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Welcome back everyone to the latest edition of Halloween Haunts Last night we took an Epic trip through Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. This time though, we felt like we were in Brand New Attractions. Enough waiting, let us just dive into the details about Bates Motel 2021. 

Bates Motel is a Great night out for everyone. There have something for the entire family. Three World Class Attractions, Food, Escape Rooms, Axe Throwing, Hell even Coffin Rides if your feeling that kind of way that night. We started our trip on "Haunted Hayride". But WAIT!!!!! For 2021, The Haunted Hayride at Bates Motel is called Psycho Path. In 2021, you get to WALK THE HAYRDIE! WOW! I heard this from another review group, the original Haunt Review Crew. I did not know how this would sit with me. I love hayrides. But I love Set Designs more. It did not really dawn on me until I was standing next to a scene I have only seen going by in a cart. I got to walk up to it and see the detail. You Could Finally See Everything! I LOVED WALKING THIS HAYRIDE!! This was outstanding and a great Covid fix idea that should stay. I think it will completely help their input-output on crazy nights like last night where the Hayride line was basically around the park. I am going to leave all of the scenes out of this review except one. The Dragon scene with the volcanos was out of this world and I loved being so close to it to really catch all of the missed details. I will just jump to the scoring as you should just jump in your car and get there tonight! 
Yes, that is a full 5 blood splat review from Not many of them out there for hayrides this year but this was well-deserved. Directly after Psycho Path, you are sent into the queue line for Revenge of the Scarecrows. We do not have the best entrance photo for this as it came up really quick and I did not want the phone out while entering the Attraction so we will borrow one from The Bates Motel Website. 
Again, This is not our photo and all rights are reserved by Bates Motel and their Ownership Team. Now, Revenge of the Scarecrows is a walking trail Attraction. It does a great job with the Actors and the Scenes as you traverse many different types of scenes. This is not your typical Trail as there are many times you enter into full on houses and mazes. From Cemeteries to Snake Pits, This Trail has a shit ton! This Attraction feels to us like it changed the least but overall, it was still a fun trip through. Let us get to the scoring. Our only even smallest point would be that it lacks a little of the Intensity of the other Attractions. Which depending on Group Personalities, May not even be a bad thing! But, we call it how we see it here at HH365!   
After Revenge of the Scarecrows. You get to Visit the Belle of the Ball. Bates Motel. 
Do not be surprised if you do not recognize most of The Bates Motel for 2021. The team was very busy this offseason and as many as 9 rooms were completely changed and additions were added to others. This Attraction Blew it out of the park! I loved every second, every scene, every change made in this Attraction in 2021. This one is easy and worth any line or price of admission. This will easily be in the running at the end of the year for Attraction of the Year! Here is my scoring for Bates Motel. 
After you are done Bates Motel, you are finally allowed back into the park area. Not a huge fan of this design but we understand and Bates did it very different. There were employees available if you wanted to go get a drink before the next Attraction so you were not completely stuck like others. Bates has a great Gift Shop and Great food including a normal food spot and a Fresh Donut stop. You can jump in a coffin, you can buy some swag, you can throw Axes and Escape from certain doom. All of this is Available for you to have a great time this Fall. The also have traveling escape rooms, laser tag and axe throwing if your company needs something fun to do. 

Bates can be a great night out for the entire family, even if you have the misses or the little ones who are too scared to go into the these Attractions. There is plenty of other stuff to do! Here is our final score of Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride or Psycho Path. 
That is all we have for you today at HH365! It has been a fun Half Season with way more to go. Check out our You tube video and podcast below. Make sure you subscribe and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


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