Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dante's Dungeon. A Rare Dark Ride

Welcome back everyone! We hope your having a great day and getting ready for Halloween and Haunt season as we are close to just two Months away from our First Official Haunt Review of the season! That will be Field of Screams on September 14th. So, if you would like to come say hi, we will be there!

Lets get into Today's topic. Dante's Dungeon. One of the very few "Dark Rides" left in the world. This ride is so old. that I remember riding it when i was younger then my kids age. It is probably the oldest memory I have of my deceased Uncle. When ever I see this ride it takes me back to going on it my first time. Being very scared and realizing it was no big deal. A few years back I was able to take my youngest son on it and it scared him a bit. But, a memory I will always have.

This is still a fun ride. We really hope the Moreys' Pier Upper Brass keeps it going. I was not able to find how old this ride is but I know i was on it when I was a small child so at least 33 years now.

The ride is simple, You enter a little car that I really don't fit into anymore. Then it takes you through scenes of cemeteries, vampires and Devils. It really is one of a kind. I suggest if you are in Wildwood for the day to go ahead and check it out. The tickets are pretty cheap and well worth it since this is a piece of Haunt History.

Thank you for reading. We are getting closer to locking down our schedule as we speak. We have a ton of Haunts to get to this year and cannot wait to bring you all the footage.

Keep It Haunted Everyone! 

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