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Welcome Back Everyone to the next episode of HH365, today we have a new review from Field of Terror. This was written John Morris our traveling corespondent and it is his first one of the season. Let's turn it over to John and see what Field Of Terror has to offer. 

This past Sunday we took a trip out to East Windsor, NJ to visit Field of Terror.

We got there around 8:30 and to my surprise the parking lot was actually pretty packed with cars. When we reached the ticket window we had noticed that tickets have jumped a little bit this year. Going from 30 dollars to 40 dollars for all four Attractions. As you enter Field Of Terror, you can see concession stands and a large Bonfire to set the mood for this Fall night. After checking out the scene we headed on over to our first Attraction of the night. 

The Haunted Hayride
This is your typical Hayride. Your same scenes and props that you see in a lot of other places. It must have been a off night for this Hayride tonight as there was a lot of dead space between scenes and seemed to be missing a lot of actors. We felt it needed a lot more to keep our attention on this Attraction. It was pretty cool seeing a Haunt Friend being handy with his Chainsaw. Let us get to the Scoring.
Next up was The Killer Kornfield.

Killer Kornfield will always be my favorite attraction here just because I feel like this is where they put a very good portion of actors in this attraction. The scene that stuck out to me the most in this attraction is you have to crawl through a sandpit and you have about 3-4 actors grabbing at you when your crawling around the sandpits. Even though they had a lot of actors in this attraction, it still feels like they had a lot of empty space. Of course when you get a lot of actors you get the good ones and you get the basic ones that scream get out, help me, and so on. props were also very well done and the scenes were actually pretty cool at times as well. Let us get to the scoring for The Killer Kornfield.
The 3rd attraction of the night was The Unknown Barn. This attraction was okay as best. It was your average haunted barn with dead farmers, pigs, and people. The best and worst part of this attraction is when you have to crawl through the ovens. The Actors seemed to be missing motivation as we got deeper into this Attraction. Props were okay but could use some work to make this Attraction shine brighter. Lets get to the scoring!
The last attraction of the night was Timmons Manor. This Attraction is new because for some reason, whatever they put on this site never lasts more then a year which I find interesting. This Attraction is based on a Wild West themed house. One very unique quality this Attraction has is the length. Very long by most Haunt Standards. The best part of this house is the Child's Room, be careful of what is to come in there! The props in this house is really what stood out and why I gave it the score we did. Let us get to the scoring.
We had a fun time at Field Of Terror. They also have partaken in the use of Escape rooms by adding two quick ones just to improve the night out. With that being said, we noticed the things that we would have liked to see a little different with The Hayride and little things with other Attractions. Let us get to the scoring of Field Of Terror 2019! 
That is another review from HH365! Keep coming back for more reviews as there are plenty coming down the pipeline! So Keep It Here To HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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