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Welcome back to another edition of HH365! Today we have another wonderful Haunt Review coming out of our Correspondent, John! John has been with us for quite a few years and really helps us out when we get jammed up with to many Haunts! John recently visited Nightmare On Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ. Nightmare on Gravity Hill is a non stop walk through with many different scenes that you go through on your way to the end. Let us get to John's Review of 2021 Nightmare on Gravity Hill! 

Welcome back to another review for the 2021 season! This past Weekend we took a trip over to Jackson, NJ to go check out Nightmare at gravity hill and it was worth the trip. Tickets will run you $35 for the 45 minute trail and it was worth every dollar. Express passes will cost you $50, now let’s get into the attraction.

You start off by walking through a ghost town and it was honestly impressive how well the town looked and the actors were pretty good in this segment. One thing I noticed about this place is that a good part of it is walking along paths with black tarps but all the scenes your able to walk through and interact with is amazing. The Freddy Kruger scene and the theater scene are hands down my favorite, not to give too much away for the theater scene but the showing of jaws is the best showing of a movie ever. The Freddy scene was good but the 2 actors for the scene really brought the area alive. Besides that, your journey will take you through a voodoo shack, a butchery, and a decently sized cemetery. The things that really stuck with me was the scene, and actors just due to the fact that they went all out for the scenes and the actors were energetic and ruthless which really gave the place another bonus points in my book. The length was good as well it’s truly a 45 minute trail. 

I definitely will be coming back here again to see what they improve on and add. For my first time here, this place made me want to come back next year. Thank you for reading!!!!! 

Scoring For Nightmare on Gravity Hill:
Wow! A Great review out of a growing Haunted Attraction. We visited Nightmare on Gravity Hill close to two years ago I believe and it looks like it is growing nicely and with a Nightmare scene, I may have to make a visit back next season. We will have John on the podcast and you tube show soon to go over this Haunt, HHN and a few other things once we can set up when to record! Make sure you all subscribe to the You Tube channel and podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast and many other platforms! That is all we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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