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Welcome back to another episode of Halloween Haunts Tonight, we continue with our next stop on the 2021 Haunt Tour. Our Correspondent John went out to Oasis Island of Terror. Let us see what he had to say about a newly covered Haunted Attraction from HH365. Lets go! 

Oasis Island of Terror 2021 Review 

Welcome back to another review for the 2021 season! This past Weekend we took a trip over to Robbinsville NJ to check out Oasis Island of Terror! There are two attractions at Oasis Island of Terror, and they are Blackout, and the Woods have Eyes trail. The Midway there is kind of cool looking. It is like a little farm town which they use during the day for kids to roam around and do other stuff. The pumpkin displays were amazing, and the main display was a Jack and Sally pumpkin statue scene. Now let’s get into the attractions…
The first attraction we entered was Blackout and Man, This Attraction did not have it. This attraction was like getting stuck in a black trash bag with 4 actors wearing bad masks for five minutes. You’re just walking through what seems to be like a tent with trash bags for walls and actors popping out of little holes throughout the bags. I was really disappointed with this attraction but what else could you expect from a blackout attraction besides Pitch black at Reapers. Now let’s get into the second attraction here. 
Next up is The Woods have Eyes. 
This attraction was 1000 times better than the Blackout attraction. You could compare this to Nocturnal Wasteland at Field of Screams. Your journey through the woods takes you up to a chicken shack with a inbred chicken human looking thing, a swamp with the Wendigo chasing after you, and probably my favorite part about this attraction was your walking into a kitchen with a clown but you get stuck in the kitchen and you might have to walk through a fridge with a very hungry Vampire. The only annoying parts of this attraction was that there were a lot of dead space and I mean a lot, you would go maybe 5-10 minutes without any actors. I felt the slow part was a little too long. One thing I want to add is that it’s just you and your group walking through the trail they space each group with a 3 minute gap which made it a little more entertaining. 
So, to finish up. Oasis Island of Terror has a lot of room for improvements to do especially starting off with getting rid of that Blackout attraction. But I would give this place another chance in the future, and I would recommend coming out for the Woods have Eyes attraction. Thank you for reading!!!!! Here is my final score from Oasis Island of Terror
There is also an Escape Room and things for the little ones to do during the day time. So make sure you check out Oasis Island of Terror. Thanks again for reading! 

Well, a Big Thank You to John for covering some Haunts we could not make it to in 2021. We have all been very busy providing you with the most Honest Reviews around. That is all we have for you today at Halloween Haunts! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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