Monday, August 19, 2019

6 for 7 on HHN Predictions. Newest Announcement Has Us Floored!

Welcome Back everyone to the next edition of HH365. Today we will reveal the next Walk Through at HHN this season.

You guessed it from the headline picture. House of 1000 Corpses makes its debut at HHN this upcoming season. We could not be more excited to have a few groups covering HHN for us this season. Especially since a few of my favorite movies of all time are making an appearance.

Hopefully by now everyone has seen this Rob Zombie Masterpiece. This movie broke out and set a new standard for Horror. With Outstanding characters such as Dr. Satan, Otis, Captain Spaulding and many more this Haunted walk through will probably win for Best Attraction at HHN.

This also puts our hard working associate Jon at 6 for 7 on his HHN predictions. And we have done some homework and cant find any predictions even close.

I am sure we will have more Haunt News and HHN news coming soon, plus the reveal of our 2019 Haunt Tour! Keep it here for all your creepy needs!

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