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Welcome back to another edition of Halloween Haunts 365! Tonight we continue our Haunt Season with a journey to The Valley Of Fear and the Original Hayride. Valley of Fear is located in Feasterville-Trevose, PA. Valley of Fear is made up of Three Haunted Attractions for the 2021 Season. Miles Manor, Willie's Shipwreck Cove and The Original Haunted Hayride. There is also some nice bonfires and some good full out food available before or after your journey through the Valley. Let us get to the Attraction Reviews. 

Our first stop is always The Original Haunted Hayride. This hayride really has it all. Great scares, Great Actors, Great Shows and outstanding special effects. We wish it was a tad bit longer but all in all I really enjoyed this hayride this year. Another good feature with this hayride is that they mix in movies with original scenes. The tough your nostalgic side while adding a pinch of new. With great sound in the actual scenes it really adds to the drama. This is one of the few Must See Hayrides of the season. Let us get to the scoring because we have to add another Hayride into the Final Votes for Hayride of the year. 
Next up was another Great Attraction at Valley Of Fear.
Miles Manor. Miles Manor is a great Manor Walk through. With great jump scares and outstanding acting at every turn. This attraction was tons of fun. We even got some new jump scares that I did not even see where it came from. The fantastic Fa├žade is only the beginning of Miles Manor. Plus! That fog game was off the charts and I loved it. Let us get to the scoring of Miles Manor. 
Very close to a 5 blood splat Haunted Attraction. I think it will be there soon. Now onto the Final Attraction of the night. 

Willie's Shipwreck Cove. 

Willie's Shipwreck Cove was a new idea on the Haunted Trail concept. It feels like you are walking through a Pirate town. Good Actors throughout and some really cool effects that if your not careful will have you jump the plank. This was a decent length Trail but you can see it was in its first year and we are excited to see what more comes to it. The amount of work done already was astounding but there was still some heavy downtimes. We are excited for its future. Let us get to the scoring of Willie's Shipwreck Cove. 
Valley of Fear is a wonderful night out. Make sure you go check it out before its too late! Here is our overall scoring of The Valley of Fear and Original Haunted Hayride. 
Check out our Video Review below that goes a little deeper into the Haunt. It is right below! 
As for this review, that is all we have for you today at Halloween Haunts Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 


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