Monday, August 12, 2019

More HHN Announcements

Welcome back everyone to the next segment of! Today we find out that HH365 is batting 4 for 5 in its HHN predictions. Earlier last week, HHN has announced a house for US. The Jordan Peele movie that went almost as crazy at the box office as Get Out did.
We were not expecting this to come out as a Walk Through at HHN this year, This was Universal's big surprise for this upcoming Haunt Season. This is the first announcement we have been wrong about. I will fire our Intel guy immediately. Totally kidding Jon. But, like i said in the earlier paragraph, We were correct on another one. This one looks a lot better then US to me. This is one of their original walk through's that are sometimes better then ones modeled after films. Here is their original announcement. HHN is gearing up for one hell of a season.
We are huge suckers for Graveyard themes. I love them . Nothing creepier then walking through a Haunted Graveyard attraction, with the fog pouring in, people jumping out of caskets, and weird images off in the distance behind trees. I am very interested to see what the experts at Universal do with this original attraction. Graveyard Games, I am expecting a lot out of this, and luckily for You and I, we have multiple teams heading to Orlando this year to give full reviews!

That's all we have for you today folks. All Images are property of Universal. Wish we could make images like they do! Come Back tomorrow for the continuation of the Friday the 13th Reviews from TheMovieVlog! We will see you next time!

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