Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Welcome back to HH365, Today is the Day! We will be announcing our pick for Haunt of the Year for 2019! Here We Go!

Field of Screams! Field of Screams won the 2019 Haunt of The Year here at!

We love this place and saw a ton of different Haunts this year but after many discussions and votes. Field of Screams came out on top!

Congratulations to Field Of Screams for Haunt of the Year 2019! It is much deserved and we love going there year after year! It is always the opener to our season and will continue to be Every Year we can keep this site going!

This wraps up our 2019 Awards Ceremony! We have a ton more content coming out for 2020! 2020 should prove to be the best year yet. We are looking for reviewers for the 2020 season, if you are interested just reach out to us anywhere, Social Media, this website, however you want!

That is all from HH365 Today, so keep it here Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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