Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss Part 3. Advertising.

The pumpkin tossing the cash is back! That's Right! Another episode on Haunted Attraction Profit and Loss Part 3. Advertising. Lets get to it!

Advertising. Everyone knows what it is, but not everyone can do it Successfully. Advertising can very much become like throwing money in a pit of nothing and hope it grows. There are so many different ways to Advertise that it will be tough to fit it in this post. but, let us start with a few and see where we go from here.

TV spots. The most expensive way to Advertise. But in today's world, it may not be the best way anymore. The world is turning into a Streaming hub. Netflix, Amazon and so on. Most of the streaming today has zero commercials. Any commercials you spend money on for local or national TV now have a 70% chance of not even being seen. Many places have started making their own videos and doing a sponsored  hit on YouTube and or Facebook. This will increase your chances on viewership.

Pamphlets. Believe it or not. A lot can be achieved through the pamphlets. If you can make the front page of the book eye popping and eye catching, people will grab it. It does not hurt to also add a coupon or two and really talk about your Haunt. This will gain admission at the door. Also, add a coupon for food, escape rooms, ax throwing or anything else your attraction offers. This tactic will make people hold on to the pamphlet and keep it in their mind for the upcoming Haunt Season.

Social Media. The power of Social Media is an extreme one in today's climate. We will have a separate part of Profit and Loss for this subject so keep tuned.

Word of mouth. Yes, Unbelievably Guerrilla Marketing works. Get out and talk to other businesses. Cross promotions can be huge! It does not have to be with another Attraction. Even though cross marketing can work do not limit it to the Halloween business at hand. Check out local food shops and other small owned businesses. Cross Advertising will benefit your Haunt and their business. Offer coupons or advertising in each others location. It will grow the word of mouth and both businesses win. It does not hurt to take to the road and just talk. It costs nothing more then time.

That is our start at Advertising. Keep it here to HH365 for more! HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.   

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