Friday, July 5, 2019

The Merkins....Support This Group!

Welcome back to Today we want to talk about this awesome You Tube group The Merkins. This very talented group uses the Horror Icons we all love to make some crazy good Parody Songs of music we all know. All that you see on this post is owned by The Merkins group. I will post my favorite videos by them but make sure you click and Subscribe to The Merkins! 
Love this video! Well done and great Parody that keeps the Greatest Horror Villains of all time alive and well!
These are some of our favorites here at HH365. Make sure everyone subscribes to the Merkins. Keep our Horror Icons alive and enjoy some great music by talented artists. These guys kick a lot of ass and work very hard on these videos. Go subscribe now!

Until next time! HH365 Out!

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