Friday, October 22, 2021


Welcome back everyone to Halloween Haunts Tonight we complete our 2021 Review of The Last Drive, Located at Bloodshed Farms in Columbus, New Jersey. 
The Masterful Brains of Bloodshed Farms has had a lot of Adversity to compete with in the last couple years. They have had their plates full of problems and issues, but really, to come up with this idea, nothing short of Genius. This is a Haunted Drive Thru. The Team has really busted their ass to get a new idea off the floor and run with it. And they took the Idea and ran it right into the End-Zone. 

The trip starts before you even enter the Haunt. There are line Actors ready to torture you before you enter. There is even a cool food Drive-Thru set up so you can enjoy some snacks as you travel through the Attraction. 

This is one of the most original Ideas we have stumbled upon. They have built what was The Last Ride Hayride into a Drive-Thru from hell. You will drive through a ton of sets and scenes along the way. You will encounter some great creatures and Actors along the trip that took us about 25 minutes to complete. The Actors are great and the Scenes are on the way up! Much Improved over last year. From funny scenes to downright chilling scenes, The Team at Bloodshed Farms never disappoints as you can always expect a Family type of Haunted Attraction with some great screams and jumps mixed right in. This is also a great way to ease the littler ones into Haunted Attractions to prep them for more shocking exhibits in the Future. We dragged my 12 and 9 year old through last night and they had a lot of fun mixed in with a ton of screaming and maybe a tear or two. This will not be the Scariest Haunt of your season but I will Guarantee you have a great time. Now let us get to the scoring of Bloodshed Farms The Last Drive! 
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