Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Welcome back to another new segment of HH365! Haunt Spotlight. We wanted to take sometime during the Off-Season to show our appreciation to all of the Haunted Attractions we can. We figure why not give an overall review of the last five years of us working with Haunts with Reviews and helping to get the word of mouth going further. Our First Stop on The Haunt Spotlight, one of our favorite's, Field of Screams.

Field of Screams is one of the couple Haunts that is on my mind constantly throughout the year. It is our kickoff show as it is one of the earliest to open. Every year we like to pester the Ownership team about this time of year about what is new and what they have for us the upcoming year and I always get the same hysterical generic answer: We are always working on all our Attractions in the offseason, We look forward to seeing you guys! Haha. Year after year, we get that response and we look forward to it. 

FOS kicks off their opening weekend with a VIP event that Saturday night were they invite the media in to check out that years show. It is a weekend I look forward to all year once I get into the car to leave. 

FOS is easily one of the Best Haunted Attractions Ever. From Movie Quality set ups to some of the most skilled Actors in the business. FOS works hard all year long to present one of the World's best Fall Show. There is very little derogatory things you can speak about this Haunt. Even during a Pandemic, Field of Screams found a way to make distance scaring a thing. We still enjoyed the hell out of our night during that 2020 season. 

FOS is a fully immersive experience. Even if Haunt's are not exactly your thing and you are more into family night outs. FOS delivers with food aplenty and games galore. You do not even have to enter a walk through to have fun at FOS. From Escape Rooms, Carnival games and the Atmosphere, Field of Screams delivers everywhere. 

When you do face the fear and enter a walk through or the Hayride, get ready to have your head blown. I fell in love with this place at first sight. During the day, with no machines or effects operating. It is the detail. Detail is very important to the team at FOS. And they strive every year to add to it. 

We want to thank everyone involved at Field of Screams. The friendships we have built has helped grow this site and we Thank you all so very much. FOS will always hold a special place in my Heart and I will always look forward to that weekend in Mid-September. 

That is all we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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