Monday, October 14, 2019


Welcome back to the next edition of HH365! This weekend we decided to change up the schedule a little bit and get out to a Home Haunt we have missed for the past four years. Psycho Trail. We are glad we made that decision as it was our kids first Haunted Attraction. They survived and witnessed what was a very impressive Home Haunt. Posted below you will see the remaining nights open for Psycho Trail.
Psycho Trail is located in Blackwood NJ. It is a free Haunted Attraction, they take donations for a great cause. This Home Haunt was easily worth the wait. In their first night open, they saw 1500 people. Remarkable numbers for a Home Haunt.

Psycho Trail still has a few nights open as you can see. The next night open is Friday, October 18th. So, if you are in the area and looking for a quick scare, come on out. The Actors are into it, The props are outstanding and the scenes are right from bigger Haunted Attractions. You can easily tell the Owner has done this on larger scales and just loves to Haunt. Let us get to the Home Haunt scoring. Of course we need to clarify it to keep it fair. Huge Attractions have major budgets and time. Home Haunts are completed by one person with very limited funds and time. So let us get to scoring this Home Haunt that we were very impressed with. The only hit they took was Fear Factor but that is understandable as it is designated towards more of a family night out. This was fun for all ages. My kids freaked out a little bit but this was their first time through anything but they calmed down and enjoyed it. Lets get to the Scoring!
For a Home Haunt, Their scenes could rival the cosmetics of some Full Time Haunts. This is worth the trip and you will not be sorry so save the schedule and head on over the next night they are open. Tell them HH365 sent you!

Well folks, we have a ton more reviews coming down the line, so Keep It Here At HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.

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