Thursday, August 12, 2021


Welcome Back To Another Preseason Spotlight brought to you by Halloween Haunts! Tonight we take a look at Brighton Asylum, one of the Biggest Attractions in the State of New Jersey and the United States. Along with Field of Screams, Brighton Asylum builds up and changes every single season! When we started visiting Brighton Asylum, it was just three Attractions, a few escape games and then you went home. The Attractions were easily always up for the running for Haunt of the Year every year for the last five years. They took that to the next level over the past few years. This is officially a Night out the entire family can enjoy without even walking into a walk through.

Over the Years, Brighton has added, Axe Throwing with The Hack Shack. More escape rooms. A Ghost Hunt and even now a free standing Horror/Movie Museum in the midway. Brighton has always been the fastest growing Fall location and they have not stopped. Even with the troubles of 2020/2021, Brighton has continued to build and evolve. 

Brighton Asylum is broken into three World Class Attractions. Portal 9, Brighton Asylum and The Bleeding Grounds. Portal 9 and the Bleeding grounds are only a few seasons old and really knock it out of the park. Every single set is Hollywood Quality. The props and Actors are always Fantastic and we have never been disappointed. Here is a quip from their website. 


BRIGHTON ASYLUM, the legendary haunted asylum complex featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, ABC, NBC, FOX, and media outlets all over the country, shut down in 1952 due to staff and patient disappearances, as well as intolerable living conditions. Now, the asylum has re-opened and is accepting new patients! Brighton Asylum is a massive walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, horror movie style scares, and Hollywood quality special effects. Check in here. You have nothing to lose but your mind!

The team at Brighton does like to tease me with their Emails and I would not have it any other way. What can you expect new at Brighton Asylum? Here we go! 

1. Changes to Portal 9. 

2. A Brand New and very long Escape Room

3. New Eye Candy through out all three Attractions

4. Even more additions to the Midway! 

5. Again, Go buy tickets now! 

Below, you can find their website. 


Here are the Hours for the 2021 Season

You really need to check out the website from which the title picture was borrowed from. Every Year, Brighton will have Epic Off-Season Openings with Holiday or Horror Themes. We have been there for many Off-Season Events and it is always worth the ride up! 

Brighton has a special place with us. As we have grown, they have grown as well. As we are a completely different website then we were at the beginning, so is Brighton Asylum a completely different night out from when we first visited. 

We look forward to our trip up to North Jersey every year. This team loves to grow the Haunt and you should really head up and see it for your self. This group is always in the running for Haunt of the Year. We do not see that changing for 2021. 

From the Creativity behind every turn, to the Hollywood sets you can film five star Horror movies at. Brighton Asylum is Always a Must See Attraction. 

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