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Welcome back to another episode of HH365! Today we will do our first ever review of the amazing Reapers Revenge. We would like to take this time to thank the Owners and Operators of Reapers Revenge for one of the best Media Nights we have experienced. We were truly honored with the invite and hope we can do the same tour next year! Thank you so much for the Hospitality! For your first Media Night ever, we think it went off without a hitch.

Reapers Revenge has opened its gate for the 11th season this year. Located on a mountain in Olyphant, PA. Reapers is comprised of four very different attractions that will hit you in the face with no forgiveness. The four attractions featured at Reapers Revenge are Haunted Hayride, Lost Carnival, Pitch Black and Sector 13. Reapers also has a pretty outstanding Gift Shop and hangout area filled with food, drinks and a stage. Also, when your done the attractions or before you start, you can warm up by one of the biggest fire pits we have seen at an Haunted Attraction.

The journey into Reapers Revenge starts with a walk down a dimly lit walk way through iron gates. As you walk down the mountain you can view very cool props and effects before you even make it down to the Attractions. From recognizable Icons to hidden scare actors lining the way down to the Midway. Even on your entrance to this great Haunt, you are never safe from the scares.

The first Attraction everyone will start on was the Haunted Hayride.
We were part of a very lucky few that were able to view this Attraction once during they day and then the live show at night. To be completely transparent, during the day I was a little thrown off with the Hayride. Certain scenes confused me and I really did not see what they were attempting. Well, I was DEAD WRONG! This is a Haunted Hayride that will blow you away at every turn! It was so good that I am half tempted to blow every surprise and scene on this website. But! We do not do that here. What I will tell you is, we may have a new leader in the clubhouse for Best Hayride of the Year! It is too early to start counting out chickens but Reapers Revenge was the most Original and Inspired Hayride we have ever set foot on. Reapers has some of the best Visual and Sound effects in the business. We still cannot believe what we witnessed last night. We were completely Blown Away by the live show! This is a must for any Hayride fan. This was not your typical jump scare Hayride. There are some scares but this was more an Event. Just put your phone down now and get tickets for the next time they are open. If you miss this Hayride this season you will never forgive your self. Let us get to the easiest scoring we have had to do!
In one of the most unique moves by a Hayride, our hayride was surprisingly pulled over. After some fun in the security office we headed down a little ramp and entered The Carnival of Souls. There was not really a picture stating what it was so we borrowed the following image from their website. 
Lost Carnival, as you can expect was a Dark Carnival walk through. This attraction was way more then just some clowns sitting around in colored tents. This Attraction brought it all with perfect timed scares and outstanding scenes that really made you feel as if you reached the Carnival Apocalypse. With Merry go rounds, Roller coasters and a real Ferris Wheel, this Attraction brought a Terrifying Carnival to life at every turn. It added every scene from an early days midway with games, rides and even a Freak show. There was no doubt about this Attraction, This was one of the best Clown and or Carnival Attraction we have seen yet. Reapers Revenge uses all of its tools to fully bring every show to life. Let us score Dark Carnival.
After the Carnival, you are brought back on to the hayride and actually continue the rest of the Haunted Hayride. The Hayride continues through a few more scenes into one of the coolest Hayride endings we have seen in a long time. After the conclusion of the Hayride, you are dropped off right in front of the next attraction. Pitch Black.
Pitch Black is a one of a kind Black out Attraction. We have never been though a Black out Maze so in depth. There is pounding sound. Wet rags in your face. Different textures on almost every wall you have to feel to get around. Pitch Black went up and above all black out Mazes. This Attraction will get inside even the toughest Haunt Enthusiast. Let us get to the scoring of Pitch Black.
After finishing up Pitch Black, we dropped into the front of Section 13. Also, an area to shoot some paint balls and zombies and play some skull basketball. Let us head into the completely original Sector 13. 
From what we can tell from sitting in the Queue line, Sector 13 came into existence when America was attacked on September 14th with some Bio Nuclear Missile to the Eastern part of the United States. Sector 13 is the bridge back to normalcy. With explosive sound and crazy lighting effect, you get the real feeling that you were attacked and they were spraying you down to send you back to the normal population. That sign is not lying about triggering PTSD. There are sounds and images in there that can trigger some not so good memories of some hard working Soldiers. This attraction was one hell of a walk through and very different from most traditional walk through. You are tormented and separated the entire path. Let us get to the scoring of this unique Attraction. 
    That is our review of the four Attractions at Reapers Revenge. Here is our scoring of the entire experience at Reapers Revenge. 
We have another five star Haunt on our hands. Reapers will easily be in the discussions for Haunt of the Year, Hayride of the Year and three of the Attractions are in talks for Attraction of the Year. We were not expecting the kind of performance we received for such a young Haunt. 11 years is a very short amount of time for a Haunt to be open and grow to put on the show that Reapers did. Most have to be open for 25-30 years to get to the point Reapers has reached in just 11 years. Amazing job from an Amazing Team and Ownership. Congratulations of putting shock and awe into our faces because it does not happen often at HH365! 

That is our review of Reapers Revenge. We insist that you head to the next available day open and enjoy the show. We have a ton of more reviews from across the country coming up so come back to HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season! 

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