Friday, September 6, 2019

Halloween Shopping Reviews

Welcome back to the next installment of Today we will do a little review of the other Halloween stores you can visit other then Spirit Halloween. We like to throw an Annual Halloween party and sort of haunt out our house like our favorite haunted Attractions. Since we do not have the huge budget or the contacts to get the really cool stuff you see in Haunts, we have to rely on Spirit and other stores to complete that task, along with creating some of our own stuff.

Our first stop on this tour was at The Home Depot. Home Depot has really been stepping up their game in the Halloween decoration department year after year. We got to see a lot of different decorations, some fit our style and some did not. I am not a huge fan of the fall cute crap like hay and orange flowers so I always head for the skeletons and the dismembered body parts. Home Depot has a decent price for your 5ft skeletons at $32.99. I know Haunters always need Skeletons. They also have a neon green skeleton with red lit eyes for 40.99. Besides the skeletons we did see some different lighting displays with projectors and different style of light bulbs for outside and things like that.

From the picture above, Home Depot always carries some large display. This year it looks like the big one is the pictured above Pirate Ship. Not really my style, but if you are into pirates, this thing is huge and will be a conversation starter.

Our second stop brought us to Party City. This place must have lost its mind if you see some of these prices. From cheaply made fog machines that were ridiculously priced to an IT Jack in the Box with a little Pennywise inside for 36 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, a simple Jack in the Box for 36 dollars. Party City does have a good selection of costumes and party fair like plates, cups and things like that. The prices for the second class props were ridiculous.

Our opinion so far is stick to Spirit Halloween. They don't have anything this year that is really blowing us away but since everyone else is so expensive you may as well get the better looking props for just a few bucks more. I did buy a few nightmare on elm street things as I am a collector of all things Freddy! I bought three things so far from the Freddy collection and have spent less then that one Pennywise Jack in the Box.

So far these two stores are the only ones with the Halloween items we look for. Back To School is still going full force as my kids still are not back yet. So once that is done I am sure we will head to Walmart and see what they have for 2019. They usually have lighting much cheaper and some decent props, but who knows.

Thanks for reading! We are HH365, Where Every Day Is Haunt Season.

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