Saturday, September 7, 2019

Haunt Tactics pt 2

Welcome Back to the next installment of HH365. Today we will continue our segments of Haunt Tactics. You can go back and read the previous article to view 1 through 4. Let us continue to go over Haunt Tactics as we get so much closer to our first Haunt tour of the season! We cannot wait to bring you all the Fear and Thrills from every night and crown a winner at the end of the year. Lets go!

5.  Cells made of PVC pipes. This has always been a favorite gag of mine when there is a jailhouse or zombie cage set up. Thin PVC pipes are very flexible towards the middle, but painted correctly can look like solid steel bars to the unsuspecting customer. With the Actor pounding away in the cell or fence wall, they can surprise the hell out of unsuspecting customers as they just pop right out from the cage and get in their face. This can be a very inexpensive add to a room that has been lacking something or a completely new gag to pull on the faithful customers.

6. Crawling for your life. One of our favorite scenes at a Haunt is an attic where you have to climb over dead bodies Of course to meet certain needs, you would have to have a way around it for people who cannot participate but this is so much fun. You are on your hands and knees crawling over silicone dead bodies when all you can see is the light coming from in front of you towards the exit. Something easy to do and further horrify your customer.

7.  Everyday Items can make a scene even weirder and bizarre. From exiting out of a port a potty to gags coming out of a kitchen sink when your told not to look in it. We have seen our fair share of helping backgrounds bring more to the walk through. Not only does common objects help with the bait and switch but they can be scares them selves. from little puffs of air to little rat tails a simple kitchen set up can add so much to a scene that it wont need much else.

8. Tunnel Vision. If you have about 20-30 feet of a straight run to work with, don't bother decorating every inch and building walls for every four feet with twists and turns. One our favorite attractions uses a slow blinking white round light at the head of the hallway, with the use of fog it creates a round illusion that makes you feel like you are in a tunnel. also, this illusion makes the walk way feel close to 100 feet long since everyone will be carefully walking wondering what is in this hallway with them.

That's our part two for Haunt Tactics. We hope you enjoy looks into different ideas that we have seen in our tours of Haunted Attractions. Keep it here to HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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