Thursday, May 28, 2020


Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will continue our Haunt Actor Interviews with a talented cast member of Field Of Screams, ELEKTRA Q! Let us get to the interview!

1. How long have you been haunting for?
   3 Years!

2. What brings you back to haunting year after year?
  My fellow Actors, my Attraction and just being part of an experience for people.

3. Where did you start Haunting?
  Field of Screams in Mountville, PA

4. What is your favorite part of a night in the Haunt?
  Just running around the entire Attraction in my Character.

5. What is the worst part of working in a Haunt?
The abrasive customers who come in hitting us intentionally and not by accident.

6. What is your all-time favorite scare onto a customer?
  Coming out of nowhere unexpectedly, they are always creeped out by that.

7. What is your Favorite Haunted Attraction outside of your Attraction?
  Brighton Asylum in Passiac, NJ

8. What is your favorite Theme in a Haunted Attraction?
  I Love Hospital themes!

9. Do you have further plans with the Haunted Attraction Industry?
  Just to help out as much as I can aside from Acting.

10. Where does your Inspiration for your Character come from?
  I am a Big History Nerd, so i get a lot of inspiration from actual Nurses and Doctors from History.

11. What are you looking forward to in the 2020 Haunt Season?
  Just getting back into my Character and seeing my fellow actors.

12. Do you expect Haunt Season 2020 to be vastly different than other seasons?
  Yes, especially after the Coronavirus, I definitely think it will have a Major Impact on the coming season.

13. How long does your make up setup take per night?
  20-30 minutes, I have a great Makeup Artist. Her IG is pizzababe_sfx

14. How often do you work on your Character? 
  Yearly! Always trying to improve!

15. What do you do for a living outside of Haunting?
  I work for an online Retailer that sells Health and Fitness products.

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