Friday, June 28, 2019

Top Ten Haunts for Last Season from USA Today

Pic courtesy of our pals at Brighton Asylum. Amazing Haunted Attraction year after year!

Welcome back to another episode of HH365. Tonight we will take a look at last years winning Haunted Attraction from USA Today. I liked this list because they actually went out and found someone with Haunt experience. So many of these different sites and newspapers send writers in who have zero idea of what they are doing, one of the biggest reasons I created this site. But, thanks to USA Today we have what could be a decent list of actually Haunts and not the biggest supporter of advertisements. Lets take a look at the list, sadly we have not yet visited any of these great attractions yet. But, with my new travel schedule this may be a thing of the past! Lets get to the list.

10. SCREAM-A-GEDOON- Dade City, Florida. 6 different attractions and a very nice website. Looks outstanding but cannot rate.

9. The Massacre on Marshall Road- El Paso, Texas. Not buying this one because there is no website. Local Home Haunts have websites. Questionable...

8. Nashville Nightmare-Madison, Tennessee. 4 Attractions including one in a church. There are far two few Haunts with Church scenes in them! Bring me more Church scenes!

7. Netherworld Haunted House- Atlanta, Georgia. Hard to judge how many Attractions are located here, but if the website shows whats really going on in here, I really hope i am in Atlanta this season! It has won tons and tons of awards.

6. Haunted Overload- Lee, N.H. Website very outdated but it looks like it is just a giant Haunted Trail. I like haunted trails but they cannot compete with your basic haunted attractions. hmmm. We shall see.

5. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor- Long Beach, California. This one is an interesting one. It looks like there are 6 attractions aboard and around the Historic Queen Mary steam ship. Could be worth the time.

4. Kersey Valley Spooky Woods- Archdale, North Carolina. This place is chocked full of different attractions. Counted close to 15. Not sure if these are separate attractions or just different themes as you walk about.

3. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie- Pataskala, Ohio. This is one I have seen on many lists before. It takes a new take on Haunting and leaves nothing back. From hard to handle scenes to watching 9/11 footage before you enter the door. This place takes every fear you have and plays with it. Website is not currently working but there are plenty you tube videos about it.

2. Containment Haunted House- Lithia Springs, Georgia. This looks like just one main walk through. It did win a few Georgia Haunt awards.

1. The Lewisburg Haunted Cave- Lewisburg, Ohio. This is actually a Guinness World Record Holder for longest walk through haunted house back in 2010. And actually takes place in a Cave. Would really like to see this to see how they worked out Emergency Exits and sprinklers. But, still sounds very creepy.

That is the USA Today list. Like I said earlier. I cannot judge much but I would put Field of Screams and Brighton Asylum against them any day of the week.

Until next time kids! This is!

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