Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Annual Spirit Halloween Review 2019

Welcome Back Everyone to the next edition of HH365! Today we were able to take our Annual Trip to Spirit Halloween's Flagship Store in Egg Harbor Township. We usually like to go on Opening Day but did not make that happen this season. But lets get started on what we saw and what we liked.

As you can see from the picture above, Spirit decided to take this year's theme Nautical. Really do not understand what is spooky about a wharf but it is different. The Main theme is the Reaper's ship surrounded by the new Animatronics Spirit has to offer this year.

Located in the back of the store is The Aquarium.
A nice little walk through with LED displays of sea life that attempt to scare. It is fun for the little ones and the weaker scare fans.

I will be blunt with this review. There was nothing we were excited about this season. There are cool IT and Trick r Treat animatronics. A whole ton of Clowns takes of Spirit this season, a bit too many if you ask us. But this season really just lacks something. We had a hard time nailing down why were not excited over anything this year from Spirit. We always get one thing every year and we walked out of there today scratching our heads. I don't want to say the word disappointed but we are pretty close. Props are the exact same from the last few years, It feels like nothing changed. I am still baffled with the Wharf theme.

A bright spot in this cloudy journey! This year they have brought the Horror Classics back with unique products from your favorite Horror Franchises. We will be back a few more times to pick up some of the Nightmare on Elm street products. Cool signs, Unique yearbooks, pillows, wood statues and much more. This will be the reason we return to Spirit Halloween this year, With Friday the 13th, Halloween and IT. There was a ton for the Horror Collector, just lacking for the Home Haunter this season, a lot like last season.

This wraps up our unfortunate review of Spirit Halloween for the 2019 Season. Keep it here as Haunt Season is just ramping up! We will continue to cover other stores that do a good job for Halloween and Haunting like Home Depot, Walmart, Halloween City and More.

Thank you guys! See you soon!

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