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Welcome back to the next episode of HH365! Today we will have our 2019 review for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. We would like to to take this time before we get started picking apart and prodding their amazing haunt to thank the outstanding cast and crew at Bates Motel for their time and hospitality. Thank you Cos for a very immersive look into Bates and Haunts like it, it is so greatly appreciated! Now, let us do what we do best and Review! 

Bates Motel is home to three world class attractions. The Bates Motel, The Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail. Bates also has a great midway with Snack stands, Ax throwing, five minute escape rooms and a doughnut stand that makes apple cider doughnuts. A quick review of that is that I do not even like apple cider doughnuts but they were outstanding! Bates also offers mobile Laser tag and Ax throwing for Corporate events or parties. Now, let us get to the bread and butter, As usual, our first Attraction of the night, The Bates Motel. 
And to show you how real men throw axes. 
The Bates Motel is always our favorite show at The Bates Motel. It is your Haunted House walk through with winding corners, Bait and switch, attention grabbing and flying chicks. Yes, you read that last part correctly. The entire Haunt has people that fly. This is always a unique feature that we always enjoy. The Motel has every set you can think of when it comes to Haunted Attractions but juiced up to 110%. This Attraction is always in the running for Attraction of the year and this year it may have jumped up a few places. The Actors nailed it and the scenes worked perfectly. Add some great lighting effects and this was an easy review, let us get to the scores before I start spoiling some of the awesome surprises. The end room is a work of art and it really just takes you into a different world, the end room always blows us a way! Here is the scoring and not surprising in the least. 
 Fear Factor has gone higher then our typical five as our VP scream a few times in this Attraction. Let us get to the Overall..
 There is no doubt that Bates Motel will be in the talks for Attraction of the Year! Let us continue our journey. Our next stop. Haunted Hayride. 
The Bates Motel Hayride is always a great time. Bates uses a different formula when it comes to their Hayride then some other Haunts out there. Some will stop to fully show off a scene, some flu by scenes too fast and you really cannot look at all the detail. the Bates Hayride seems to always hit its timing marks and puts on a great show. Outstanding Masks and costumed Actors line the entire trail. We also for the first time noticed that they have undressed people hidden in the shadows. We were sure if they were there for security or to make sure the Actors were hitting their mark, either way all of the above are good things for Hayrides. Bates Hayride relies on perfect timing. And during our visit they delivered every time which is very rare these days when it comes to most Hayrides besides a few. You throw in some great animatronics and stunning scenes, it may not be the scariest in the world but it is a very good show and we enjoyed it a lot. They also used the digital scenes that we see in some Haunts as distractions. But We really think that Bates uses them best. He uses them to transitions into scenes. Add depth to just a back round scene and then the evolution of a Werewolf. Amazing job! Let me get to the scores before I again, start spoiling. 
The Bates Hayride will also be in talks for Hayride of the Year! Now, let us move on to our final attraction of the night. Revenge of the Scarecrows. 
As you can tell, we had to borrow that image off the internet because of the excitement we had leaving the Hayride and jumping right on in to the next attraction, I completely forgot to take a picture of the entrance as we always do. Oh Well. On to the review. 

Revenge of the Scarecrows is your typical Haunted Trail with a few new twists. We always thought that this attraction was Bate's weakest at this Haunt. It still is but it is improved over last year without a doubt. There are some amazing scenes now as you walk through. We thought that they missed the mark on a few actor placements. You have your planned ups and downs but there were a couple longer gaps then their should have been. The scenes and props really made up for it as we really enjoyed this attraction this year. It did reach five blood splats but really relied on the outstanding immersive scenery. We hope you enjoy Derry, Maine. Because you are in there! Let us get to the scoring. 
It was close to squeak out a 5 blood splat for this attraction. We think just a couple more actors could have made the difference. There are a ton more hiding spots that could have been used and were not utilized. All in all we voted it a 5 blood splat. We really enjoyed the walk through Derry and the Snake Farm. 

Bates Motel as a whole is a unique and fun night out. They have everything you can ask for for a fun night out of the house. Games, Food and world class Haunted Attractions. Our Overall for The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. 
That is another five blood splat Overall for the 2019 season. We have so many more to talk about but we can say that The Bates Motel will be in the running for Haunt of the Year! Until next time! Keep it here at HH365, we have so many more reviews coming down the pipeline as Haunt season enters full gear. Only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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