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Welcome back to another edition of Halloween Haunts! Today we will talk about our visit to Night of Terror in Mullica Hill, NJ. Tonight was the first in close to six years that we have been back to Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farm. Tonight was a great surprise then what we have been used to from Night of Terror. 

This will always have a place for me as it was the first Major Attraction I have ever went to way back when it started. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary and you can see the growth. Let me stop blabbing on and on and lets start the review! 

The first Attraction of the night! 

The Haunted Hayride. This hayride has always been a good one but now it seems even longer and more immersive. Great scenes and lighting through out the entire ride. Great Giant Animatronics through every inch and great use of sound and fire all the way. The one spot we think that this Hayride is lacking adds to the sound part. They use some big booms to really get you to pee your self because they really do come out of nowhere but the lack of music is kind of a let down. With so many Haunted Attractions using great sound tracks to further immerse it's Guests, We wonder why Night of Terror has not added a speaker system to at least the Trailer. The Actors were a lot of fun and you can see the devotion they and jumping up on the carts! Let us get to the scoring. 
Once you finish the Haunted Hayride, you head into the next attraction for which there is no sign for so you can understand the lack of pictures. We even had to look up online what it was called. Why not have a sign, show off your hard work. We saw corn stalks so we thought we were heading into the old corn maze, but we were way wrong. The Next Attraction for the night: Harvest. 

Harvest seems like it took a chapter from every Haunt that has been located at Night of Terror. You get a little bit of Corn Stalkers, Slaughter Cave and Artic Freeze. With some more rooms to add to the fun. This was a pretty long attraction and much different then we were used to at Night of Terror. It added all of my favorite elements from previous Attractions to really bring together a nice Attraction. There is one room that really blows your socks off and its pure insanity. A lot of sparks is all I will say about that! Let us get to the ratings for Harvest. 
After Harvest, We headed into their new Attraction, 
The Playground. The Playground is a 3-D Clown maze that really puts the 3-D to actual use and not a gimmick. You can easily see the 3-D Instantly! This was a very cool new maze and I really want to go back to see how it grows through the years. The painting in this Attraction is some of the best we have ever seen and you can tell it took a very, very long time to finish! The one downfall was not Night of Terrors fault but more Covid-19. You have to wear a mask to Night of Terror and inside of this Attraction you have to wear 3-D glasses, well during Covid-19 we all have foggy glasses right now so it really took away from it, When this is all over I really want to go back to see it fully! Let us get to the scoring! 
This brings us to the next and last Attraction of the Evening. Dark Dreams. This was a brand new Attraction the last time we visited Night of Terror so I was looking forward to see the growth. I was quickly disappointed. We didn't notice a ton of change. The scenes were still out of nightmares so we understand the theme but there was a little too much down time blackout used. It kind of through you out of the idea of the theme of this Attraction. The Actors did a good job and it was still a fun Walk Through. Let us get to the scoring of Dark Dreams. 
That wraps up our 2020 Review of Night of Terror at Screamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. We have a bunch more reviews coming your way including three from Florida which has two Attractions that opened at HHN during the day at Universal Studios and a Major Haunt in the Orlando Area! So Make Sure You Keep It Here To HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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