Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Haunt Tour Stop # 18 Bennett's Curse


Welcome back to Halloween Haunts Today we have another Remote Review from John from Bennett's Curse. It looked like he had a good time. Let us send it to John! 

Welcome back to another review for the 2021 season! This past Weekend we took a trip over to Maryland to go check out Bennetts Curse! It is one massive Attraction split into 4 different segments which are Inferno 3D, Underworld, Ravenbrook Asylum, and Legends of Halloween. Now one thing that had me scratching my head is how are you going to have a 3D haunt but charge people for the 3D glasses? The queue line was actually interesting it was a lot of neon paint. Now let’s get into the attractions…

The first attraction we Started off with is Inferno 3D and hands down this was one of my favorite attractions here! The story behind it is your walking through the story of Dante’s Inferno. The whole Attraction was painted with that same neon paint but it made the Attraction look like you were walking through a comic book kind of. The best thing I saw was the giant 3 headed dog prop, it was the best prop I’ve seen all year. This walk thru was about 10-20 minutes give or take. Not really a lot of actors in this area as it was the same handful of actors that kept popping out but they were really amazing at what they were doing. The next attraction up is…
Next up is Underworld. The story behind this attraction is you are in Hell and you have to try and make it out of Lucifer’s Realm. This attraction was mostly a blackout maze but man the scenes you were able to see were beautiful. At one point your in Lucifer’s castle and you get jumped scared by Lucifer and his 2 demons. There were a lot more actors than the last Attraction and like the last one they really worked their asses off. At one point walking through this Attraction. I remember walking down a hallway with armor and there was a fallen obstacle you had to climb over which I don’t know if that was part of the attraction or not. This was probably a close second to being one of my favorite mazes but it didn’t just make it.

Next up is Ravenbrook Aslyum. Now this attraction is amazing. A lot of the stuff they did was completely different and amazing on how they pulled some of the stuff off. This attraction feels like a Brighton Asylum type haunt but a little bit different. The scenes could’ve been a little bit better looking but we’re still beautiful. I remember the floors were moving a lot and it was half blackout maze and half funhouse style type of maze. 
Last up is honestly my FAVORITE maze here and the name of it is Legends of Halloween. This maze takes you through the Halloween world. You’ll come across giant killer spiders, Mummies, Zombies, Werewolves and more. The doll room in here was insane it scared me two times. The Cult room was hands down the best Cult room I’ve seen in any mazes this year. I loved everything about this maze, the scenes, scents, and of course the actors. If you love Halloween I would definitely recommend coming to Bennett’s Curse just for this attraction.
Now that’s the end of my review for Bennett’s Curse. 
Here is the Overall: 
I recommend coming here because this whole attraction is fantastic. just the one thing was charging for 3D glasses that just doesn’t sit right with me. I will be trying to come back here for the Krampus event that they do be sure to check for that. 

Another cool review from John, Thank you man. Thank you for stopping by Halloween Haunts Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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