Saturday, March 14, 2020

Scores in Haunted Attractions

Welcome back to another installment of HH365! Yesterday, we took a look at how Vital and Important musical composers and scores are important to create the full Hollywood experience. Today, we will show you some examples of how the same effects can be brought to Haunted Attractions.

We are not saying that most Haunts do not have sound effects or scores lined up with their Attraction. We know that they do, but the issue we have with most are that they are completely forgettable. After writing the last article, we sat back and had a discussion on what walk throughs we really remembered from the entire experience sound included. Well, to keep it short. Most Haunts we visit have anywhere from three to six walk throughs. So, any given weekend or weekday we walk through about 12-15 weekly in season. We could only bring up three off the top of our heads instantly.

So out of close to 50 walk throughs a season. We only vividly remember three up and down. Why, because the sound never hit home.

The first one we remember was a room at Field of Screams. It played one of the creepiest songs of all time and it really nailed the nail on the head with the room design. This room featured a bunch of  mannequins dressed in drapes with a few live actors hidden in the group to really jolt you.  The song playing was actually from the film "Insidious". Here is a clip of that song now.
Just listen to that song. Still gives me the same chills it did in that room at Field of Screams. It pretty much works just like it does in your favorite movies.

A couple of the other ones that we remembered off hand were Frightland and Reapers Revenge music. They really fit every scene that you entered.

With all of this being said. We have a way to improve any room or Attraction you have by making the score work with the room. If people hear a certain thing and see a certain thing, let that play with their heads a little bit and it will make the scare that much better. There are a ton of trademark free songs available for download so you do not have to worry about Trademark infringement or anything like it. Add a few blue tooth speakers if you need to keep it on the inexpensive end. They are easily hide-able and  a charge will usually last you a night. So add that third or fourth dimension to every walk through you have just to deepen that experience. there are millions of sounds and songs available for free through out the inter webs. Use them! Make everyone remember that room or anything you have wanted to improve but it has not been in the budget. This could be the easiets way to a scare, or the fake out!

That is what we have for you today at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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