Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bloodshed Farms has a very limited but very enticing offer....Act Now...

Welcome Back To HH365! Today were going to take a look at a very unique and excellent offer from out friends at Bloodshed Farms.

Bloodshed Farms has started the Very Limited "You Be The Scareacter" Package. In this package you can finally see what it is like from the other side of the Haunted attraction Industry. For the low price of $200.00, You and a friend get costume and makeup and sent into an attraction to scare the hell out of everyone that comes into your zone.

This price also includes proper training and safety training to ensure you are doing everything correctly. After Costume and Makeup and of course your training, you are sent in to live your dream of Scare Acting.

Not only do you receive Costume, Training and Haunting. You also get 2 Vip tickets to all of the attractions at Bloodshed Farms, You can also eat the great food and play on their fun games. Also, even though it is not included, make sure you check out The Bloodshed and their Escape Games. Both are a ton of fun. I hope to see this idea pop up in a couple other places!

Just a little news from HH365! Until next time!

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