Saturday, September 21, 2019

Tonight's Location. Shocktoberfest!

Welcome back to HH365 for another episode. Tonight starts week two of Haunted Attraction reviews. Tonight's journey we head up to Reading, PA and Shocktoberfest.

We have not been to Shocktoberfest in close to four years so we wanted to make an appearance and see what changed and how one of our favorite attractions is faring. With our group not attending in years we are excited to see what is new and what has changed.

It looks to us that the Jurassic oh I am sorry, Zombie World theme has stayed intact. We enjoyed the originality of the Haunt theme surround Jurassic World even after thinking it would be just a use of what was popular at the time but we were very wrong.

Shocktoberfest is home to one of my all time favorite attractions, Prison of the Dead. at 50,000 sq ft, Prison of the Dead is easily the longest haunted attraction we have ever been inside and from what we can tell, the biggest this side of the Mississippi.

If you see us out there, feel free to come up and say Hi! We will be enjoying the night at Shocktoberfest! Stay tuned as Haunt Season has just begun and keep it here to HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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