Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Welcome Back everyone to HH365! Tonight's trip took us out to just outside Philadelphia, PA to Valley of Fear! 

We have not been to Valley of Fear for a couple years now and they made some great changes in our time away. They have added some new attractions and added a ton of new features to existing Attractions. Valley of Fear is also home to The Original Haunted Hayride. Let us get into the 2019 review of Valley of Fear! We would like to mention that most of the photos we will be using through out this review are property of Valley of Fear. We usually take pictures with the entrances but figured it would look better this way to try it out. 

Tonight's journey started at Operation Z Escape Adventure.
Operation Z is a very different kind of Haunted Attraction. This attraction starts as if you are entering Boot Camp and the instructors are setting you straight before you take the battle to the Zombies invading the grounds. You will also encounter some new things to actual Attractions when inside. Make sure you use your brains before the Zombies tear them from your head! This was more of an activity driven Attraction so scoring our way will really not reflect how cool this attraction was. Let us get to the scoring. The Actors were outstanding in this entire Attraction.
After we finished up Operation Z, we headed on over to The Original Haunted Hayride. 
The Original Hayride at Valley of Fear is your typical Hayride you find throughout October. This Hayride did stick out for a few scenes as well and some of the best Actors we have seen on a Hayride Attraction. With a very cool opening scene we were excited to see if the rest would carry and to our pleasure, it did. Let us get to the scoring of The Original Haunted Hayride. The Actors were great but missed a lot of timing here and there which would have made for bigger scares.
After finishing up on the Hayride we headed over to Miles Manor. 
All new for 2019, Miles Manor was a complete blast even though you can tell it is in its infancy state. We loved every turn in this Attraction and even had our team scream extremely loud not just once but twice! This was a great new attraction and we look forward to watching it grow even more! This was worth the trip and really added to the night. Make sure you head up and check out Miles Manor. Let us get to the scoring. 
The next and final stop for our 2019 trip to Valley of Fear was Scary Tales.
Scary Tales turns your favorite Fairy Tales into Nightmares. It is a very long Trail Haunted Attraction but it is packed and entertaining all the way through. This Attraction holds two outstanding Actors that really do not enjoy tardiness and will get in your face about it. This was not really our normal Attraction as it was filled with Fairy Tales but we ended up rather enjoying it after it was done. Let us get to the scoring of the Haunted Trail, Scary Tales. 
We have two 4 Blood Splat Attractions and two 5 Blood splat attractions. After voting and talking about how great the Actors were in every role and every room through the entire Haunt. We decided to go with.......

Valley Of Fear Overall:
The Actors are always the most important part of the show and they really shined at Valley of Fear! 

That completes out 2019 review of Valley of Fear. Make sure you keep coming back as we have many more reviews coming down the line only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season. 

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