Thursday, April 9, 2020

Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss Part 4. Social Media

Well, Well, Well, the yellow pumpkin throwing money around is back which means it is time for another Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss segment. Today we will be taking a dive into Social Media and what it can do for your Haunt! Let us get started!

Social Media has really become a way of life in today's world. Every spends way too much time on it and it has been an easy way to reach out to people you don't see that often. Also, it allows you to keep your brand in peoples minds all year round. Let us look at some tactics that will really bring the people to your ticket booths this season!

#1. One of the best Social Media tactics I have seen as of late has been to produce weekly behind the scenes video of new Attractions and or things to do at your Haunt without giving it away. A few Haunts are posting weekly on their Facebook page with sneak peeks and not giving away too much information. This will keep the public hungry and interested even when we are so far removed from Haunt season. Using the tease will truly bait them into your ticket lines this fall.

#2. This is a continuation of the Advertisement thread earlier posted. This is becoming one of the best ways to advertise your Haunt. Post videos weekly. These can or cannot be professionally done. If you have a few videos from last season go a head and post them weekly, have it show up in your fans feed and they will share it. Have surveys weekly. See what the fans of your Attraction have to say and do not wait for the season to gather this Intel. You can fix what some people do not like now so why wait. Always Gather Intel! Even if you are satisfied with what your Haunt is producing, you can always grow. Use Social Media to stay in the minds of your fans and grow to reach other fans. This does not always have to be about your Haunt. Some Haunts are even having Horror Movie posts about what their favorite Horror Movie is and so on, just keep the public invested so when fall comes by, you are their first stop.

#3. Showcase your talent! Your make up artist kill it every night during the season. I am sure their phones are loaded with tons of pictures from last season. Start an Instagram showcasing your crews talent. Feel free to give them the credit. It will show them they are valuable. And it is last years make up so you are giving up nothing about the upcoming season. Make up artist pictures are huge right now on Instagram. Take advantage, show love to your staff and always include your brand in the posts. This is a no brained win win.

#4. The biggest rule for Social Media would be during the season. Do not let associates post pictures of your Haunt or at least what you want to leave a surprise for all the guests. Have them wait until November to start posting everything they want to post. The last thing you want to do is have the public already see what is coming from Workers or Associates posting pictures in their private posts. we saw this a lot last year from Haunts around the Country. You Own The Rights to your Haunt, So do not allow posts In Season. Save it for more Social Media Fuel in the off season.

That really is just a start and some quick easy pointers for social media usage in the Haunted attraction Community. Make sure yhou keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!


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