Friday, August 9, 2019

Movies Vs Reality Part 2, The True Events Behind Freddy Krueger.

Welcome back everyone to another installment of! It is August 7th and we are just one month and one week away from our 2019 Haunt tour. The Spirit Flagship Store is open and we will start seeing the Halloween materials flooding the market as you read this article! We cannot wait to start our Haunt Tour. Now lets get to some interesting facts about our main man Fred.

The story of Freddy Krueger starts with a very creative Director and a story from the Los Angeles times article about a string of a mysterious deaths that had occurred during the time. All the victims reported having recurring nightmares and in the end, dying in their sleep.

Perhaps the story begins earlier in Wes Cravens life. At 11 years old. Wes noticed a man walking through an alleyway by his apartment. The man had noticed someone glaring down at him and looked up to show his deformed face while wearing a familiar fedora. The man stared at Wes for what seemed like hours and scared the young man to his core. This image always stuck with Mr. Craven.

The story has more real world inspiration as Wes Craven was bullied in school like a lot of children are. This bully messed with everyone in the class and school. The Bullies name, Fred Krueger.

Sitting down at a pizza parlor with a member of the design team after getting the green light for A Nightmare On Elm Street, Craven and the team member looked over what burn victims looked like and actually starting designing our Horror Hero out of a Pepperoni Pizza.

No matter how fictional a Character can be, there is usually a real world inspiration behind them. Even a man who seeks revenge on the teenagers of Elm street in their dreams with a razor glove, actually has real world ties to his creator. It always interests me how such creative people come up with their ideas and run with them to create Icons.

Well we are one step closer to Haunt season. We will continue the Tuesdays with the Movie Vlog's coverage of Friday the 13th, then during season she will start reviewing movies based around Haunted Attractions as there has been some great ones created around our favorite subject matter.

Until next time! We will see you tomorrow! HH365 OUT!

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