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Welcome back to the next installment of HH365! Today we will have our review of one of our favorite Haunted Attractions. Brighton Asylum. Brighton Asylum is an easy drive from PA, NJ and elsewhere. And when we tell you it is worth sitting in a car for a nit, we mean it is worth it! Located in Passaic, NJ, Brighton Asylum is not much to look at from the outside. But, with Haunted Attractions, it is what is on the inside that matters! And Brighton is always one of the best, if not the most detailed Haunted Attraction you can visit! Brighton Asylum changed their Tunnel Attraction this year and what they added blew us away! Brighton Asylum is broken into three different Attractions. PORT9L, Brighton Asylum and The Bleeding Grounds. Let us start our review. You will notice that we borrowed a lot of the pictures from their Website! They are all property of Brighton Asylum. Feel free to check them out at They have a strict no phone policy which we completely agree with! So keep your damn phones in your pocket, Instagram will be there if you survive.

The trip starts through your medical screening. You need to be screened before you enter the fun. It is important that you do not bring any toxins in. So after the introductory check up you move onto PORT9L.
Port9l is a new Attraction at Brighton and right away you can see one of the coolest additions to this Haunt. This is where I hate writing without spoilers because this effect was so cool! We will just leave it at that this is the first time we enjoyed seeing the newer LCD screen displays and actually used properly instead of just adding bad graphics to something to take attention away from a scare. The Port9l is your way to Brighton Asylum. You will cover many different terrains as you make your way to the Asylum. This is also where you see the difference that separates Brighton Asylum from the herd. The second you turn the corner to enter the Port9l, you see just how Movie Quality every single scene is. Yes there are a ton of Haunts with amazing detail. The difference is Brighton Asylum is fully dedicated to making every inch of their walk through the most detailed it can be. A lot of Haunts will have one or two highly detailed Attractions and then you can notice certain small details missing. Not Here! After finishing the Port9l you wind up at Brighton Asylum. Lets get to the scoring of Port9l

Brighton Asylum is exactly how it sounds. It starts as your Psychiatric ward walk through but as you go deeper, the world changes.  Brighton Asylum brings you all of your favorite rooms from all of your favorite Haunts into one Hollywood Style show! This is another spot where I wish we could go from room to room in this review but then there would be no surprise! Trust Us! This walk through alone is worth any price of admission. Brighton Asylum is literally a step by step adventure in one of the most immersive Haunts you can walk through. We look forward to this every year because we know the Leadership team takes pride in upgrading every year. Something magical happens when the Owner loves his craft and never stops growing.  Let us get to the scoring!
The next stop on the already incredible journey? The Bleeding Grounds.
We fell in love with this Attraction last year and could not believe what they were able to build in the short amount of time between seasons. Ha! Talk about growing an Attraction! The Bleeding Grounds now competes head to head with Brighton Asylum. The bleeding grounds adds even more of your favorite parts of any walk through into another section. The detail is up to par with the rest of the Haunt as you make your way through where the people who work at the hospital lived. From libraries to a dinner table that will spook you out of your shoes, The Bleeding ground brings the pain as much if not more then Brighton Asylum! The one tip I will leak, because it is just too cool to miss! When you are in the hallway with the plexi glass floor, make sure you look down and be ready to wave! You will never know what will go sliding by! Let us get to the scoring before I ruin anything else!

The three Movie Quality Attractions are not the only things to do at Brighton Asylum. There are Escape rooms, Axe Throwing and a new Paranormal experience called The Twitching Hour. Also, throw in some cool VR tech and you can fill your entire night at Brighton Asylum.
Let us give you our Final Overall for the Haunt in total.
This was not a close 5. THIS IS A MUST SEE HAUNTED ATTRACTION. If you love Haunts or Haunted Houses this must make your list. This is a Hands Down 5 Star of Blood Splat Haunt!

Come out tonight or whenever they are open! Brighton Asylum is Amazing. Also, make sure you check out the snack stand and get some goodies to help keep you fired up. also, make sure you bring your wallets and or purses, like a dumb ass, I managed to forget my wallet and missed out on purchasing a really cool Mug that all of you should buy for the cheap price of 7 bucks.

Brighton Asylum is something special. It has won our Yearly Awards before and is right back in the running again! Get There Now!

That is what we have for you today, we will keep this as the headliner as we head into the weekend! Make sure you keep it here at HH365! We have a ton more reviews coming down the pipeline! So Keep It Here At HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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