Thursday, June 4, 2020


Welcome back to another installment of HH365! Today we continue coverage of some great Haunt Actors who make the Action we all know and love. Let us continue with Jeckel Skeleton. Let us get to the interview!

1. How long have you been haunting for?
I have been acting since 2006. I have acted all over the state of Pennsylvania. Working many different Haunts including Jason's Woods, HHN Orlando, Field of Screams and many more. My parent's used to run a Haunt in a Campground as well.

2. What brings you back to Haunting Year after Year?
The adrenaline rush from scaring the test subjects, oops, I mean Victims, No, Wait, that is not right, I mean Fans. I also enjoy teaching people new things about the Haunt Industry like new tactics and jump scares.

3. Where did you start Haunting?
I started at two places originally. I worked for my parent's at their Haunt and also Jason's Woods.

4. What is your favorite part of a night in a Haunt?
The sense of fear you get off of the fans walking through the Attraction. Also I enjoy getting into my Character.

5. What is the worst part of working in a Haunt?
The abusive customers. Also I hate to see when Parents bring children under the age of ten inside the Attraction. I used to be very afraid before I became and Actor and do not want to see Children needing therapy.

6. What is your all-time favorite scare onto a Customer?
Hopping over Hayrides from side to side when the lights flash blinding peoples eye sight. Then I can blindly jump scare the customer.

7. What is your Favorite Haunted Attraction outside of your own?
Hmm. I would have to say HHN Orlando but a very close second is one where I used to work, Pennhurst Asylum.

8. What is your favorite Theme in a Haunted Attraction?
Cemetery. I know it is old fashioned but I feel at home.

9. Do you have further plans with the Haunted Attraction Industry?
I want to eventually become a Manager at the Haunt I work at.

10. Where does the inspiration for your Character come from?
The inspiration for my Character actually comes slightly from the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. I grew up watching Tales from the Crypt as a Child then eventually put my own spin on it. I also had a skeleton in my Art Class in school which resulted in my love for skeletons.

11. What are you most looking forward to in the 2020 Haunt Season?
Seeing all of the new Actors coming in and looking forward to working with them.

12. Do you expect the 2020 Haunt Season to be vastly different then other Seasons?
yes, due to the whole Pandemic we are going through, I do expect some things to be different when they decide to finally open up it will be great.

13. How long does your make up set up take per night?
The costume takes about 15-20 minutes then the make up takes 20-25 minutes to put on.

14. How often do you work on your Character?
Monthly, He always needs some work but when it comes time to play, we are ready in minutes.

15. What do you do for a living outside of Haunting?
I work for a Family Business and Family Bakery.

Well that was another great interview by another great Haunt Actor. Make sure you keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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