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Debate #1, Who is the Best Horror Icon. Freddy, Michael or Jason!

Welcome back to HH365! Today we will cover the hardest question of our childhoods and a debate that has been going on for over 30 years. Who in deed is the Best Horror Movie Icon of All Time! Today we will dive deep into everything we know about these Horror Maniacs. We will choose a winner at the end so keep on reading! We will also add a question to the site and see what the popular vote is. Without anymore delay, lets get to it!

We all know we do not have the interest in a Hero or Villain without getting to know them. There is no character to cheer or route against unless there is Character Development.  Let us get to the back stories of the Trio from Hell! 

Freddy Krueger: We all know the story very well. There was Amanda Krueger. Locked in over a long Holiday at Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital. Locked in with over 100 maniacs that have not seen a woman for years. Beaten and Raped over and over again until the seed of our beloved Anti Hero was sown. After Birth, Poor Fred was stuck in abusive foster homes until he finally snapped. After many years of hunting and killing children, Fred was finally caught and placed into custody. Well, that didn't hold old Fred down for long. A cop read his writes wrong and Fred Krueger, Child Murderer was set free! Fred Krueger was found in a old boiler room where a lynch mob of neighborhood parents have had enough of losing their children and was fed up with the gross incompetence of the law. They look matters into their own hands and burned Fred alive. This is where the drama really began. Fred was able to reach people in their dreams. 

Jason Voorhees: Back in the 1950's Mentally Disabled Jason Voorhees went for a swim, unfortunately for Camp Crystal Lake then and forever, Jason drowned because all the counselors were not paying any attention to him, they of course, were busy making love! Well after many years later, the camp tried re-opening. But Pamela Voorhees would have this happen over her dead body! And it would happen one Friday the 13th, Pamela has had enough guilt over the crushing loss that she went to Camp Crystal Lake and made sure no one would reopen the camp. Thats until Alice showed up with a machete and changed Pamela's plans. Alice managed to take out Ms Voorhees with one quick beheading of a machete. While the rumors started that Jason watched Alice slice his Mother's head right off. Making the Crazy Hockey mask wearing Psycho we all love to hate! 

Michael Myers:  One Halloween Night, Little Mikey Myers picked up a large kitchen knife and really never put it down. Other then being what Dr. Loomis described as "Pure Evil", we really don't know why Michael Myers brutally murdered his sister Judith Myers wearing his clown costume on Halloween Night. Then going catatonic for 15 years only to hunt some babysitters. 

Backstory winner: 
 Freddy Wins the Backstory Hands Down!


Freddy Krueger: Freddy wears the Iconic Glove. Razor sharp knifes at the end of each fingers makes for the most Original Horror Tool in the history of Cinema. Handcrafted by the Son of a hundred Maniacs. 

Jason: Jason usually carries around his trusty machete. He has used other objects such as pitchforks, spears, rakes and so on. Also, likes to throw bodies through windows. But really stuck with the machete through out history. 

Michael: Like we mentioned earlier, Michael always used a Kitchen knife. When he wasn't stabbing his victims into doors to create the best Halloween decorations ever, he would use his bare hands. 

Winner of the Weapons category:
Hands down, Freddy Krueger's Glove is by far the winner!

Kill Count
The one category that is straight facts. The infamous Kill Count of each contestant. Lets see the data. 

Freddy: 35 kills in 8 Films. Not a lot of death but all were very creative. 

Jason: 146 kills in 12 Films. Huge total. 

Michael: 94 people in 10 films. Decent amount! 

Winner of Kill Count: 
Jason knows how to eliminate some people! 

Box Office Earnings
I know Box Office earnings is not what makes a great movie, but for our little experiment here we can see which character brought in the most money per movie. Lets see who takes this down. 

Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise: 42,463,281 per movie. Wow! 

Friday the 13th Franchise: 38,769,960. Decent amount for 12 Films

Halloween Franchise: 38,605,952. Neck and neck with Friday the 13th but, The winner is! 
 Freddy takes down another category. 

These Villains can only do so much to make the films shine. So lets take a look at each characters' Opposition. 

Freddy: Nancy Thompson. Just your normal Rich Girl from Springwood, Ohio. Nancy and her friends start realizing that their dreams are the same. The only one worried about it before its too late is Nancy. Nancy and Freddy Battle through 3 films. Nancy always found a way to get rid of the Menace. Armed with a strong mind and a will to live Nancy has become one of the favorite "Final Girls" of all time. 

Jason: Tommy Jarvis. Tommy dealt with Jason a lot longer then Nancy dealt with Freddy. Tommy first stopped Jason in part 4, when his entire family was being terrorized by Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake. Tommy faced off against Jason in Friday 4. Then faced the idea of Jason in 5. Then the idiot accidentally brought the beast back to life and had to fight him again in part 6. So, all in all. A tie! 

Halloween: He met Michael when he was just a child after murdering his sister. Dr. Samuel Loomis. Dr. Loomis has battled the entity that is Michael Myers through 6 films. Dr. Loomis battled Michael hard and long for a massive amount of movies. Dr. Loomis made the Halloween series intact. 

The Winner of the Opponents category: 
Halloween takes this one home! 

Now, to the final category. 

Story Line Constancy:

Freddy: The Nightmare series runs pretty straight forward. Freddy is after kids on Elm Street. All in their dreams. There is only one real break in this thread and that was Wes Craven's New Nightmare. But really, that movie followed the same movie lines. Fred out for revenge against the Elm street kids. Nightmare 2 went a little different then the usual formula. Overall though, very consistent. 

Jason: This Franchise has been to space. Yup, Space! Into the 2400s, into the future. Yup. Jason has also been to Manhattan. The whole story is that Jason protects his Camp. Not Times Square. I loved this Franchise but there is not even a reason to continue on. 

Michael: It was kind of easy for Halloween to follow its schedule. There was not any main reasons put forward on why Michael started and continued his streak. But major jumps from Laurie Strode taking on Michael in Halloween 1 and 2. Then going in a completely different direction for 3. Then Laurie Strode is dead and we have to follow her Daughter around Haddonfield for two movies, just to have Laurie Strode alive and is the Head Mistress of a random remote fancy ass school that her 17 year old son attends. But then again, dies in the next installment in a great scene where Michael finally ends her life off the roof of a Psychiatric Hospital.

Winner of the Story Line Category:
Guys, We have looked at a ton of info. Went over the truths and ideas of each outstanding villain. I love all three Franchises. But it really comes down to facts. And as we showed in this post, Freddy Krueger is the ultimate Horror Villain of All Time. Check the right side of the website and vote for your favorite so we can have a popular vote.

Until next time everyone! Keep coming back to

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