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Welcome back for another episode of HH365! Tonight's journey took us a little south down to Middletown, Delaware for Frightland. Frightland is really just a wonderful night out. Whether a date night or taking a whole bunch of people there is so much to do in this park. From eight Haunted Attractions to great rides and great food, Frightland brings the Boardwalk to Haunted Attractions and we love it every year! Let us begin our lengthy review of Frightland 2019!

Recommended by Frightland, it is always safe to visit the Haunted Hayride first as it is the first to close and leads to three other Attractions. The Hayride line is very long but at Frightland they do their best to keep you entertained while waiting in lines with a DJ, some movies and blaring music to get you in the mood for fear!
Frightland always puts on a good hayride. We did see some changes and some pretty cool scenes as we rolled through on the wagon. It was an extremely busy night so it seemed as if we were moving a little faster then usual Hayride speed. This is understandable and we were still able to see the whole show and enjoyed it. Frightland uses crazy good props to add to their hayride show and always seems to us that they add one or two every year. From people being ripped apart to other fun things, these animatroics are among some of the best in the Industry. Without giving too much up, we will head over to the scoring for Haunted Hayride.
After you are released from your wagon, you exit and head right into Ravenwood Cemetery. 
Ravenwood Cemetery has usually been the weakest Attraction at Frightland. The last two years have made it in the top 4. Ravenwood is now a delight to walk through. The actors have perfected the timing and hiding practices. We can usually judge where and when someone will pop up but in Ravenwood, there was some complete surprises. Ravenwood is also easily one of the best lit Haunts we get the pleasure of walking through. Let us get to the scoring and spread the word about this ever growing Attraction at Frightland. 
The Ravenwood Cemetery dumps you off into Fear. We do not have a picture for Fear as you are still kind of in the Cemetery when the sign arrives so we did not want to put out the camera and have other people pull out their phones too because we were not sure when Fear really started. Let us get into our review of Fear! 

Fear is improving every year. It is half black out half detailed Haunt with pandemonium going on at every turn. It gets so loud in there from everyone screaming and the actors screaming and banging that it really does a Psychological number on you. This adds a new experience to Haunted Attractions, especially black out parts because you are already losing your vision, then your brain starts hearing crazy stuff, it really jumbles you up and makes it harder. This was a well done Attraction and every year it grows on me. It may be not be the biggest or scariest, but it just has a different feel that I enjoy. Let us get to the scoring on Fear. 
Fear is by no means the highest detailed or scariest attraction. But this is growing on us every year and we were excited to see what we did this year. We all voted and Fear ended up with five Bloodsplats. We are very interested to see what else can come out of this young Attraction. 

After Fear you are out front of the Old West Town of Redemption, Helaware for Zombietown.
Zombietown. Before we discussed how the Cemetery Attraction was our least favorite for a while. That has been replaced with Zombietown. This attraction we believe has become pretty stale to our eyes. This was either missing Actors or something. There was a lot of walking with very little scares set up. The scenes have not changed in a long time and remember a lot more jump scares set in. This Attraction took a hit this year and we had a hard time putting our finger right on the problem but this was not the usual Zombietown for 2019. Let us get to the scoring.
Next up for Frightland was The Zombie Prison
Zombie Prison is always one of our favorite Attractions at Frightland. 2019 was no different. As soon as you leave the elevator, that tunnel effect is easily one of the coolest at any Haunted Attraction anywhere. Then you throw in a white out room and some black out walk throughs, Zombie Prison is one of the coolest Attractions to walk through. We really enjoyed the changes made this year and are very interesting to see what 202 brings. Let us get to the scoring
After finishing up Zombie Prison we headed over to what is always our Favorite Attraction. Idalia Manor.
Idalia Manor is still our Favorite Attraction at Frightland for 2019. The Manor is extremely detailed and has usually the best Actors in Frightland. We did miss the office scare with the gun shot victim but her, everything needs to change sometimes. There are plenty more jumps and scares to keep it a full five Bloodsplat attraction every year. Lets just get to the scoring. 
Next up from our fun night at Frightland. The Haunted Barn. 
The Haunted Barn is a twist on all attractions. There is some Black out, there is some detail and there is always great Actors spread through out with great timing. The Haunted Barn is also a decently long Walk through with a ton of great scenes and hidden treasures. I cannot go too deep so let us get to the scoring. 
Next up and the last of the eight Attractions. The Attic
The Attic is 99% Black out. You have to feel your way through this ever winding maze of just blackness. The biggest piece of advice we can leave for you here is to hold on to whoever is in front of you and make sure you guard your face. This is a fun and unique attraction, especially when you feel the zap of discovery as you turn every corner and reach for every wall. Let us get to the scoring on the Attic. 
Frightland has it all to make any weekend night in October amazing. From 8 Haunted Attractions to a full on Carnival that even added a new Dark Ride. 
 Dark Rides are very hard to come by these days and now there is one at home at Frightland. So get in the car now and head on over! Make sure you get there early and have a fun night! Let us get to oyr overall scoring for Frightland 2019.
Frightland is always a wonderful night out. Thank you for having us and everyone did such a great job!

Make sure you keep up with HH365 as we have even more reviews coming out of the shoot for 2019! So Keep It Here To HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!


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