before the drop window came down or an animatronic set off. Gave away the scare factor, but still didn’t take anything away from this great attraction. Also with the Unknown 2.0, You can add to the fear by doing the walk through in just your underwear. Yes, you read that correctly. Just check out the website for details.  Let us get to the scoring.
The next journey for the team in Zombie World was Zombie Safari Co. Adventure Hayride Tours. 
Zombie World’ s version of the Haunted Hayride. As you enter the staging area, you get the main story of the Zombie World tale. After receiving your instructions and goals for the attraction, you head on out to board the Safari carts. This extremely long hayride takes you through what it takes to create and control the zombies created at Zombie World. As we said in the opening line, this hayride was very long but very good. Every scene added a prop or scare for the entire cart with more than just actors providing jump scares. Great use of the continuing story line as you entered scene to scene. This was one of the most impressive Hayrides of the season for the team, but like the Unknown 2.0 some actors came out prematurely and lowered the scare level just a bit. But again, did not take much away from the wonderfully designed hayride. Another cool feature with this hayride was the combined paintball and regular hayride. Most Haunts have a whole different trip for the paintball attraction. Not here. Every customer experiences the same hayride. Here is how we voted for the Zombie Safari. 
Now it is time for HH365’s favorite attraction of the night. The Prison of the Dead
This attraction starts you off boarding a prison bus.
Full metal cages blocking in the very dark windows. Creates the feeling that you are really going to prison. Then out of the caged windows you see the search spotlight on top of the prison watch tower. After leaving the bus, you are met by a member of Zombie World that provides instruction and some more Zombie World details before you begin your tour of the prison. Then your journey begins. As you tour through the now condemned Willow Glen State Penitentiary, you will see where Zombie World has renovated the facility to hold zombies for you to see up close.

Now this attraction is a symbol of everything an attraction should be. This was an extremely detailed, original, very long haunted attraction. With amazing use of lighting, your hardcore writer jumped out of his shoes in this attraction. My hat goes off to the young man working the boiler room in prison of the dead. Very impressive. The entire prison tests your entire imagination. From a walk through on a school bus to trying to figure out which way to go. The Prison of the dead was a non-stop fear factory, pouring out scares at every crazy turn. This was a perfect attraction in our books. With no surprise, here is how we graded Prison of the Dead.
After Prison of the Dead, we headed back into the Theme Park and had to buy a very cool stein from the shop. Then headed over to the snack bar to enjoy some burgers and fried oreos. Another great perk about Zombie World at Shocktoberfest was that there was always something to do. You could hangout and watch scare actors attack the line, watch a zombie puppeteer great customers walking into the theme park and just sit back and watch a band. We really enjoy these features in Haunted Attractions. Who wants to sit in a car for two hours to just do a couple walk throughs and go home? This Scare Park was very impressive and we had a great time at Zombie World. Here is our Overall Score of Zombie world.
Now, our fans may have noticed that we have a few 5 bloodspat Haunted Attractions. So we need your help! We will not end this season in a tie! To the right of this page is a poll we have set up to get a fans perspective of the most popular attractions we reviewed. Make sure you vote now and we will see who will take home the coveted award. So Vote Now! And a big thank you goes out to everyone for making this page such a success this year. Stay tuned as we enter the Home Haunt world this weekend! Have a safe and productive Halloween, and get to a Haunted Attraction before time runs out. They live to scare the shit out of you, so go let them! Until next time. HH365.com  

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