Thursday, June 20, 2019

Haunt News

Welcome back everyone. Today we have some Haunt news and as you can see, some of the website changes are already taking over. Super excited about our new logo designed by one of our new team members. A huge shout out to @backfatbettys on Instagram, go check out her stuff she sells a lot of cool and different items you cannot find in stores.

We shall start our news report with some bad news unfortunately. One of the haunts we covered a few years back has thrown in the towel. Camp Evans Base of Terror. I know we will see this time and time again but it is never a good time when a Haunt shuts its doors. Camp Evans was a small to medium Haunted Attraction built on the backs of volunteers. Unfortunately for them, there are quite a few Haunts like them in their surrounding area including bigger ones that drew from their crowds. The Haunt community will miss them and the effort they put forth every season.

Next on the agenda is some good news. Brighton Asylum is at it again. Not only did they open a whole new attraction last season, but major enhancements are in the works. The owners have reached out and told us that he is very excited on what is to come and that we will have the full coverage come August as Haunted Attractions like to take ideas for them selves. So keep close to hear what these outstanding changes will be. Brighton Asylum is always in our top 3 so i am sure any changes will be for the best.

With our goal of reaching out to new states. We Need You! If  you are interested in joining the team, just reach out to Click the link and let us know where your from and what you can bring to the table. Get in early so you can have your area covered.

Until next time everyone, changes will continue and we will find more season updates! Talk to you soon.

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