Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Welcome back to another great season for Halloween Haunts 365!!!!! We are looking forward to a very new and very different look to HH365 this upcoming Haunt Season. We will have many of your favorite local Haunted Attractions plus many many more. 

We also have some new members coming aboard to help us out and hit Haunts that we can not reach out too. We are still looking for people so reach out to us now and we can see if you have what it takes to join the team. We want to reach a more National fan base along with our regional groups. 

Before we start headlining what is new with some of the Haunts we cover, let us take a look at changes coming to your favorite Haunt Website. 

1. A lot more posts. This will be the last Hiatus we have at We want to get more active to grow the site. We will have more members to add continuous content through out the full calendar year. 
2. We will change the look of our design soon, looking for people with ideas on a logo for Halloween Haunts I have hit a creative road block on this. So, feel free to come forward if you have ideas. 
3. Testing a podcast and more video/You tube coverage.  I am not a fan of being in front of the camera so we will see how this works out. 
4. More people, we will add what we hope will be 10 more teams. Again, if you are interested reach out to us very soon, we still have spots open! 
5. More then haunt review. We want to cover more then Haunts and Reviews. Maybe add some headlines and whats new in the horror and haunt communities. 

Now that we have a brief look into what to expect from this site, we have some news coming in from Field of Screams! 
1. We have upgrades to all four already incredible Attractions. 
2. A whole new stop on the Hayride! I know what it is but we are not telling!
3. Nocturnal Wasteland has some impressive new additions. 
4. Den of Darkness has a brand new themed room. 
5. The asylum also received some awesome tough ups. 

That is what we have for you as of right now. Come back soon for much more to come! 

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