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Welcome back everyone! The next series from Halloween Haunts presents the Preseason Spotlight! This post will talk about Field of Screams. We will go over our past experiences and some news coming from the team at Field of Screams. 

Today is July 29th. May be insignificant to some, but for us Haunt Fanatics, It marks that we have only 44 days until the kick off of our 2021 Haunt Tour. Year after year, Our first stop is the one and only Field of Screams. Our 6th and Greatest season kicks off at a constant Haunt of the Year Contender. 

A little back story on Field of Screams. Field of Screams is built around four World Class Attractions. Den of Darkness, Haunted Hayride, Frightmare Asylum and Nocturnal Wasteland. Surrounding the Haunted Attractions is a major Midway with Games, Food and Escape Rooms. With outstanding pricing on all of the ancillary Attractions, Field of Screams is a True Fall Night Out For The Entire Family. Click below to access their Website:


Hours of Operation: 

"Field of Screams is conveniently located in Lancaster County, PA in the town of Mountville. Field of Screams is consistently the most popular and scariest haunted attraction destination for locals as well as visitors from other nearby east coast cities such as Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. Don't be fooled by imitators. There is only one true Field of Screams and victims drive for hours and to the Original, one and only Field of Screams Farm in Lancaster PA to get the most blood-curdling, hair-raising terror they have ever experienced. Live in your nightmares as you journey through each attraction and be prepared for the most horrifying experience of your life because Field of Screams takes fear to a whole new level. Are you prepared to Experience the Chill of Field of Screams?" This quote and the above picture was taken right from their website. We enjoy this marketing quote because it is so much more then Marketing, It is the Truth. 

We have reached out to the Ownership team at Field to see what kind of changes we can expect for the 2021 season. The email was close to five full paragraphs long. It always is from there. Will any of that make this website? No. You do not get to cheat, we just like to get the behind the scenes to torture our fans. I will tell you where to expect them but not what they are. 

1. A ton of work went into Den Of Darkness for the 2021 Season

2. A change in Frightmare Asylum that fits perfectly. 

3. Just go buy your tickets! 

Mark your Calendars Everyone. September 10th is coming quick! Buy your tickets now and always splurge for the VIP! It allows you to enjoy the Haunt more and gives you more time to throw some heads through the hoops! This is easily one of the Best Haunted Attractions in the country, if you are lucky enough to have access. Stop wasting time and get there! We will see you all September 11th 2021. Come say Hi! We love all of you! 

That is all we have for you at Halloween Haunts Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!  


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