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Welcome back everyone to HH365! Today we continue this long and winding Haunt Tour with Legends of the Fog located in Aberdeen, Maryland and this was our first visit to this Haunt ever. Let us get into the review. 

Legends of the Fog is made up of Four Attractions including Haunted Hayride, The Farewell Hotel, Corn Stalkers and Their newest Attraction, Slaughterhouse. There is also a great midway with a ton of games and things for everyone in the family to do. Plus, if your cold you can always stand by the decent sized fire in the middle of all the fun. Here are a few pics of the Midway. 
Well, let us get our hands dirty into the Attractions. First Up Haunted Hayride. 
The Haunted Hayride at Legends of the Fog was a lot like the rest of the Haunt, PG. This entire Haunt is more set towards the fun side of Halloween where the entire family can have a good time. Very little if any scares. Some fun scenes and some funny Actors. This is not your usual Haunt night out. It is more of an easy ride for almost beginners to the genre. I enjoyed the Cemetery scene for the short time your in it. Would have loved to stop or at least slowed down to check out the great lighting and a crazy effect in one of the Mausoleums. Let us get to the scoring. 
After you leave the Hayride you enter back into the Midway so you can grab a snack or play a game. The next three Attractions are all back to back. Next Up. The Farewell Hotel. 
The Farewell Hotel was a decent length Attraction that could really be so much more. There is such potential for hidden and jump scares. Funny and scary gags along the way but it really feel short for us. It was beautifully designed but the rest was not there. We are not sure if it was an off night or just letting way to many in at a time that we missed a lot. But there is a great room that I have not seen in a Attraction where you can really add a jump or a laugh and it just was not there. We will get deeper into this on the podcast. Here is our scoring for The Farewell Hotel. 
Right after the Farewell Hotel. You enter Cornstalkers. 
Cornstalkers is a "Haunted" Corn Maze. Sort of. It is more of a "Haunted" Corn Walk. I really hate to do this but I promised seven years ago to be brutally honest. This is The Worst Attraction I have ever been in. There is nothing going on. You cannot get lost. The Actors are too deep in the corn that you can actually hear them before the scare. There is nothing to this Attraction. Maybe some different color lighting? Blinding lights? Actors that do not have to run through the corn to get to you. It really gave their hard work away and were not able to achieve any scare. I was excited for this because other "Corn Mazes", Actors have the chance to be right on top of you without notice or even seeing them. Usually produces a good scare. But, this like the two other Attraction really falls into that PG Rating. If you have young ones, they will enjoy it but this is not for the Haunt Fanatic in the least. Let us get to the scoring of Cornstalkers. 
The Actors who were trying their best kept this from being our first ever one bloodsplat Attraction. Now, let us get into the last Attraction. Slaughterhouse. 
Slaughterhouse is one of the newer Attractions at Legends of the Fog and I am interested in what it can become. Right now, you can tell they are still working on it but it did have my favorite Scene of the night. It was great how the metal fence dead ended in the Hard Rock room. We will also get more into that during the podcast at the bottom of this review. This was much better then Cornstalkers. Let us get to the scoring. 
Well. A mixed bag for our first visit to Legends of the Fog. Speaking of, with a name like that we need MORE FOG. Here is our final score of Legends of the Fog 2021. 

That is our final score for Legends of the Fog 2021. If you are a young family, or do not like to be scared all night, this place is for you. With the games and slower paced Attraction we can see the draw from the kids to the Pre Teens. If you are a bigger Haunt Fan. Legends of the Fog is not for you. So check out the video below for a little deeper look into Legends of the Fog and that is all we have for you today at Halloween Haunts Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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