Saturday, September 28, 2019

Tonight's Stop On The Haunt Tour! Reapers Revenge!

Welcome Back Everyone to the next edition of HH365! As you can already tell from the title and the picture above, tonight we trek up to Olyphant, PA for our first ever visit to Reapers Revenge. Last night, we had a great time at the impressive Bates Motel! Review To Follow! but more on Reapers!

We have not even visited the website for this Haunt as not to spoil a single thing so this will be a very short installment today but what we do know is from fellow Haunters, Reapers Revenge is the real deal. We have heard a ton of rave reviews about this Haunt and we cannot wait to bring you the coverage.

Reapers Revenge was nice enough to invite us to their VIP/Media night tonight and we cannot thank them enough! The way we can give back is by sharing this website and pushing it out in to the world for more eyes to see! This VIP night includes a look behind the scenes into the madness. We are very excited, we have only been able to see a few Haunts with the lights on and see how everything works. Tonight, we have a long drive and an early start but we are very grateful to Reapers Revenge. It is always interesting bringing in a new Haunt to our usual tour. Will it contend with the others? Or will Reapers Revenge blow it completely out of the water? We hear it holds a ground breaking Hayride among other great attractions. From some of our correspondents and Haunt friends, They say that this Hayride may beat out Field Of Screams for Top Ranks right now. We Shall See!

Thanks for stopping by for such a short episode! We have a ton of reviews coming next week including, Bates Motel, Reapers Revenge and Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary. Two new attractions to add to the list of many only at HH365! Where Every Day Is Haunt Season!

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