Monday, February 10, 2020

We Are Back!

Welcome back to another episode of HH365! After our brief Hiatus and our break from six day coverage. We are happy to announce that we are back!

We have exactly seven months until Opening night of Haunt Tour 2020 and we will continue our six day coverage starting today! We will be adding some new content across the board while also looking for some new blood across this great country to find some new contributors as we are always planning on growing.

We have added a Twitch channel which we are not completely sure how we will use but we are excited to get into a new form of connection with Haunt fans. Twitch becoming an up and coming place to watch interesting things, we figured we would starts a channel and see where it goes.

We will add some news as it is made available,  also continue our movie review segment as there are quite a few movies coming and from the past that fit this genre beautifully.

We also plan on building on our youtube site. One of our videos is over 1.3k viewed which we never ever expected and it continues to grow. It is our behind the scenes tour of Reapers Revenge. People have been watching that like crazy so we want to build on that and add new video content on top of our writing.

We have a ton left to do for 2020 so keep it here to HH365! Where everyday is Haunt Season!

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