Sunday, October 31, 2021



Welcome back everyone to another edition of Halloween Haunts Today is Halloween. A fun day for many people across the world. But for us Haunt Fans, The Beginning of the end of the Season. Everyone always asks if I am so into Halloween, why do I not like the actual day of Halloween. It is simple. The greatest season of the year is coming to a close. It is always full of sadness when we have to say good bye to our favorite past time for a full 43 weeks. 

We want to take this time to thank all of you for supporting us through the past seven seasons. It has been the greatest ride and the 2021 Season was our Greatest year. Since Halloween is kind of our New Years Eve. Many Haunts Shut down, Restarting the year. In this season, we were able to create something we have been working hard on the past couple years to make happen with the podcast and You Tube Channel. Both are growing faster then I expected with such an odd topic. 

Like we always do, we will continue to keep the Halloween Spirit alive every day and week. We have a ton of content coming your way. We want to dive deeper into Haunted Attractions with Actor, Owner, Builder and even Make Up Artist Interviews. We have quite a few lined up for you. We will then dive into the Movie world with some reviews and deep dives into the making of some classic films that we all grew up with. We will also get into True Crime and Serial Killers. The true crimes that have Haunted this world for decades. Then we will also pop our noses into Real Hauntings. We have quite the story to tell and we will continue with other tales from the Supernatural. 

Well, we have a few more Haunt reviews left in the tank. Once those wrap up we will be in the middle of  Haunt Voting to see who will win the coveted Fan Voted Haunt of the Year. We have finalized HH365.coms picks but you will have to wait for that to come! 

Again, Thank you so much for the support and growth we have seen in 2021. Unlike other "Haunted Attraction Review Groups", We will not be going anywhere and the Content will continue to flow like the past 7 years have showed. 

Now! As of today, Voting has started on Fan Voted Haunt of the Year. Send in those votes anyway possible. Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Website. Blast your Favorite Haunt from anywhere. Get your vote counted, we only have two weeks to complete. Vote Now! 

That is all we have for you on this always sad day. But! Keep it here to HH365. Where Every Day Is Haunt Season. 

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