Wednesday, July 10, 2019

First Haunt Review Of The Season. Ghost Ship

Welcome back everyone! Tonight we will take a trip on the Wildwood Boardwalk for our first Haunt review of the season. The Ghost Ship, if you guys can remember was one of our first reviews ever on this site. we took a few years off of going inside because it never really changed. And it still hasn't!

Situated on Morey's Pier in Wildwood, NJ is a rusted, interesting amusement ride. Ghost Ship the Haunted Walk Through. As many Sea Faring legends go, there are supposedly hundreds of real Ghost Ships floating across the Oceans of the World. Floating alone with no crew and always a mystery to what had happened to the crew. The Ghost Ship follows a similar narrative but adds a Nuclear Zombie element I guess. This is only about a 5 minute Walk Through so there is not much to say but that it felt great being in a Haunt again!

This attraction used to have a lot more actors through out it. It used to have a pretty effective blinding technique that would stun you for a few minutes. I always enjoyed it because it was pretty entertaining. This time around we really just walked through and looked at props, I cannot really remember if we even seen an actor through the entire ship, just your basic air compressor attempts at jump scares. Really disappointing effort. Just take it down if you don't want to keep building it year after year.

The good thing with Ghost Ship, They have great scenes and props through out the ship. It really is decorated like a world class Haunted Attraction. The detail is phenomenal. Great props and nice ship scenes really give to the story of the Ghost Ship. Lets get to the disappointment of Ghost Ship.

And for the Overall:
The lack of Actors really brought down some very hard work on set design and props. It really is unfortunate. Well, Come back tomorrow as we also visited one of the last Dark Rides remaining on the East Coast let alone the country. We wont score it because it is much different and much quicker then a Haunted Attraction.  Thats tomorrow here at HH365!

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