Friday, April 10, 2020

Fun Facts Friday, Child's Play (1988)

Welcome back to another episode of Fun Facts Friday at HH365! Today we will be taking a look into facts around the original Child's Play. Let us get to the fun!

1. Chucky's full name was a combination of three well known murderers. Charles Lee Ray. It was created from Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.

2. Child's Play original script had nothing to do with Charles Lee Ray or the Lakeshore Strangler. Chucky was more of an embodiment of Andy's Rage. I am really glad they went with the story they did. It was also called "Blood Brothers".

3. In the scene where Maggie is babysitting Andy (Alex Vincent). Maggie is sitting on the couch and Chucky goes running passed her. There was no special effects, That was Alex's little Sister dressed as Chucky running passed.

4. Don Mancini was inspired of the story Child's Play with the Cabbage Patch Kids Craze of the 1980's. He thought it would be good to write a satire about the marketing done to drive kids mad for these dolls.

5. Don Mancini was never a huge fan of the Voodoo plot line. Writer John Lafia wanted to use the story line of an inmate of Death Row transfer his spirit to a Good Guy doll when being executed.

6. The Animatronics used in Chucky were cutting edge for its time but never really used before. It took 11 men to control Chucky.

7. Some Scenes were not a doll or animatronics but actor Ed Gale. They would make scenes where everything in the back round was 30% bigger to help with the scale of Chucky.

8. Brad Dourif was almost not the voice of Chucky that we all know and love. After the success of The Exorcist and knowing that the demon played was that of a woman's voice. They thought about going with a woman's voice with a sound edit like a doll with a chip in it back in the 1980's. Another great decision that we are glad they did not make.

9. Chucky had his own theme song that did not make it into the film! I kind of want to hear this.

10. Tom Holland was almost not the director. David Kirschner who directed the Exorcist and Irvin Kershner was also reached out to about the Director seat of Child's Play.

Well, those are our ten fun facts about Child's Play (1980). Keep it here to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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