Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Well, We would first like to wish all of our fans a Very Happy New Year! This time of year we get to start of new and change anything we did not like about last year or the previous years. Here at HH365 we have the same mindset.

We cannot say that we did not enjoy last Haunt season, but it was not as productive as we were planning on due to some personal changes and new career paths. So, after sitting down and really thinking about what can bring this site to the new level. We made some cool decisions.

1. We will grow our reach around this great country of ours. We need your help for this. If you can write a little bit and know what you like about your haunted attractions. We want to hear from you! We designed our website around our honest opinions about haunted attractions. So, feel free to email us and see if we have a group where you live.

2. We want to continue growing but also becoming more active during the off season with news, movie reviews, tips and tricks, and adding our own haunted yard progress to the site. We want to become the name in all haunt reviews. And keep Halloween a year round festivity.

3. We want to meet more of our fans and grow as much as we can for 2019. Help us become the best Haunt review website for 2019 and beyond.

These are our 2019 goals for our website. If you want in, feel free to reach us at

Reach out to us!

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